30 October 2008

Booking through Thursday

Here is this week's BTT. For more answers click here.

Mariel suggested this week’s question.

Are you a spine breaker? Or a dog-earer? Do you expect to keep your books in pristine condition even after you have read them? Does watching other readers bend the cover all the way round make you flinch or squeal in pain?

I hate a broken spine (yow! wouldn't it hurt?) on any book. I am careful not to do it.

The rest depends on the book and the binding. I'm fairly careful with hardback books. I don't dog-ear them or write in them. I don't even like to use the cover flap as a bookmark. Nicely bound paperbacks often get treated the same way, but generally I'll dog-ear a paperback, and sometimes I might even make a small tick or mark in the margins.

I used to be more careful of my paperbacks, but now that I see how poorly some of them hold up over time (for example, yellowed pages that fall right out when you open the book), I have eased up.

I am respectful of other people's books. So much so, it can be difficult to read them. I almost never lend books, because I find that other people just don't treat my books well. I've gotten books back that look like they were dipped in the bath, that have coffee stains on the covers, that have broken spines, and more. Sometimes I don't get the book back at all.

What other people do to their own books is their own business. I don't flinch.


Anonymous,  10/30/08, 7:22 AM  

I'm like you. When I was in elementary school I was taught to treat books with reverence and it has stuck with me all these years.

Sunny 10/30/08, 9:18 AM  

I cant imagine someone lending me their book and then treating it badly! And giving it back to it's owner all messed up.

SmilingSally 10/30/08, 9:38 AM  

I don't like to lend books either.

Marie Cloutier 10/30/08, 10:18 AM  

I don't lend my books out either. More often than not, they never come back. I'd rather spend a dollar or two on a used copy and just give it to someone if I want them to read it that much! :-)

Kara 10/30/08, 10:39 AM  

I don't lend my books out either - I'm so afraid they will come back "hurt" - LOL.

Kat 10/30/08, 11:47 AM  

Oh wow. We're on the same page on that (pardon the pun haha). I'm so happy that I'm not alone in this. :D

Nely 10/30/08, 1:01 PM  

I agree, I cherish my books and treat them very well... although, I still haven't learned my lesson and always lend out books.

Cathy 10/30/08, 1:45 PM  

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Cookbooks almost have to be written in--"Stay away from this one!", "Use more pepper!", "Everyone loved this one!" I have a wrought iron holder that holds my cookbook open while I'm using it.

I only lend my books to my best friend because I get them back from her. I made the mistake of loaning one of my favorite books to someone else who said she returned it but didn't, and I almost never found a replacement copy!

Karen Harrington 10/30/08, 2:51 PM  

I'm with you on lending. And I really don't accept too many from friends because I'm afraid of what my toddlers might do. Of course, I also like to make notes, underline sentences and so on...so I can't just blame it on the kids.

Jeane 10/30/08, 4:11 PM  

I don't loan my books out, either. They don't come back, or get damaged. I'm a private collector, not a lending library! (and if you've noticed, lots of library books do get trashed).

Anonymous,  10/30/08, 5:38 PM  

I'm also particularly sensitive about spines - once I lent a book to my cousin because she needed it for school, and they returned all creased. How my heart ached! Since then I haven't lent books to anyone, not even family.

Anonymous,  10/30/08, 10:20 PM  

When the old paperbacks have yellow/brittle pages from age, and they fall away from the spine when I turn the page, then I know it's time to "retire" that book and look for a replacement.

I think paperbacks are made better and don't yellow/age as fast as they did 20 years ago. Maybe it's just that I've weeded out my fatigued books!

gautami tripathy 10/30/08, 10:22 PM  

You got it right! A few books fall apart as soon as you open those!

Conditioning, anyone?!

Alice 10/30/08, 10:23 PM  

Hi Beth, we share almost the same answer and the same experience about lending our books to others. Sometimes it's really sad that I never got my book back.

Becca 10/30/08, 11:21 PM  

I have a select group of friends I lend to...and I know who's liable to give the books back in less than pristine condition, so I don't give them the books I care most about!

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