19 December 2008

Review: Blessed Are the Cheesemakers by Sarah-Kate Lynch

On a small dairy farm in Cork County, Ireland, young pregnant vegetarians sing songs from The Sound of Music while they milk the cows. Two old men, Corrie and Fee, make the cheese, and Avis, a widow, runs the house. The farm at Coolarney is a magical place where the lonely and troubled can find help and peace.

Meanwhile, New York stockbroker Kit Stephens finds himself on an alcoholic downward spiral after the loss of his wife. And on a small Pacific island, Abby Corrigan, estranged granddaughter of Corrie, discovers that her husband has been cheating on her with numerous local women. Where can Kit and Abby find solace? It is no surprise they both end up on the dairy farm in Ireland.

I came across Blessed Are the Cheesemakers when browsing my library's OverDrive selections. I liked the title and cover and was amused by the idea of singing pregnant vegetarian milkmaids. Although the major story line is mostly predictable and sometimes improbable, Lynch manages to throw in a few twists before the end. The charm, kindness, and friendship of Corrie and Fee won me over, and I wanted to see where their lives were going. I was less taken with Kit and Abby, finding it difficult to understand their life choices.

This isn't literary fiction, but if you're looking for something to read on a rainy day or while sitting on the beach, you might want to try this light novel. However, I suggest that you read the print book rather than listen to the audiobook. Narrator Heather O'Neill did a fine job with the Irish characters, but her New York, Australian, and Pacific Islander accents were almost painful to hear.

Published by HighBridge Audio, 2003
ISBN-13: 9781565117532
Rating: C+


Nely 12/19/08, 10:26 AM  

Sounds good... thanks for the review.

Anonymous,  12/19/08, 2:01 PM  

Teehee, is it bad that I kind of want to hear the audio version for the accents now?

I too love the title and cover. I'll have to pick it up for a rainy day. :o)

Michele 12/19/08, 2:30 PM  

This is totally something I would read, Beth! Vegetarian pregnant milk maids....*snicker*....I love it! Also the title...I pick up books based on their title alone sometimes. ;)

Anonymous,  12/19/08, 2:58 PM  

Beth, This sounds like a fun, easy read. Just the thing for a day when I don't want my brain to work too much. Good review.

Anonymous,  12/19/08, 3:52 PM  

Sounds good - I'm adding it to my wish list - in the print version. :)

Beth F 12/19/08, 5:35 PM  

Smash: I actually understand what you mean!

Michele: absolutely! Who could resist?

Everyone else: it really is a fun read.

Anonymous,  12/19/08, 11:01 PM  

:) The title is amusing and the story line.. cute :)

Laura 12/20/08, 4:48 PM  

I'm so glad you reviewed this book! I bought it after reading a review at Semicolon's Saturday Review of Books, then forgot about it. I'll have to find the book now and read it.

Framed 12/20/08, 9:38 PM  

I love the title. It's too bad the audio version wasn't so great. It sounds like the kind of book I would like to listen to.

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