28 January 2009

Tagged and Happy

I've been tagged by Rebecca from Lost in Books and Rose from Desert Rose Booklogue for this happy meme! First, if you haven't been reading their blogs, then click on over and take a look. I'm a regular visitor of both.

Okay, here are the rules:

⇒ Link to the person who has tagged you.
⇒ Write down six things that make you happy.
⇒ Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did it.
⇒ Then tell the person when your entry is complete!

My 6 Things:

1. Really good coffee.
2. Bringing in bunches of lilacs in the spring.
3. Having a whole day to do nothing but read.
4. Traveling.
5. Taking my camera for a walk.
6. Celebrating my birthday.

Because I just tagged people for another meme, let me add a bonus happiness item: You! My blogging buddies. Consider yourself tagged.


Desert Rose 1/28/09, 7:00 AM  

Thanx for accepting the tag and being a sport :)

I love your 6 things specially #3 :)

Sandy Nawrot 1/28/09, 8:47 AM  

I was tagged for this one too! I had to be careful not to entangle my obsessions with things that make me happy!

Nely 1/28/09, 9:05 AM  

Having a whole day to read - now that is bliss my friend.

Breezey375 1/28/09, 10:37 AM  

Yeah I did it. Thanks I needed a quick easy post for today.

Stacy 1/28/09, 1:05 PM  

Ooh...I want one of those whole days for reading...I miss them.

Melody 1/28/09, 7:05 PM  

I definitely love having a whole day to do nothing but read! Traveling is great too! :D

Anonymous,  1/28/09, 7:29 PM  

It wasn't until recently do I realize you're a photographer. How cool!

1. Books and reading
2. George my yellow labrador
3. Traveling
4. Japanese food
5. Being with friends and family
6. Students who participate well

Becca 1/28/09, 11:39 PM  

Hey, a great six things. A whole day to read would definitely be oh so lovely, as would taking the camera for a walk. Thanks for being a regular reader of my blog! You know I love yours as well! :)

Beth F 1/29/09, 7:52 AM  

Everyone: Yes, wouldn't a whole day with a book be grand!

Matt: Great list! I'll join you for Japanese food. Good student participation is definitely a high.

Rebecca: Awwwwww! Thanks.

Anonymous,  1/29/09, 9:18 PM  

A day to do nothing but read is heavenly!

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