02 February 2009

Blog Improvement Project #3

Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness has come up with our next steps in the BIP. Click over to her blog to see the full instructions. Read on for the summary.

My Progress to Date: The principal changes I've made to my blog are these:
⇒ I changed the color of my highlighted text.
⇒ I added a three-column footer and moved several items there.
⇒ I rearranged my sidebar.
⇒ I added a weekly link post and designed a button for it.
⇒ I added audio and ebook information to my Weekly Discovery post and tweaked the introduction and headings of that post.

This Week's Task: Kim has given us a list of 10 types blog posts. Our job is to try to write as many of these kinds of posts as we can over the next two weeks (click to Kim's blog for definitions of these). And there will be prizes—even for participants who do not want to write all 10 posts.

1. A link post
2. A short post
3. A list post
4. An opinion post
5. A poll or question post
6. A how-to post
7. A long post
8. A review post
9. A definition post
10. A free post

Then, by February 14, write a wrap-up post detailing which of the post types have been written.

I have my job outlined for me; we'll see how I do!


Hoarders Extraordinaire 2/2/09, 12:03 PM  

Impressive changes...I'm going to go and see what you've all been doing. I LOVE the 3 column header...

Anonymous,  2/2/09, 12:54 PM  

Good wrap up and good job on your blog. I've noticed the changes. How did you do the button for your weekly link post? I've been looking for someone to do one for me or somehow figure out how to make power point work. This next two weeks of the challenge looks fun.

Anonymous,  2/2/09, 2:32 PM  

I hadn't stopped by your site in awhile (since it's in my Google Reader), but I wanted to see the changes. I love the three-column footer; I wish there was a way to do that in Wordpress!


BookChook 2/2/09, 2:47 PM  

I like the three column footer, too. My blog has this messy long column instead.

For your how-to post, if you are considering it being blog related not book related, I would love to read a how to on designing a button!

Beth F 2/2/09, 2:58 PM  

I believe I'll succumb to "demand" and post about making a button. If I can do it, you can too!

bermudaonion 2/2/09, 3:12 PM  

You've been busy! Good luck with the assignment. I'm out of town and decided that I wouldn't even look at it until I get home.

Passages to the Past 2/2/09, 3:49 PM  

Ooohh...that footer is cool!

I have so many things to update on mine...now to find the time to do it all!

BookChook 2/2/09, 4:10 PM  

Oh now... a challenge as well! Extra credit for "how-to post with challenge and pike"?

The reason this is a challenge is that I struggle so much with technology. But if you can teach me to make a button, I will make YOU a button, proclaiming your teaching skills!

Beth F 2/2/09, 4:20 PM  

Ok: Book Chook: you're on!!! I'll try to write that post sometime this week.

Sandy Nawrot 2/2/09, 5:10 PM  

It is official...I am in awe!

Anonymous,  2/2/09, 6:54 PM  

I like all the changes you've done so far. The Blog Improvement list of posts looks like fun - it should make the next two weeks fly, blogging-wise!

Sherrie 2/2/09, 7:00 PM  

This sounds like a lot of work. I am doing this also, so I guess I better get busy and do some posting! LOL Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


Becca 2/3/09, 2:08 AM  

I am interested to see your posts and which types you choose. Are you going to try to do all of them?

Beth F 2/3/09, 6:30 AM  

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and kind words.

Rebecca: I'm plan to try to do at least one of each. I already do a link post on Saturdays, a list post on Sumndays, and 1 to 3 reviews a week, so that's a third done!

Anonymous,  2/3/09, 7:51 PM  

I find this week's challenge a bit too demanding of me. I just want to blog about books. I do want to start a new feature on Sunday, instead of the Sunday Salon, to blog about books that I have read a long time ago. Sort of like a book recommendation post but not on the most current reads.

In the meantime, a more reasonable and practical goal is to learn how to make button! :)

Unknown 2/4/09, 6:40 AM  

Sorry for not visiting your blog for a while, for some reason it wasn't updating on my feed reader. I've fixed it now, and look forward to reading all your new post types!

Jack 2/4/09, 12:57 PM  

BIP #3!?!... Yikes, I'm behind.
I'll be back in a bit to read your BIP post :s

Anonymous,  2/5/09, 7:24 PM  

Oh goodness! You are gonna be one busy blogger! :)

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