14 February 2009

Blog Improvement Project: Bingo Wrap-Up

Our last BIP assignment from Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness was to attempt to write at least one post in the following categories. I managed 8 out of the 10.

1. Link post: My Weekly Link Round-Up post for Feb. 7 counts for this.

2. Short post: I didn't count the words, but my bookmark Musing Mondays post was really short.

3. List post: The following posts count for this: What I Love about F and Weekly Discoveries.

4. Opinion: I gave my opinion in the following posts: Musing Mondays on bookstores, Booking through Thursday on author bios, and my Mini-Interview.

5. Poll or question post:

6. How-to post: My making a button post.

7. Long post: My making a button post.

8. Review post: Eyes of the Storm, Inkdeath, Dragonslayer, Lincoln Lawyer, and Rock Jaw.

9. Definition post:

10. Free post: I'm not going to add links here, but I posted 2 Wordless Wednesday photo posts, 2 Friday Finds posts (could also be lists), 1 Where Are You/Teaser Tuesdays post, and 1 photo meme post.

I couldn't think of a good poll question, and I didn't have time to write a decent definition post. But I'm thinking 8 out of 10 is just fine. Plus, I put up 21 posts since Monday February 2, when this project began. Phew!


Anonymous,  2/14/09, 11:00 AM  

I'm very impressed! I thought this was a fun assignment.

Unknown 2/14/09, 11:33 AM  

Well done! You did all the hard ones - some of them more than once - I think you deserve extra credit for that!

Robin M 2/14/09, 1:40 PM  

Good job and I had fun reading them.


Sharon 2/14/09, 2:03 PM  

The post about making buttons was fab. Way to go.

Cathy 2/14/09, 3:08 PM  

I really enjoyed your How To post, Beth. One thing that the week in Bisbee did for me is put me behind in book reviews, which ultimately worked to my advantage. Now all my posts are scheduled ahead of time!

Jack 2/14/09, 4:36 PM  

Wow you did really well, I'm impressed! You even completed the "long post"... bravo!

I did finish by the deadline but I will continue 'till I've done every post type listed.

Thanks for the visit and comment :)

Julia Phillips Smith 2/14/09, 7:22 PM  

Wow - totally impressive. I've only done half of them, but I'm intending to post each type at some point. Not in the two-week challenge time slot, though.

Anonymous,  2/14/09, 7:48 PM  

Wow! You rocked this assignment out! Poll questions are hard.

Eva 2/15/09, 4:50 AM  

Good for you! I didn't do the definition post either (I was thinking of doing a 'field guide to readers,' but I could make it funny enough to suit me) and I couldn't think of a how-to other than a recipe (which seemed like a cop-out). 21 posts is a lot in that short a time period! I try not to post more than once a day, but now I'm really behind on book reviews, lol.

Anonymous,  2/15/09, 6:07 PM  

Good for you. Your blog is awesome to begin with. I like the variety you have on your blog and I usually learn something new here. I again appreciate your help on making a button. I thought you could have included that post in the definition category. I had no idea what watermarking was until that post. So in my opinion you had 9 out of 10.

Kim 2/16/09, 1:37 PM  

Great job--your blog is already great so I wouldn't be too concerned if you didn't do all 10! ;)

I wish I had the time to participate in this blog project/meme. I am struggling to keep my head above water most weeks with just the little bit I do blog.
Not. Enough. Hours.

Beth F 2/16/09, 1:47 PM  

Thanks so much for the great comments! I found the challenge fun but . . . well, challenging!

What started out as a little place for me to record my thoughts about books has blossomed into a whole new world! And you all are what makes that world so much fun!

Unknown 2/17/09, 12:23 PM  

You did great! I failed to even do this one. haha!

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