12 February 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Authors Talking

Here's this week's Booking through Thursday, hosted by Deb. To see other answers and to participate, please visit the BTT blog.

Do you read any author’s blogs? If so, are you looking for information on their next project? On the author personally? Something else?

I occasionally visit authors' blogs or websites. Sometimes I am looking for the release date of a new book; usually I'm interested in the publication order of a series.

When I'm reading nonfiction or historical fiction, I like to know something about the author's background. What kind of research has the author conducted? What are his or her credentials?

It's fun to visit a site and discover that the author has written a piece about his or her writing process. That's something I always read.


Yvonne 2/12/09, 7:22 AM  

I pretty much do the same thing as far as the author blogs go. I'm pretty much looking for info on other books they've written or any writing info they may share.

Molly 2/12/09, 7:33 AM  

I agree - if it is an author of a series, then I visit the site to view the order of publication. My highly organized side of life likes to read them chronologically.

Dorte H 2/12/09, 7:38 AM  

I also enjoy that. I have foound Martin Edwards´ blog recently, and also Stephen Booth, and I really enjoy when they write about their tricks of the trade.

Anonymous,  2/12/09, 7:54 AM  

It is really fascinating to hear how they write, I would agree. I think it's most interesting how all writers are different - some plan, some just see where the story goes, and others do a mixture.

I use LT for series order these days. It's easier.

jlshall 2/12/09, 8:11 AM  

I hardly ever think about looking up writers' blogs or websites - it just doesn't occur to me for some reason. I suppose I really need to come into the modern era!

Chrisbookarama 2/12/09, 8:15 AM  

I admit that I sort of just stumble upon author blogs.

SmilingSally 2/12/09, 9:16 AM  

At times I have been curious and visited. Thanks for sharing. Happy Vintage Thingy Thursday!

SmilingSally 2/12/09, 9:27 AM  

duh I meant Booking Through Thursday!

Sandy Nawrot 2/12/09, 9:32 AM  

I follow a few of my favorite authors, but this is something I really need to remember to do when reviewing a book. This could provide so much more insight!

Bonnie 2/12/09, 9:50 AM  

I'm with you, I occasionally visit author's blogs. For me, it's finding the time and keeping a balance! My post is up

Nise' 2/12/09, 10:13 AM  

I regularly read a few author's blogs. If I have discovered a new to me author, I check out sites for other books I may want to read.

Cathy 2/12/09, 11:37 AM  

I'm a stickler for reading series books in order, but normally I go to websites like Stop, You're Killing Me! or Fantastic Fiction to see publication order.

Anonymous,  2/12/09, 11:47 AM  

I think the only author's blog I visit on a regular basis is Karen Harrington's - there are a few others I check from time to time, though.

Beth F 2/12/09, 11:48 AM  

Cathy: I use both those sites too, but sometimes it's not clear in what order to read the book. For example, the Narnia books were not published in chronological order in terms of the story. An author's or fan website usually clarifies such issues.

Meghan mentioned LT for series order. Duh! I hadn't thought of that!

Anonymous,  2/12/09, 12:29 PM  

I like reading many of the same things at author's blogs.

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide 2/12/09, 12:37 PM  

It is fun to see if they like to read the same stuff I do.

zetor 2/12/09, 1:35 PM  

My post is similar to yours, I, too like to check for future books.

Anonymous,  2/12/09, 3:06 PM  

This week’s question unearths the truth that I do not have many favorite authors. Most of the authors whose works I continue to re-read and explore are dead. I have favorite books. The books have to speak for themselves.

I look up author's bio to better understand a single piece of work.

Ted 2/12/09, 3:46 PM  

Yes, I'm with you on the process thing.

Robin M 2/12/09, 5:07 PM  

I thoroughly enjoy reading authors blogs. Especially the multi author blogs - I get alot of insight into their writing processes and everything else.

Melody 2/12/09, 9:36 PM  

I share your views, Beth.

BTW, you're tagged! :)

Anonymous,  2/12/09, 9:39 PM  

I never think to look for an author's blog...the few that I do read I stumbled on from links.

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