25 February 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Feb. 24)

Sleepy House

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Unknown 2/25/09, 6:28 AM  

Lol! This house really does look like it's very, very sleepy.

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 6:46 AM  

Wow. The windows really do make it look like the house is falling a sleep!

Happy WW

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 6:46 AM  

yeah, it is indeed sleepy but i wonder what is inside. thanks for the visit.

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 6:48 AM  

nice shot.
thanks for visiting my WW!

The Riverbum 2/25/09, 6:56 AM  

This would be a cool B&W shot too. I have posted my WW shot on my blog as well.

Ana S. 2/25/09, 7:12 AM  

lol, it does look sleepy!

Sandy Nawrot 2/25/09, 7:22 AM  

I swear you have the best pictures! Have you checked out Marny's? It's a good one.

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 7:35 AM  

Good one...very clever!

Dorte H 2/25/09, 9:08 AM  

Lovely photo! - and this one could also be Danish???

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 9:12 AM  

It does look sleepy! Very cool!

Unknown 2/25/09, 9:13 AM  

Awww, I just want to cuddle it and take a nap!

Beth F 2/25/09, 9:21 AM  

Dorte: you "out" me every week!! This was taken in Tonder.

Mojo 2/25/09, 9:34 AM  

Wherever you took it it's a neat capture! And yeah, I'll agree... it does look sleepy.

Maureen Hayes 2/25/09, 9:36 AM  

Really lovely photo. I love the pop of color on the door.

thanks for the visit to my site and the comment For others who's like to check it out, my post is up at:


Happy WW!

InventingLiz 2/25/09, 9:42 AM  

Ha! I didn't get it at first, but the house does look sleepy!

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 9:48 AM  

Funny, that is a very sleepy looking house.

I wonder what its roofed with?

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 10:03 AM  

I thinks you can relax in that sleepy house. Thanks for dropping by

Indrani 2/25/09, 10:12 AM  

Cute sleepy windows! :)

Julia Phillips Smith 2/25/09, 11:50 AM  

Very cool house - which reminds me of a koala bear.

Nely 2/25/09, 12:09 PM  

Zzzzzz... I feel just like that house right now :D

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 1:08 PM  

Nice picture. It's amazing what we see if we only look.

Secret Mom Thoughts 2/25/09, 1:41 PM  

Great shot. The windows really do look like sleepy eyes.

Tina 2/25/09, 2:08 PM  

I love that kind of houses - and I really like your title :-)
one could actually say "what y cute house" :-)

Happy WW!

lareine 2/25/09, 2:19 PM  

that's a very charming house! love the color... and yes, it's sleepy in appearance and atmosphere --- i would love to be inside it for an afternoon nap:)

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 2:36 PM  

What a neat old door:)

Karen Harrington 2/25/09, 2:42 PM  

Oh, very cool. I want to go inside and take a nap.

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 2:59 PM  

I looks like a very tired, old house. I love it :)

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 3:26 PM  

it looks tired and sleepy. :D

bermudaonion 2/25/09, 4:36 PM  

I must be weird - when I looked at the picture I wondered what the roof is made of.

Beth F 2/25/09, 4:38 PM  

For those who asked: The roof is thatch.

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 4:45 PM  

Very cute picture! It definitely looks sleepy, how weird.

jams o donnell 2/25/09, 5:07 PM  

Great shot it really does look sleepy!

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 5:27 PM  

Lovely photo. Great for a WW post.

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 6:00 PM  

It has such character. A great picture.

Melody 2/25/09, 7:19 PM  

I echo the others. This does look sleepy, LOL. I swear those little windows looks like eyes to me. ;)

Anonymous,  2/25/09, 8:22 PM  

This is a great shot! It looks like the face of a drowsy dog. :)

Ladytink_534 2/25/09, 8:44 PM  

Cute! It looks just like a little face :)

Tabitha Blue 2/25/09, 11:37 PM  

Oh, I would love to sleep... or cook or read or relax in that house!! very cute!



Jan Parrish 2/26/09, 12:12 AM  

What a great shot. Interesting architecture. We don't use that type of roofing out here.

Darlene 2/26/09, 4:12 PM  

Great photo. The house does indeed look sleepy.

Deb 2/27/09, 5:20 PM  

Hi ~ Perfect title for this photo! I am very curious about what the inside looks like! Enjoy your weekend!

Louise 6/2/09, 3:55 PM  

I know its a while since you posted this, but like Dorte, I immediately saw that this had to be one of your Danish snaps! I grew up around similar, old thatched farms (but have been living in the big city for almost 20 years now and does not really miss the country side)

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