13 March 2009

Giveaways! Be the First to Review!

Two books have found their way into my home that I will not have time to read and review. I'm hoping two of you will want to be among the first to see these these.

The Books

The first one is The Secret by Beverly Lewis. That's right! I have a copy of an ARC by this popular author. The book goes on sale on March 31. This is the first book in Lewis's new series, Seasons of Grace.

From Amazon: In the seemingly ordinary Amish home of Grace Byler, secrets abound. Why does her mother weep in the night? Why does her father refuse to admit something is dreadfully wrong? Then, in one startling moment, everything Grace assumed she knew is shattered. Her mother's disappearance leaves Grace reeling and unable to keep her betrothal promise to her long-time beau. Left to pick up the pieces of her life, Grace questions all she has been taught about love, family, and commitment. Heather Nelson is an English grad student, stunned by a doctor's diagnosis. Surely fate would not allow her father to lose his only daughter after the death of his wife a few years before. In denial and telling no one she is terminally ill, Heather travels to Lancaster County--the last place she and her mother had visited together. Will Heather find healing for body and spirit? As the lives of four wounded souls begin to weave together like an Amish patchwork quilt, they each discover missing pieces of their life puzzles--and glimpse the merciful and loving hand of God.

The second one is called The Scavengers' Manifesto by Anneli Rufus and Kristan Lawson. This is not an ARC but the finished book. Along with it you'll get some press materials to help you create an exciting review. The book goes on sale in April.

From Amazon: An exciting new movement is afoot that brings together environmentalists, anticonsumerists, do-it-yourselfers, bargain-hunters, and treasure-seekers of all stripes. You can see it in the enormous popularity of many websites: millions of Americans are breaking free from the want-get-discard cycle by which we are currently producing approximately 245 million tons of waste every day (that’s 4.5 pounds per person, per day!).

In The Scavengers’ Manifesto, Anneli Rufus and Kristan Lawson invite readers to discover one of the most gratifying (and inexpensive) ways there is to go green. Whether it’s refurbishing a discarded wooden door into a dining-room table; finding a bicycle on freecycle.org; or giving a neighbor who just had a baby that cute
never-used teddy bear your child didn’t bond with, in this book Rufus and Lawson chart the history of scavenging and the world-changing environmental and spiritual implications of “Scavenomics,” and offer readers a framework for adopting scavenging as a philosophy and a way of life.

The Giveaway

Here's all you have to do to win one or both of these books.

1. One chance: Leave a comment telling me which book you want. You can enter to win both books; there will be a separate drawing for each book. Be sure to put your email in the comment so I can contact you if you win.

2. Extra chance: Tweet or blog about this giveaway. There is only one extra chance per book, if you are entered for both books, you'll have to Tweet or blog twice. Leave a comment with the link to your tweet or blog post.

Who can enter? Anyone from anywhere around the world. If you're not in the U.S. or Canada, be aware that I'll be sending the book the least expensive (read: slow) way.

Last day to enter: March 25.

Winners announced: March 26 (picked by random using a random number generator)

Good Luck!!!


Nicole (Linus's Blanket) 3/13/09, 8:04 AM  

How exciting! I would love to be entered for both.

Alea 3/13/09, 9:02 AM  

Hey great idea! I'm not going to enter because as you know I'm a bit overwhelmed on the book front, just wanted to say good idea! :)

Anonymous,  3/13/09, 9:04 AM  

I would love to be entered for The scavengers' Manifesto. It sounds interesting and useful.

Sandy Nawrot 3/13/09, 9:13 AM  

Oooh! I'd love either one! Please consider me interested!

Unknown 3/13/09, 12:06 PM  

That's a wonderful idea :-) I'd be interested in The Secret!

My post about your giveaway can be found here.

Anonymous,  3/13/09, 2:10 PM  

I'd love The Scavenger's Manifesto :)

Brimful Curiosities 3/13/09, 3:33 PM  

Oh, "The Secret" please. Think I've read nearly every Beverly Lewis book so far. Ready for this new series. Thanks so much for the giveaway.
pvilletoygirl -at- gmail -dot- com

Debs Desk 3/13/09, 7:51 PM  

Please include me in your giveaway. I have not read either of your books so please put my name in for both drawings.

Anonymous,  3/13/09, 9:47 PM  

I'd love to read The Secret. I read her Covenant series several years ago and really enjoyed them. Thanks for offering the give-away.

My email: margot.peckATgmailDOTcom

sharon54220 3/13/09, 10:13 PM  

I would be interested in both books. Great idea.



Penny 3/13/09, 11:34 PM  

I would love The Scavengers' Manifesto. I'm a cheapskate, and this book looks like it was written for me!


Penny 3/13/09, 11:47 PM  

I also just blogged about your giveaway at http://ilovemybooks.blogspot.com/2009/03/contests.html


sally906 3/14/09, 4:06 AM  

I would love to be entered into the draw for 'The Secret.' I am a Christian who is married to a non-Christian so my access to books of faith are limited :)

Hoarders Extraordinaire 3/15/09, 1:27 PM  

they both look great! Count me in!

tbbycatt (at) gmail (dot) com


Annie1 3/15/09, 3:51 PM  

Both books look wonderful!

Thanks for a great giveaway!


Annie1 3/15/09, 3:53 PM  

Tweeted re both books

greeeneyedwhwomWin The Secret and/or The Scavengers' Manifesto http://tinyurl.com/cobufm

greeeneyedwhwom is my Twitter name



mindy 3/15/09, 4:37 PM  

i would love to read the secret thanks for the giveaway

scottsgal 3/15/09, 5:25 PM  

Either book looks like a great read to me!

msboatgal at aol dot com

terri142 3/15/09, 5:44 PM  

I would love to be entered to win The Secret.

Deborah 3/15/09, 5:52 PM  

Although the two books are quite different, I'd be tickled to win either of them. Thanks for the chance! asthenight at gmail dot com

KR 3/15/09, 6:28 PM  

I'd love either book. The Secret soub=nds great & I definitely need to be greener!!


divaqueenie 3/15/09, 9:52 PM  

I'd really love to read The Scavengers’ Manifesto, sounds interesting!

Marie 3/15/09, 10:46 PM  

Great books. Please enter me for both books. Thanks.


Anonymous,  3/15/09, 11:19 PM  

Both books sound fantastic... I want to be entered into both drawings. IF I had to choose one I would have to choose "The Secret". Thanks for the giveaway!

whitten100@yahoo dot com

Anonymous,  3/16/09, 1:05 AM  

Well, of the two, I'd most prefer to win 'The Secret', but I'm also interested in 'The Scavenger's Manifesto', so please put me down for both. Thanks!


Anonymous,  3/16/09, 3:48 AM  

I'd like to win The Secret. I've enjoyed other books by Beverly Lewis.

BevE 3/16/09, 9:00 AM  

Beth-Congratulations on your first giveaway! I would love to try and win The Scavenger's Manifesto. Finally it seems that we're coming to our senses and valuing what we have.
It sounds like a great book - I'd love to read and review it : D


Blodeuedd 3/16/09, 9:34 AM  

I am sure I would enjoy both books, but The Secret by Beverly Lewis sure sounds interesting. I would like to read it.

Oh and I am outside US so if I am the luckiest gal then I will surely low the slow way

blodeuedd1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Michelle 3/16/09, 12:08 PM  

I would love to be entered for The Scavenger's Manifesto.

Marie 3/16/09, 1:39 PM  

I would love to read the Secret!


Lady Roxi 3/16/09, 5:28 PM  

Love to have The Secret



Amber 3/16/09, 8:14 PM  

They both sound like interesting books, so I'd like to enter for both. Thanks!

A Reader 3/17/09, 9:29 AM  

Please include me in both.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown 3/17/09, 10:34 AM  

The Scavengers’ Manifesto would be my first pick but I would like the Beverly Lewis book, too.

Anita Yancey 3/17/09, 1:54 PM  

I'd love to win The Secret. I think it would be a really good book. Thanks!


Kristi 3/17/09, 4:58 PM  

Please enter me in the drawing to win The Secret. Thanks!

kherbrand at comcast dot net

Anonymous,  3/18/09, 8:48 AM  

The scavenger's manifesto for me =)

katch05 at gmail dot com

elaina 3/18/09, 5:04 PM  

I am sort of obsessed with all things Amish (weird, isn't it?) so I'm fascinated by the first book.

But I've been living green since before it was cool, so the second book appeals to me as well.

Oh heck. Enter me for both, please!

Anonymous,  3/19/09, 6:01 AM  

The Scavengers' Manifesto
Will check back.


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