24 June 2009

What's on Your Desk Wednesday

What's On Your Desk Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sassy Brit at Alternative Read. I was tagged last week by J. Kaye of J. Kaye's Book Blog Here are the rules:

1. Grab your camera
2. Take a photo of your desk "as is"
3. List at least 5 bookish things that are on your desk
4. List at least 5 non-bookish things that are on your desk
5. Tag 5 more people

Okay, here is a photo of my boring desk as is.

Bookish things: manuscript.
Non-bookish things: glasses, pencils, pens, pencil sharpener.

Do I now win the prize for the lamest entry ever in this meme? Come on, I can take it -- boo and hiss me.


Heather 6/24/09, 9:10 AM  

I don't think it's lame at all. I find it intriguing because I want to know what's in the manuscript. ;)

Serena 6/24/09, 9:12 AM  

I think it looks like a desk well used. I don't have a desk, so I guess I can't participate in this challenge.

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) 6/24/09, 9:22 AM  

So glad to see that I am not the only one with more pens that I need.

bermudaonion 6/24/09, 9:37 AM  

My desk has papers all over it too - at least yours is a manuscript.

Anonymous,  6/24/09, 10:51 AM  

I was tagged for this too, but don't have enough guts to let you see the mess that is my desk :)

Unknown 6/24/09, 11:01 AM  

That's one neat desk.
Mines is a mess.
As usual :)

Julie P. 6/24/09, 11:59 AM  

Very cute meme! So fun!

Cathy 6/24/09, 12:19 PM  

You will not receive the Lamer Award because you left that intriguing manuscript lying on your desk!

serendipity_viv 6/24/09, 2:47 PM  

How tidy is your desk!!! I wish mine looked so organised. I am curious over the manuscript, is that yours?

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie 6/24/09, 4:04 PM  

So neat! And I love that pen/pencil holder - now if I had that holder my desk would be tidy (or I like to think so) :)

Literate Housewife 6/24/09, 6:42 PM  

Your pen looks like it's having fun. LOL!

Michelle 6/24/09, 7:21 PM  

If your desk is lame then I shudder to think what mine would be described. The scariest part is that I barely use my desk these days. I'm all about the laptop :)

Melody 6/24/09, 10:17 PM  

Definitely not lame at all, Beth! I love viewing what other readers have on their desks. This is such a fun meme!

The Reading Momster 6/25/09, 6:39 AM  

:) :) No no not Lame!
Thanks for reminding that I am supposed to do this :)

Manuscripts! ahhha! will u send me a review copy ;) if it is fiction ;) ! :D

Anonymous,  6/25/09, 2:57 PM  

That's not boring! That's a working desk! :)

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