05 July 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge: Links

Welcome to the Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge Progress and Link Post!

To sign up for the challenge and to read the rules, see the welcome post. Note that this post is available via the "Sookie" tab below my banner photo.


If you're on Twitter, remember that we'll be discussing Sookie all year using the hashtag #SookieSRC. Whenever you have a comment, want to tell people you have a review up, or want to announce the completion of a book, be sure to tweet! Also, be sure to visit everyone's reviews and comment. The challenge will be more fun if you get to know everyone else who is blogging, tweeting, and reading Sookie over the next year.


Please link your reviews using Mr. Linky. In the top box, type your name and then the book title in parentheses: Beth F (Club Dead). In the bottom box, please put in the link that will lead specifically to your review (not your home page).

Non-Bloggers (Bloggers Who Don't Review)

Please leave a comment with your name and the title of the book. If you want to add a few sentences about what you thought about the book, please do (see prizes below). When leaving a comment, please use a unique name so you can be entered into the drawings for the prizes (for example: use something like Sue from Nebraska or John795 for each of your comments).


There will be three prizes plus a grand prize given throughout the year. Here's how the prizes will be given (the specific dates will be announced here later).

1. October: The new Sookie anthology that will be published in the fall.
2. February: A surprise and special book related to Sookie.
3. May: A bookish prize related to Sookie.
4. Grand prize in early July: Super-duper, to be announced.

Prizes 1–3

A week before each of the three smaller prizes is to be given, I'll publish a post describing that prize and give the cut-off date. All people who have read at least one book by the cut-off date will be eligible for the giveaway. If you have left a comment saying you completed a book or have added a link to a review, you will be in the drawing. Only one entry per person. This is cumulative, because everyone reads at a different pace. As long as you have one link or one comment up by the time the prize is announced, you're in.

I will assign each person a number based on the date and time of his or her first link or first comment to this post and then use random.org to find the winner and a runner-up. I'll post the name of the winner on my blog and give that person three weeks to respond. If the winner does not contact me, I'll give the prize to the runner-up. Only one of these prizes per person.

Grand prize

For the grand prize, you have to have finished the entire series of nine books, and you have to have "reviewed" all nine. Some of you (like me) are starting this series somewhere in the middle. That's fine, I have a solution.

Bloggers can link up their old reviews to Mr. Linky. If you don't have old reviews or you don't like to review, you can do one of these: (1) Put up a post about the series that includes a sentence or two about each book, post mini-reviews of each book, post a write up about the series as a whole, or discuss the previously read books in your challenge wrap-up post. Come back here and link the post(s) to Mr. Linky. (2) Comment here listing the previously read books and adding a sentence or two about each book or giving your overall impressions.

Non-bloggers can add a comment (or two or three!) listing the previously read books and either add a sentence or two for each book or give your overall impressions of that group of books. When you leave a comment, be sure to sign with your unique name (see earlier) so I can enter you into the drawing.

Note that for the smaller prizes, you just need to have read at least one book, you don't need to have completed the challenge or to have reviewed anything. So entering into the grand prize giveaway is totally up to you. Even if you won a smaller prize, you are eligible for this one.

NOTE: If Mr. Linky has disappeared, just leave a comment with your link, and I'll add your link when he appears again. Sorry. I put in a help request, so I hope our links are back soon.


Sandy Nawrot 7/5/09, 7:53 AM  

I feel like a schlub...everybody I "know" is doing this challenge, but I will have to bow out this time. I will probably regret it!

Alex the Girl 7/5/09, 9:03 AM  

Argh, Sorry! I clicked w/o adding title of the book. My review is for "Dead Until Dark."


wisteria 7/5/09, 9:25 AM  

Sounds like fun, but I'm up to my ears in grad work and my other challenges for now. Otherwise I would jump at it. I'm just not organized enough right now. Have fun with it. :)

Anonymous,  7/5/09, 9:49 AM  

I bought the second book at Wal-mart last week, even though I was going to wait to see if I liked the first one. I know I'll end up doing this challenge... I'll just make a post later today after church. Why fight against it? LOL

Trish,  7/5/09, 11:02 AM  

I'm a newcomer to the Sookie Sackhouse books and I really am enjoying the read. I just finished Dead Until Dark. I am not a blogger but my email is: flowerpowr@bellsouth.net

Ashley 7/5/09, 3:25 PM  

I just finished the 3rd book and have had a lot of fun reading them so far! I'm starting Dead to the World today and I also checked out Many Bloody Returns from the library to read something a little different.

Alea 7/5/09, 3:59 PM  

Woo I've been reading Dead Until Dark for like 2 weeks I need to finish it so I have something to link to!

Andrea 7/5/09, 4:12 PM  

I am so excited, I am going to start Dead Until Daark tomorrow! I can't wait. I don't have a blog but I can comment here right?

Beth F 7/5/09, 4:15 PM  

Andrea: yes post right here and leave some kind of identifier so you stand out from any other Andrea who might comment.

Anonymous,  7/5/09, 5:54 PM  

YAY! So glad that you put up a review Mr Linky. I can not wait to read what others have thought of the books. I am on book 3 now. After reading book 2, which was slow for me, I am having a little trouble getting into book 3 because of it. But I hope that passes soon. :)

Rachel 7/6/09, 12:32 AM  

sry guys my link for dead until dark is here


under my name is the one for living dead in dallas Thanks fiona!

Anonymous,  7/6/09, 7:23 AM  

Yay! Got my first one up for "Definitely Dead"!! I am loving this series. :o)


Alex the Girl 7/6/09, 10:43 AM  

Just to keep my reviews from piling up, I'll be posting, hopefully, each Saturday. This book reviewing stuff is more fun than I thought it would be!

MsMoonlight 7/7/09, 10:33 AM  

I got my second review up, this one is for "All Together Dead" (my second favorite of the series so far). I am going to hate coming to the end of these books and actually having to wait for the book release! I am not a patient person when it comes to good books! :o)


Unknown 7/9/09, 11:28 AM  

I just finished the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Dead Until Dark.

There is so much that I want to say about the book but what it really boils down to there is such a difference between Sookie and Bella (from Twilight). I can't wait to read the next book.


Alex the Girl 7/11/09, 6:37 AM  

My second review is up for "Living Dead in Dallas," and I'm composing "Club Dead" for next Saturday. I think "Club Dead" is my favorite of the first three, actually, of the published books of the series.

Ashley 7/12/09, 2:28 PM  

I've finished the series! I almost can't believe it. I got addicted!

Unknown 7/14/09, 1:59 PM  

I got addicted to reading the series. I have posted my review for the first seven books on A Novel Challenge Yahoo! Group. I can't wait to read the last two in the series.


Fiona 7/14/09, 8:05 PM  

Hi Beth! I am really enjoying this challenge. I have already posted two (!) reviews for Dead Until Dark and used Mr Linky to share them.

I have just posted a review of Living Dead in Dallas, and I stopped by to use Mr Linky, but I can't find him!!! Is it just me, or has he had a meltdown? I can read your post about prizes etc, read comments and leave a comment, but I can't see Mr Linky on the page.

It is possible that I am just having a (bottle) blonde moment!

My post for Living Dead in Dallas can be found at http://readersrandomramblings.blogspot.com/2009/07/perfect-winter-reading.html

I wish I could find Mr Linky because I really wanted to read everyone else's reviews!

Thanks, Fiona :)

Literary Feline 7/17/09, 3:29 PM  

Hi, Beth! I added links to my reviews of the rest of the books in the series. Thanks so much for hosting this challenge. I definitely plan to follow the progress of others and hope they enjoy the series as much as I have.

Unknown 7/21/09, 12:20 AM  

I have finished books 1 - 8 of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I'm waiting to get the 9th book when it comes available on paperback. I can't wait to see what happens to Sookie in the latest of the series.

I have posted all my reviews at A Novel Challenge group on Yahoo!


Alex the Girl 7/21/09, 3:45 PM  

Finally posted my review on Club Dead, my favorite of the 8.

Holly 7/25/09, 8:36 PM  

This challenge is SO MUCH FUN!

I am obsessed with these books!

Alex the Girl 8/7/09, 10:35 PM  

Dead to the World is up and running, woo. A favorite indeed.

Holly 8/9/09, 9:38 PM  

I had a dream last night that I was sookie, and that I was making out with eric. Swoon.

Holly 8/22/09, 10:57 PM  

Check out Skarsgard before he was Eric. CLASSIC!


Anonymous,  8/25/09, 9:42 AM  

These books just get better and better!
I just finished book #9 and loved it!


Alison (Alison's Book Marks) 9/21/09, 5:09 PM  

I'm all caught up!!

As someone who loves vamp-lit, this was a really fun series from start to finish. Now, I am really excited to start watching True Blood, Season One.

Thanks, Beth for hosting this great challenge!!

52 Faces 10/5/09, 3:18 PM  

To my extreme pleasure, I've been doing this challenge all summer without knowing there was one lol. I'm simply addicted to the series in an extreme way.

Will put in a wrap-up review post soon!

Tracie Yule 10/8/09, 12:13 PM  

I have to say thank you for creating this challenge. It got me to start reading these books and I am completely addicted! I, also, started watching the show...again, addicted!

Fionnalas82,  10/17/09, 3:41 PM  

I saw parts of the "True Blood" series, and enjoyed it, but the book, "Dead Until Dark" is much better (as usual). I just finished reading it. The premise is unusual, that vampires and humans can exist together, not easily and still with prejudices from the past. The idea of a vampire government existing is also intriquing. I'm looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

Fionnalas82,  10/28/09, 8:51 PM  

I've finished reading "Living Dead in Dallas" and "Club Dead" (I had a long plane ride.) I had never heard of a maenad before, that's a new "supe" for me, and I'm looking forward to possible additional new ones in the future books. I liked both books, they continued expanding on the supernatural organization of vampires and werewolves/shapeshifters that sets up an underground society with definite structure. Sookie seems to be having a lot of romantic possibilities continuing to come up given that she has not been romantically involved before Bill. I'm looking forward to the next book and where Harris takes it all.

Jo 11/22/09, 7:08 PM  

I read Dead Until Dark - Dead and Gone (including short stories) except "One Word Answer" (which took a while for me to get ahold of). I just (finally) read that today and have officially read all Sookie Stackhouse stories currently published.

Thanks for this challenge - I needed the push to get started, and I really enjoyed the entire series along the way; in fact, I'm offically hooked and waiting eagerly for the next book.

Um, I don't know if you have a place to wrap up or anything, but my link for that is here:


Melissa,  12/18/09, 12:58 PM  

Hello everyone, I found this a little late. I've read all nine books and even some of the short stories and I loved them all...!!! Very easy and so much fun to read... I hope everyone else enjoy them as much as I did!!!

Lina Shaik 12/21/09, 11:32 AM  

Hi! I just posted my first 2 reviews of books 1 and 2. I know I'm a little slow compared to most people here, but I'm hoping to catch up real soon!

Fionnalas82,  1/13/10, 1:24 PM  

In November and December I read five more of the Sookie books, "Dead to the World," "Dead as a Doornail," "Definitely Dead," "All Together Dead," and "From Dead to Worse." I enjoyed all of them and couldn't wait to start the next in the series when I had finished one. With the ninth book, "Dead and Gone," I haven't been able to get into it as I had the others. Perhaps I was just overloaded and needed a rest. Oh Well!

Robin M 1/20/10, 9:23 PM  

I've read all of them except for Dead and Gone. Now I just need to find time to review them. Will probably make it a group review of my thoughts about the series. Would take too long to review each one individually. Loved the series and looking forward to reading Dead and Gone.

Unknown 1/22/10, 3:15 PM  

Just posted my review of Dead and Gone and have completed the challenge! Thank you so much the motivation I needed to get these books off the shelf and finally read. They're so good, I never knew what I was missing.

Lori 2/3/10, 4:44 PM  

Oops. I put my blog url versus my contest url.

Anonymous,  2/18/10, 10:21 PM  

Yay! I completed this challenge :)

I have posted all my reviews on my blog at http://nishitak.wordpress.com

I am now planning to join the Ireland reading challenge :))

Holly 3/12/10, 12:13 PM  

What was the feburary giveaway? I cant find it.

Lynda 4/8/10, 8:30 AM  

Had a mega read-a-thon last weekend and read books 2 - 9 one after the other!
Especially liked book 4 - waiting for 10 to be published!
Thoughts on series here:

Lori 4/19/10, 5:24 PM  

I have completed the challenge. You will find the page [Here] I have also posted the links in your MR Linky. Thank you for the challenge, I had fun.

Rayna 5/12/10, 2:53 PM  

I am loving these books, so excited to keep on reading.

Nat 6/3/10, 10:31 AM  

I goofed up the first time I registered! But I have reviewed all the Sookie's (and all the other Charlane Harris books, I just couldn't stop).

Here is my post with all the book reviews of Sookie attached.


Thanks Kelli

Literary Feline 6/10/10, 8:54 AM  

Thank you, Beth, for hosting this great challenge. I've fallen behind on several of the series I follow, but you gave me the incentive to keep up with this one. I am now officially done and included my final link above.

Laura @ I'm Booking It 6/30/10, 11:05 AM  

Thank you for hosting this challenge. I'm done! All my links are posted above.

Fiona 7/7/10, 11:23 PM  

I'm all done!
Thanks so much Beth, I really enjoyed participating in this challenge.

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