06 August 2009

BBAW: Getting to Know You Meme

You have 9 days left to register for BBAW and to nominate blogs for BBAW. But what can you do if you already done that? You can participate in the BBAW meme.

Here's the meme for newbies. There is a different meme for those who participated last year.

What has been one of the highlights of blogging for you?

Absolutely without a doubt the highlight is the community. Book bloggers are a amazing group. We read different books and genres, we have different styles of reviewing, we have different rating systems, we read at different speeds, we have different goals, and yet we still find vast areas of common ground. Last evening on Twitter, Trish from Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'? summed it up. We were discussing one of the hot topics that come up every so often. And Trish said, "I have to say, I love [that] we can discuss rationally, and maybe not agree, but still like each other. :)" Really, need I say more?

One other highlight. Last February, Sandy from You've GOTTA Read This! conducted an interview with Jackie from Farm Lane Books. In it I learned that I had played a part in starting their blogging friendship simply by making them aware of each other. How utterly cool is that? I love it when that kind of thing happens.

What blogger has helped you out with your blog by answering questions, linking to you, or inspiring you?

I posted my first post. No comments. I posted my first review. No comments. I posted two more times. No comments. Then I joined the Fall Reading Challenge hosted by Katrina from Callapidder Days. Whoa! 14 comments from bloggers welcoming me to the challenge and commenting on my book choices. I posted another review, and I got comments! It was very slow going at first, but eventually things picked up.

I just went back and looked at some of my earliest commenters. When they left those first notes on my blog, I had no idea who these people were. Now I visit their blogs or chat with them on Twitter on a daily basis. There were many other blogging friends who found me in my first month of blogging, but I can't list everyone. Know that I am grateful. I must have checked my blog a hundred times a day that first month, praying someone would come and read what I had to say.

Robin of My Two Blessings
Word Lily from Word Lily
Jackie from Farm Lane Books
Chris from Book-a-Rama
Nicole from Linus's Blanket
J. Kaye from J. Kaye's Book Blog
Kathy from BermudaOnion
Cathy from Kittling Books
Nely from All about {n}
Gautami Tripathy from Everything Distills into Reading

What one question do you have about BBAW that someone who participated last year could answer?

Can't think of a thing at the moment.

If you've read this far and haven't yet signed up for BBAW, you must go that now.

New bloggers: Pretty much the best way to meet bloggers, discover new blogs, and get discovered is by participating in memes and events. Really! Be part of the community and the community will come to you.


bermudaonion 8/6/09, 8:37 AM  

I'm so glad I discovered your blog and got to meet you at BEA! I know what you mean - I used to check my blog and stats obsessively and I literally screamed the first time I got a comment! We're all so glad you're a part of this community.

Michelle 8/6/09, 9:17 AM  

I'm a BBAW newbie as well and it looks like our answers to this meme are pretty similar. Like you I value the community I'm building and growing more a part of thorough the blogs I follow. It amazes me that every day (it seems) I add a new blog to my feed reader. There is just so much out there to enjoy and so many with wonderful insight.

I'm glad to have gotten the change to spend time with you all virtually and hope to do so personally in the future. :)

Sandy Nawrot 8/6/09, 9:26 AM  

It's a beautiful day when you start to get comments. And your first award? Wow. Thanks for the mention, but I think you hooked me up with more than Jackie. I think you also introduced me to Dar and Melody as well. Maybe more. You're the woman!

Unknown 8/6/09, 9:49 AM  

I am so pleased to be mentioned - twice!

In the early days of blogging the tiniest thing can be so exciting. I don't think I had a comment for weeks. I'll have to go back and look at my earliest posts and see how long it really was, but I frequently discover posts with no comments on.

I think February was a turning point for my blog. The blog improvement project task that included that interview really started everything going on my blog. Thank you so much for introducing Sandy and me!

I have discovered many great bloggers via you and really appreciate the role you have played in welcoming me to the blogging world. Thank you!

Anonymous,  8/6/09, 9:54 AM  

Aw, thanks! We're glad to have you as part of this community. :)

S. Krishna 8/6/09, 10:01 AM  

I love this community as well. It makes it worth it! I need to do this meme too.

Serena 8/6/09, 10:02 AM  

It is great to see how much of an impression blogging has made on you and how helpful those first commenters were inspiring you to continue.

I love reading everyone's answers to this meme. I'm glad to have "met" you...

Beth F 8/6/09, 10:17 AM  

Kathy, Michelle, Sandy, Jackie, Lily, Swapna, Serena: Thanks you guys! Truly, I don't think I would have stuck with blogging this long if it weren't for the friendship.

Melanie 8/6/09, 11:14 AM  

Blogging is a lot of fun! As a relative newbie myself, I'm always excited to see that I have comments. Talking to others only online is a lot of fun as well. There are so many different people!

Robin M 8/6/09, 12:41 PM  

Wow! I'm first on the list - how neat. You know I think it was through the Fall Reading Challenge that I found your blog as well. Lucky me!

The book blogging community is amazing. I think the same thing happened when I joined the Fall Reading Challenge - received more comments, met you and a host of other wonderful folks. I was pretty obsessive about checking for comments and my stats in the early days too.

I signed up for BBAW this year, so a newbie. Looking forward to it.

Julie P. 8/6/09, 1:27 PM  

Aren't book bloggers just the best? Where else could we go to find so much support and people who understand our passion of books?

Chrisbookarama 8/6/09, 3:14 PM  

I'm glad I could help! It' nice to have someone leave comments when you first start out. It makes it less like talking to yourself.

Amy 8/6/09, 5:50 PM  

Yay! I agree....join the community in progress and you'll be in! ;)

Thanks for participating in the BBAW meme!

Ana S. 8/6/09, 7:24 PM  

How fun to look back and see who your first commenters were! I should do that sometime.

Ana S. 8/6/09, 7:24 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown 8/6/09, 8:17 PM  

I have to do this meme. great questions but your answers are awesome. And very true. I think every blogger agrees with you about those first posts where you were checking your blog obsessively. I still do it. I think I need a support program, lol!

Melody 8/6/09, 8:34 PM  

I just love this bookblogging community! And I wish I've discovered your blog earlier!

The Reading Momster 8/6/09, 9:34 PM  

i need to Thank YOU!! :) :)

Sheila (bookjourney) 8/6/09, 9:52 PM  

LOL Bermudaonion. Thanks for a great post here... this is fun to read and hear what those first moments were like as a blogger. I remember I used to get maybe (MAYBE) 2 comments a week and those shocked me on how they found me. Now I can not even believe the number of visitors I have each day. LOVE the community of book blogging!

Mel u 8/6/09, 11:06 PM  

"I must have checked my blog a hundred times a day that first month, praying someone would come and read what I had to say." when I read this I could not help but smile-I started my blog about a month ago and every morning I look to see if I have any comments. It felt so good when the first few comments were posted.

Mel (He Followed Me Home) 8/7/09, 10:48 AM  

I had to giggle reading your answers as I have literally just started blogging and yes, checking to se if anyone is following or commenting multiple times a day (hangs head in shame, lol)

It's only been a few days & I've talked to a bunch of really cool, friendly people already! Can't wait to get out there & chat with everyone :)

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 8/8/09, 10:51 PM  

Trish's comment about how we can often agree to disagree is perfect. That's how I felt about my IRL book group in CT ... even when we came down on different sides of the fence on an issue raised in a book we discussed (yes, sometimes heatedly), listened to others, defended our positions ... and that was that. No hard feelings, the conversations were really learning experiences. That's a great part of much of the book blogging community IMHO.

The Obsessive Reader 8/9/09, 12:50 AM  

I've seen about this but I just signed up for it. From all the wonderful rave comments on it I'm sure I'll love it.

chocowafer 8/9/09, 3:34 AM  

I'm sort of a newbie at book blogging myself and I only know a few book bloggers. But I hope to discover a lot more book blogs thru BBAW! :)

The Bumbles 8/12/09, 12:25 PM  

Hi Beth! Good advice for newbies on joining in events and letting the community come to you. I think I found you through Teaser Tuesdays, which is the meme that made me start a blog. Even though I'm not a book blogger, I am so grateful for that community embracing me so strongly.

Alexia561 8/13/09, 8:30 PM  

Enjoyed your answers to this meme. Have to agree that the book blogging community is full of the nicest people!

Laughed when I read: "I must have checked my blog a hundred times a day that first month, praying someone would come and read what I had to say." Guilty! *L*

Jenners 8/15/09, 8:02 PM  

This will be my first BBAW and I'm so excited. The book blogging community has been so welcoming and amazing -- you included!!!! I've been amazed how many people I've found through blogging and it has been a joy. Plus the quality of my reading has increased so much since I had more ideas and input from book blogs.

trish 8/16/09, 2:15 AM  

You're a newbie?! Are you sure you didn't participate last year??

Also, thanks for quoting me. I thought my comment had gotten lost in the shuffle. :)

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