23 August 2009

BBAW: Working Hard for You

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is coming up! The nomination long lists have been announced, and now the BBAW judging panels are busy reading posts and conferring to create the awards short lists. The short lists will be posted, and the book blogging community will then choose the winners by a vote.

Amy of My Friend Amy cannot of course do this all by herself. So Beth Fish Reads has volunteered to help. I am on three judging panels for BBAW. I have a ton and a half of blog posts to read -- and this does not involve skimming. Each post must be read carefully to see if the blogger meets the criteria for the award category. I take this job seriously.

So what does this mean to you? I may not be reading and commenting on your blog as often and prolifically as I normally do. I have not abandoned you. I promise I'll be back to normal when my BBAW duties are completed.

Thanks for your understanding!


Ana S. 8/23/09, 10:20 AM  

We completely understand! Thanks for all the work you've been doing.

bermudaonion 8/23/09, 10:25 AM  

I'm on two judging panels, and I know my blog reading/reading will take a hit, but it's only for a few weeks.

Beth Kephart 8/23/09, 10:47 AM  

Hey there. I am judging, too. I don't know how you are doing three panels, but I do know that you will give this your everything.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 8/23/09, 10:56 AM  

I think a lot of blogs (and bloggers) will be quieter in the weeks leading up to BBAW .. then BAM! Like a surprise party everyone will be back full speed.

Thanks for all your help with BBAW (I don't yet know the number of blogs on the two panels I'll be helping to judge; guess I'll find out this week!)

Lezlie 8/23/09, 11:35 AM  

Thanks for the hard work on BBAW! It's much appreciated by all!!


Molly 8/23/09, 11:38 AM  

So what does this mean to me? It means that I greatly appreciate all that you, Amy, and the other BBAW helpers are doing to make the event ever so special. There should be an award given to all of you!

Louise 8/23/09, 12:04 PM  

Great that so many are helping out with this special event. I wasn't around last year, so I am excited to see what it is all about this year.

TexasRed 8/23/09, 2:47 PM  

Thanks for all the hard work!!

caite 8/23/09, 6:41 PM  

are bribes accepted?

Sandy Nawrot 8/23/09, 9:48 PM  

I was hoping I was not the only one feeling the crunch. Besides all the fun projects going on, I am also on a panel, plus will be going to Chicago next week to play. Plus the school book fair is around the corner. I am starting to chant "serenity now". It's all good though! I love this stuff!

Melody 8/23/09, 11:31 PM  

Totally understand, Beth! A big thank you to you, Amy and all the other volunteers for the hard work!!

Kim Allen-Niesen 8/24/09, 12:06 AM  

Thank you and the entire team for all of their work!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness 8/24/09, 8:29 AM  

Good luck! Although I'm sure it's fun to read all the great blog posts, it's a lot of work too. I can't wait to see all of the short lists.

Unknown 8/24/09, 10:55 AM  

3 panels?! Wow! That will keep you busy! Good luck with the judging - some of those catergories will be so hard to pick the best from.

How many people are nominated for each award? I imagine that some have lots of nominees.
Lots x 5 = a lot of reading!
Have fun!

Jenn's Bookshelves 8/24/09, 12:03 PM  

I totally understand! I'm judging two panels. Luckily, I've prescheduled a lot of my posts!

Dorte H 8/24/09, 2:28 PM  

I think Amy has selected an excellent judge! And you can be sure I´ll stick around :D

Anonymous,  8/24/09, 4:27 PM  

Thanks for all your hard work! :)

Anonymous,  8/24/09, 11:16 PM  

thank you for being a part of this--i love the spirit of community here in book blogger land! :)

Amy 8/24/09, 11:45 PM  

Thanks for your help! I know you have one really huge category...and I know you're completely trustworthy. :)

Matt 8/25/09, 10:40 PM  

I didn't know about BBAW until I heard about my nominations. I suppose it would be great since it's like a virtual book blogger conference.

As to temporary absence from the blog, I totally understand. Sometimes I feel like I've been absent. I don't want my readers to feel I am not corresponding to their comments. I try to update on the readers. :)

Serena 8/26/09, 1:09 PM  

I can't imagine judging 3 panels. I only have one and that is enough for me. good luck finishing them all.

The Bumbles 8/27/09, 11:49 AM  

I can't think of a better judge for book blogs! It is nice that you give back to the book blogging community, and also that you are making a concerted effort to take your tasks seriously - it brings respect to what sounds like a wonderful event.

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