29 August 2009

My Shelves Runneth Over; Or What's New at Home

There are several ways that books make their way through my front door: I buy them, I borrow them, I beg for request a review copy, I accept a pitch, they magically appear. Here are some books that I have acquired over the last few weeks from all five sources.

I went to the bookstore the other night and came hope with the first two volumes (books 1-4) of the Vampire Diaries (don't they look weird next to each other?) and the latest two in the Gregor Demarkian mystery series.

Here we have urban fantasy (The Tear Collector), two historical fiction/fantasies (Lady Macbeth's Daughter and Dreaming Anastasia), and a horror (The Waking: Dreams of the Dead).

Next up is Moonlight in Odessa, which is women's fiction. The Fruit of Her Hands and The Aviary Gate are historical fiction (13th-century Europe & 16th-century Ottoman Empire, respectively), and Her Fearful Symmetry is psychological fiction.

Finally, we have general fiction (Ferris Beach), two fantasies (Genesis & The Resurrectionist), and a coming-of-age story (Blue Boy).

Have you read any of these? Do you own any of these? They all look good to me -- except the horror novel, which I'll probably be giving away during BBAW! I'm a bit of coward when it comes to horror.


Serena 8/29/09, 7:58 AM  

There is something haunting about the Teat Collecter cover.

Looks like you got some great books. Happy reading.

Ana S. 8/29/09, 8:22 AM  

Enjoy your new books! You're so lucky to have Her Fearful Symmetry!

Dani In NC 8/29/09, 8:51 AM  

You definitely pick a variety of genres! I like to think I'm daring in my choices, but in reality I stick to the same few areas. In general, I avoid anything sad and broody.

Anonymous,  8/29/09, 9:26 AM  

wow...i guess variety is the spice of life!!! i've got my eye on a few of the books you've got! :)

Unknown 8/29/09, 10:33 AM  

That's a lot of books you got there. I'm jealous!!!! I haven't read any of them but i have heard good things about almost every one.
I would love to hear what you'll think about The fruit of Her Hands and Aviary Gate. I am a sucker for good HF.

Dorte H 8/29/09, 10:43 AM  

Beth, I know you are busy right now, but I have an award for your great blog. Do enjoy it, you really deserve it, and don´t worry about blogging about it :D

bermudaonion 8/29/09, 10:57 AM  

I have 4 of those books but haven't read any of them yet. I agree that The Vampire Diaries look strange next to each other!

Kristen 8/29/09, 11:11 AM  

I wanted a copy of Moonlight in Odessa but didn't get one. The Aviary Gate is one I bought a couple of months ago on the strong recommendation of the owner of an independent bookstore here in town. And I have both Ferris Beach and The Rescurrectionist here. The latter is one I have had since it came out in hardback but enver read. Being sent the paperback reminded me that I really did/do want to read it!

Sandy Nawrot 8/29/09, 11:24 AM  

I've got a need for Her Fearful Symmetry. And no issues on the scarey one...I can do horror! That is a good idea to do some giving away during BBAW...may steal your idea.

Barbara 8/29/09, 11:33 AM  

Happy Reading! Damn I wish I had books that would magically appeared but sadly the only appearing the books do are at the library because I put them on hold. Enjoy and The Vampire Diaries are great books. And they happen to be real vampires with actual fangs unlike some sparkling ones that are fangless which always amuses me. How can you be a vampire when you don't have the fangs?

serendipity_viv 8/29/09, 11:40 AM  

You have Her Fearful Symmetry - I am so jealous.

I love those Jane Haddam covers. I shall definitely check those out.

Kim 8/29/09, 12:37 PM  

I don't have any of these, but I sure do want Her Fearful Symmetry! Lucky you! There are several of yours that look very intriguing by the covers--The Tear Collector being one. You are going to be a busy reader. Oh-by the way--I updated my last blog post about my arc's--listed the titles. They are as different as night and day from the books you just wrote about! ;)

Unknown 8/29/09, 2:29 PM  

That is an impressive selection of new books.

I got a copy of Fearful Symmetry yesterday. It is the only one from your list I own, but I am really looking forward to it.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) 8/29/09, 3:03 PM  

Nice list. I couldn't get into The Tear Collector. :(

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) 8/29/09, 3:48 PM  

I have an ARC of Her Fearful Symmetry, and the cover doesn't look exciting to me -- I wish the ARC had the cool blue looking cover you posted. I don't get many ARCs -- are the covers usually different? But good grief, listen to me complain, I sound totally spoiled!

Jenn's Bookshelves 8/29/09, 4:06 PM  

Looks like you have some reads coming up! I'm reading the Vampire Diaries here soon...hopefully. Also have Dreaming Anastasia. So jealous you have Her Fearful Symmetry. I'll be picking it up either way as I'm reading it for Carl's RIP challenge.

Heather 8/29/09, 5:02 PM  

I just finished Her Fearful Symmetry and am VERY interested in your thoughts. The Vampire Diaries are quick, easy and addictive. Kinda the Twilight of it's day. I have the Tear Collector and Dreaming Anastasia too, can't wait to read them!

Anonymous,  8/29/09, 8:16 PM  

The placement of those Vampire books is freaky looking!

And I'm so looking forward to reading HFS!!

Jen - Devourer of Books 8/29/09, 9:37 PM  

I've read Aviary Gate and Her Fearful Symmetry, which were okay and amazing, respectively. I also have Ferris Beach and The Resurrectionist to read. What I'm most interested to see your reaction to, though, is Moonlight in Odessa.

Margot at Joyfully Retired 8/29/09, 10:25 PM  

I feel as if I just been to a mini art gallery. Such beautiful colors and designs on these book covers. Nice just to line them up and admire them. The bonus is you get the enjoyment of reading them - all except the horror one.

Carrie K. 8/30/09, 1:44 AM  

What a haul! I really want to read Her Fearful Symmetry. And I'm a fraidy-cat when it comes to horror, too.

Tam @ Bailey's and Books 8/30/09, 10:57 AM  

Nice collection!
I was hoping to get Moonlight in Odessa, but didn't, so will be interested in your thoughts.

The Tome Traveller 8/30/09, 12:51 PM  

I read and enjoyed The Aviary Gate, I'll be interested to read your review.

Just got Her Fearful Symmetry in the mail yesterday, I'm VERY excited about that one.

Happy reading!


Beth Kephart 8/30/09, 8:01 PM  

But where, then, do you put them all? I am officially out of book room, and my husband is not happy.

Melody 8/30/09, 9:03 PM  

What a lovely haul!
Looks like you've a good reading month ahead!

Teresa Kravtin 8/31/09, 1:01 PM  

I've read Genesis. It took me much longer to finish this book than I thought. I kept having to put it down to absorb all the references. I'm no philosophical expert, so the symbolism seemed dense to me at times. However the overall conceit of reflecting on the present through the lens of the future was provocative. I highly recommend it, because the themes are conversation starters!

Michelle 8/31/09, 1:37 PM  

I read Genesis about a month ago and still need to review it. It's very good and thought provoking. A quick read as well.

I've got the first of the Vampire Diaries that I'd been meaning to read before the show started and haven't yet gotten to it but hope to now as part of the challenge.

I also received a copy of Dreaming Anastasia for a blog tour I'm going to do with Sourcebooks. It looks to be a great read.

I'm with you I'm really not into horror. Jen from Jenn's Bookshelves is I hear she may be interested.

Anonymous,  8/31/09, 2:21 PM  

I don't have any of these so I look forward to reading your thoughts. That sounds weird, no?

Eva @ One Swede Read 8/31/09, 5:35 PM  

The Niffenegger book is supposed to be amazing! I liked the time traveller's so I'm going to read this one too!

Veens 8/31/09, 8:44 PM  

wowwwww! That's an awesome pile.. I can kidnap you and the ransom would be the books :D
Now now! those Vampire Diaries books look weird together! that's the 1st thing i noticed

Kim 8/31/09, 9:13 PM  

I'm looking forward to your reviews on the historical fiction, a genre I love but never get to read enough.

Robin M 9/1/09, 12:25 PM  

What a great bunch of books. I 'm adding add half of them to my wish list. The Demarkian mystery's sound really good and "Dreaming Anastasia too. I'm not really big with Horror but occasionally will come across one that I really enjoy.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 9/2/09, 11:05 AM  

What a great variety of books!

I'm with you on being a scaredy-cat when it comes to horror! Super idea to share it with someone who will enjoy it during BBAW.

kay - Infinite Shelf 9/3/09, 4:33 PM  

wow! Great selection! Many of those are on my wishlist, so I'm a little envious right now to be honest. ;)

The only ones of those I've read are The Vampire Diaries 1-4. I really enjoyed them, even though a few passages seemed far fetched to me. But I would still read the 5 as soon as I can get my hand on it! :) L.J. Smith has a good, entertaining writing.

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