20 September 2009

How High Can I Climb? A Visit to Mt. TBR

Here's a look at some of the books that have found their way into my house this month. Where did they come from? They were won, bought, borrowed, pitched, requested, or unsolicited. What format? They are print, eBook, or audiobook. That's right, a variety of media and a variety of sources!

This is a mixed batch of genres, from memoir to mystery.

More miscellaneous fiction!

Thrillers/adventure plus historical fiction.

This batch is fantasy.

All these are part of the In Death mystery series by J. D. Robb (duh!).

Here's the sad thing: I was bragging to Mr. BFR just yesterday about how I gave away eleven books for BBAW. I was so proud of myself. Then he had the audacity to ask me how many new books I had gotten in the last few weeks. The nerve of him! And so this post is part of my public confession that I'm losing the battle against the the TBR piles.

Please tell me that I'm not alone.


Unknown 9/20/09, 8:09 AM  

I'm pleased to see that you have the new Dan Brown. I'm waiting to get a copy from the library, but am interested to find out what it is like. I thought his other books were quite good. Entertaining, if not outstanding. I hope you enjoy it.

Unknown 9/20/09, 9:24 AM  

I'm just happy to have slowed the growth of my TBR pile over recent months, actually reversing it falls into the category of pipe-dreams! :o)

Amy 9/20/09, 9:27 AM  

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a monstrously large TBR pile. :-) I can't wait to hear what you think of The Swan Thieves.

Cheli,  9/20/09, 9:40 AM  

Definitely not alone! I started this year with close to 1000 on my wishlist/TBR and have rad over 100 but the list is now over 1000, I'm falling down the mountain!

bermudaonion 9/20/09, 10:00 AM  

I think Mr. BFR and Mr. BO would get along great - they sound a lot alike! I'm losing the TBR battle too, so don't feel bad.

Daphne 9/20/09, 10:04 AM  

My husband doesn't even ask anymore! Most months, I lose the battle as well...

JoAnn 9/20/09, 10:08 AM  

LOL...Mr. LM just shakes his head whenever new books enter our house.

Anonymous,  9/20/09, 10:17 AM  

I was just thinking the same thing last night after a trip to the bookstore. Now I will preface this by saying that I went with a specific list of books I wanted, and managed to not buy any books that weren't on the list, even though it seems one book doesn't come out till next week, I didn't even get another title since I planned on getting X number of books. Sometimes you just can't decrease your TBR pile faster than you can increase it. I like to think it makes for more selection when I finish a book. That could of course just be a justification on my part, and a poor one at that :P

Anonymous,  9/20/09, 10:22 AM  

I really loved Sweeping Up Glass, and I bet that Master Baker one is right up your alley (sounds good to me, too)!

Unknown 9/20/09, 10:25 AM  

Lol! You're definitely not alone. I just went through my bookshelves of unread books and I am devastated because I have no idea when I'll read them all. So, for the rest of the year, all of my personal buys are are giving way to all review/ARC/BEA/ LT early reviewer books. The only ones I plan on reading from my personal shelves are the ones I designated for challenges. That's it. And I am so not going to bookstores or library sales until new year. I swear, I mean it.

Alea 9/20/09, 10:48 AM  

Heheh aww. Feel free to point him in my direction as an actual bad example, you are doing far better than me my friend!

Margot at Joyfully Retired 9/20/09, 11:08 AM  

Sending ELEVEN books to new homes is an admirable feat. So you got a few more. Husbands do have the strangest logic!

Cara Powers 9/20/09, 11:12 AM  

LOOOOOOVE Graceling.

Ink Exchange was good too. Much darker. I'm a sucker for cover art with tattoos.

Josette 9/20/09, 11:24 AM  

That's a beautiful set of books, Beth! Ohh, don't worry...I think most of us book lovers and addicts collect more books than giving them away. :)

Ooh, I can't wait to read The Lost Symbol and what you think of it!

Alice 9/20/09, 11:30 AM  

Hi Beth, super cool batch of books! I particularly like the last 3 batches. You've got Dan Brown's latest in the pile too!

Trisha 9/20/09, 12:07 PM  

That's a great collection of new books you have there. I've never read Robb but I love Nora Roberts. As for the disparity between books coming and going, I really thought with BookMooch I'd be doing a better job decreasing my library or at least keeping it the same. No luck though. More books are always coming in than going out.

Molly 9/20/09, 12:23 PM  

I am jealous of all those new books -- they look absolutely wonderful! How will you know which one to start reading first?

As for Mr. BFR ---- this is one battle that I wouldn't mind losing :)

Barbara 9/20/09, 12:24 PM  

I've been meaning to check out JD Robb. I don't have an actual TBR pile but there are a ton of books just waiting to be read. If there was an avalanche I'd be a goner under all those books.

Jem 9/20/09, 1:12 PM  

Just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on winning the Best New Blog category at BBAW. I look forward to reading your blog and enjoying your photographs now that I have discovered it.

gautami tripathy 9/20/09, 2:22 PM  

I bought 10 books last sunday. Received 6 last week. And don't remember how many I got before that.

No, u r not alone!

Literary Feline 9/20/09, 2:33 PM  

I hadn't thought about that. The amount of books coming in to the amount going out ratio. I think I'm still in the clear for that one this past week with my BBAW giveaways. :-)

I hope you enjoy your new books. I'm quite fond of Sweeping Up Glass and hope you will enjoy it too!

Julie P. 9/20/09, 4:20 PM  

I'm totally losing my battle too!

Sandy Nawrot 9/20/09, 7:37 PM  

Yes, we are all losing that battle. Once I get through the damned Book Fair next week, I will attack my TBR with newfound vigor! No ARCs. No challenges, unless they further my goal. I think I could close my eyes and pick a book on the shelf and not go wrong.

Cathy 9/20/09, 9:26 PM  

You are not alone.

You are not alone.

You are not alone.

And I'm totally lusting after that copy of Sweeping Up Glass. Just seeing it in your post makes me want to break down and buy it!

Nise' 9/20/09, 9:35 PM  

What a great selection of books. My Mr. has given up.... The Greatest Knight has my interest! Enjoy the "In Death" series.

Kailana 9/20/09, 10:12 PM  

I am so happy that you got Graceling! I look forward to your thoughts. :)

Alexia561 9/20/09, 10:15 PM  

Love the J.D. Robb books! Eve and Roarke are one of my favorite couples! Hope you like the series.

Just tell Mr BFR that you are stockpiling books for a possible worldwide book shortage. I keep telling my hubby that, but don't think he believes me. Hey, it could happen! *L*

Anonymous,  9/20/09, 10:20 PM  

I went on a bit of a book buying binge this week, but I barely read at all, I've been on the computer so much.

Louise 9/21/09, 2:27 AM  

Wonderful books for the weeks to come. I am envious :-) But have also been book-shopping a lot myself the past weeks, mostly due to blogging-recommendations, so I blame all of your for all your great reviews and recommendations forever inspiring me ;-)

Kim 9/21/09, 3:54 AM  

Oh my! What a lot of books--but what a wonderful looking lot of books! I haven't won the battle of the ever increasing piles of books--in fact, I just plain pulled out of the battle. There are just some things you just can't stop--earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, and a book-aholic's constant acquiring of books!

Lenore Appelhans 9/21/09, 6:20 AM  

I am fighting a losing battle as well. I get the shakes when I look at my TBR these days.

Unknown 9/21/09, 8:43 AM  

I think you'll love Graceling. I devoured that one. I purchased Evermore a while back, but haven't gotten to it yet. With the like 20 books for class I have to read, I don't when I'll even be able to get back to my TBR! The piles are becoming almost frightening.

KyleeJ 9/21/09, 10:50 AM  

My 15yo has read Evermore and wants to read the sequel, but she's too busy with school. I give her credit for holding back though. =)

Bonnie 9/21/09, 10:55 AM  

You're definitely not the only one losing the battle. I'm trying to find a balance and my husband asks me the same question!

Anonymous,  9/21/09, 12:11 PM  

Hope you like the Xibalba Murders!

CeciliaH,  9/21/09, 3:37 PM  

Wow...looks like you have some cool books to read AND you have them sorted into genres. I'm impressed! I'm just stacking mine on top of a too small-ish bookcase right now and expect an avalanche at any moment. Need bookcases in the worst way.

Oh, and...you are not alone...but I can live with this 'annoyance' any time...:>

Have fun reading!

Jenners 9/21/09, 8:28 PM  

You are not alone ... and I've heard "Graceling" is great but I've not read it.

Melody 9/21/09, 11:13 PM  

LOL. You're definitely not alone! :P

Veens 9/22/09, 4:45 AM  

ahhh!!! I sometimes feel that it would so so so great to recieve ARCs and all those free book s;)

but I know I will end up saying this too :)

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