06 September 2009

Review: Fishing Journals by Louis Gary Lamit

Today we have a first at Beth Fish Reads: Mr. BFR comes out of hiding to give us an interview review.

If you fish, you may have thought about keeping a record of your fishing trips. If you're like most people, you started with a blank-page journal, made a few entries, and gave up. But what if the journal's pages prompted you for information, making record keeping a breeze? Louis Gary Lamit's Fishing Journal and My Fishing Journal (for children) do just that.

Each journal entry consists of two pages. On the left is a chart with spaces for everything from location, fishing buddies, weather, and water conditions to bait/lure/flies, equipment, species, and size of fish. The right page offers a blank area for a photo, sketch, or map and a lined area for entering thoughts.

The journals also contain pictures and facts about sport fish, photos of equipment, and sample pages to guide the user. The children's journal is exactly like the adult version but is half the size, is in full color, and has two additional pages of different kinds of fish.

Because I don't fish (well maybe from a boat if someone else will take the fish off the hook), I asked Mr. BFR, a lifelong fisherman, to give me his opinion.

Me: What do you think about the setup of the journal pages?

Mr. BFR: I think the setup is good. The chart seems to cover all the important data, and each person can fill in what matters to him or her. I really like the blank area; I'd use it to draw a map or to add a photo.

I particularly like the fact that the journal can be used for all kinds of fishing. I've seen flyfishing journals before, but I also like to surf fish and bass fish on occasion. The chart covers everything, so I can use one journal for all my fishing.

Me: What about the children's journal? What do you like about it?

Mr. BFR: I think most kids would like the pictures of the different fishing equipment and the information about the sport fish. I think it's great that the journal is just like the adult journal but in color. The journal is not simple or too cute, which is good thing—when a kid has a love for fishing, he or she wants to keep a serious record. Most kids would soon tire of something that seemed like a toy or a game.

Me: Is there anything you don't like about the journals?

Mr. BFR: I might like a spiral binding better because the books could be opened flat. The charts might ask for too much detailed information for children. . . . Well, actually, I was the kind of boy who would have filled out every bit of information in the chart, so I take that back.

Me: Would you use this journal now? Would you have liked this when you were a kid?

Mr. BFR: Yes and yes. In fact, I'm going to keep one of these in the car, and I'm going to put the other one with my surf fishing gear. They're mine, right?

Me: Anything else you want to say?

Mr. BFR: I think the journals would make a great joint gift for a parent (or other adult) and child. Most kids would immediately notice that their journal was just like Dad's (or Mom's), and I think that would make them feel pretty grown up and give them motivation to keep a record of their fishing adventures.

Thanks go to Mr. BRF, who in turn would like to thank WalkingFish Books for sending him the journals for review.

Lamit has a website where you can see sample journal pages, learn about his children's books, and find links to fishing resources. There is also information about buying the journals.

Published by WalkingFish Books, 2008
ISBN-13: 9781439217702
Rating: A


Dorte H 9/6/09, 10:09 AM  

"They're mine, right?" Oh, I loved that one!

If I fished, I would certainly be hooked after this bait ;)

Raymond Carver has written an excellent (thrilling!) short story about fishing: So Much Water So Close to Home.

JoAnn 9/6/09, 10:25 AM  

Love the interview-review! I should order this for my brother-in-law's upcoming birthday. Thanks to Mr. BFR... and they are yours :-)

Sandy Nawrot 9/6/09, 11:24 AM  

I love to fish, but unfortunately don't do it all that often. This hobby is a gift from my dad, who took my sister and I fishing throughout our entire childhood. Maybe for dad?

Julie P. 9/6/09, 12:26 PM  

Great idea having the Mr. join you. I've been working on my husband for awhile now! Still no luck!

Unknown 9/6/09, 12:42 PM  

It is great to see Mr BFR participating! My husband won't be interviewed! He does help a lot with the technical side though, so I shouldn't moan too much!

Literary Feline 9/6/09, 8:11 PM  

These journals definitely sound like they would make great gifts for the fishing parent and his or her child. Many thanks to both you and your husband for the review!

Margot at Joyfully Retired 9/6/09, 9:37 PM  

Thanks to you and Mr. BFR I have an idea for a Christmas gift for my husband. I liked hearing your husband's voice on your blog. Tell him thank you from me.

The Tome Traveller 9/6/09, 11:38 PM  

I love it! "They're mine, right?" So cute. My hubby looks at everything that comes in and, every once in a while will say: "Can this be for me?" I usually say he can have it if he'll review it (ha!-I would LOVE HIM TO- he never does)...but you thought up the best way! An interview format!

You're brilliant. I'm just sayin'.

Beth Kephart 9/7/09, 4:16 AM  

I now know what I'm buying my nephew for Christmas!

Michele 10/3/09, 4:41 PM  

Argghhh...I totally missed this when you published this one. Better late than never, right? (My feed reader was down for 2+ months and with the moving, well, you know, it took backburner, so to speak).

Anyhoo---- can I just tell you how much my son and his grandfather are LOVING these? This is such a great gift idea for anyone who fishes with a young family member! Plus, now I don't have include fishing stuff in the kid's baby book, LOL. I've been recommending these journals as a gift to everyone I know who fishes with kids!

Love Mr BFR's commentary....keeps things real. :)

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