26 September 2009

Support Your Local Library Challenge: Wrap Up

I officially completed J. Kaye's Support Your Local Library Challenge. There were three levels of commitment and I thought I had signed up to read 25 library books in 2009. Just now when I was linking to the sign-up post, I see that I actually committed to only 12 books! So I guess I finished the challenge a while back and I'm an over-achiever.

Book List for Support Your Local Library Challenge

Here are the books I read for this challenge (in alphabetical order by author). Click on the links for my review.

Wintergirls by Laura Halse Anderson
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
Death of a Travelling Man by M. C. Beaton
Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter by Blaize Clement
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Rebel by Bernard Cornwell
The House of Blue Mangoes by David Davidar
Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke
Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke
Inkspell by Cornelia Funke
The Luxe by Anna Godbersen
Rumors by Anna Godbersen
A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton
Dead As a Doornail by Charlaine Harris
Willow by Julia Hoban
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson (review posted yesterday)
Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr
A Killing Frost by John Marsden
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary D. Schmidt
The Dragonslayer by Jeff Smith
Eyes of the Storm by Jeff Smith
Rock Jaw by Jeff Smith
A Cold Day for Murder by Dana Stabenow
No Angel by Penny Vincenz

This was an excellent batch of books. Not everything here was rated A or B, but there was only one book that completely didn't work for me (A Kiss of Shadows). Wicked Lovely and The Forest of Hands and Teeth are two of the best audio productions I've ever listened to, and Willow is the book that I'm currently hand-selling.

Thanks to J. Kaye for hosting this terrific challenge.

I love my library and will continue to use it and support it. How about you? Do you visit your library on a regular basis?


Unknown 9/26/09, 8:02 AM  

Congratulations! You get a lot more books from the library than I do. You are very lucky to have such a great selection of audio books there. My library has a very small range and they tend to be targeted at old people, so I rarely manage to find a good book to listen to from there.

Itend to read about 3 books a month from my library, so it isn't a big percentage of my reading, but I do like to support them a bit.

Libraries are wonderful things!

Molly 9/26/09, 8:13 AM  


I did sign up for the 25 book level and I think I only have 2 or 3 more to read to finish this challenge as well.

The last few books have been double-dipped for the RIP IV challenge as well :)

Julie P. 9/26/09, 8:17 AM  

Congrats! That's awesome!

JoAnn 9/26/09, 8:25 AM  

Congratulations! I've been using my library a lot this year...probably should have signed up for this one myself.

Anonymous,  9/26/09, 8:37 AM  

Congrats on completing your challenge.

Violet 9/26/09, 9:25 AM  

Congrats on completing the challenge. I would more than happy if I could get even 5 books in my library from your list. You are very lucky to have such a great library.

Elizabeth 9/26/09, 9:59 AM  

I should have done this challenge instead of the Read Your Own Books challenge - I'm failing miserably at that one, primarily because I keep checking things out of the library! =)

Margot at Joyfully Retired 9/26/09, 10:52 AM  

Congratulations, you over-achiever. What a wonderful list of books. I love the library too for all the pleasure it (they) have given me.

gautami tripathy 9/26/09, 11:53 AM  

YOu really did good.! Congratulations.

Dorte H 9/26/09, 12:26 PM  

You an over-achiever? Yes, I believe so.

I also love my local library. The staff is excellent and their crime shelf is well-stocked so I try to go there once a month. Usually I carry away 8-10 novels, and I get through most of them.

Sandy Nawrot 9/26/09, 1:22 PM  

Somehow I must have missed out on this challenge, but would have been easy for me to do. We have a phenomenal library, like you. I get all my audios from there, and a good number of books too. Way to go on a challenge completion! Feels good, doesn't it?

Anonymous,  9/26/09, 1:31 PM  

That is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations. :) And I love your titles too.

Kailana 9/26/09, 1:36 PM  

I have supported my library so much this year that everything else is suffering! lol

Congrats on completing the challenge. :)

Nise' 9/26/09, 6:53 PM  

Job well done! I support my library on a regular basis! It has helped keep me out of the poor house.

Anonymous,  9/26/09, 7:49 PM  

Great way to support the library and finish a challenge!!!
I currently have 25 things checked out :)

Will 9/26/09, 9:35 PM  

Wow! I am impressed. With schedules what they are these days reading 12 books in a year is great. 25 would be just about impossible unless you were retired. I bet the average U.S. citizen, at least averages less than one per year. Many people don't read at all! Now that is sad indeed.

Alice 9/27/09, 11:00 AM  

Congratulations on the completion! You have a list of very interesting books read. I've read a few out of the ones you listed.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 9/27/09, 11:45 AM  

Over-achiever! Congratulations on completing the challenge.

We use the library more for the kids' books than for me (would help my budget if I used it more!)

Robin M 9/27/09, 2:15 PM  

Good going. And such interesting books too.

Jenners 9/27/09, 7:36 PM  

Isn't it great to exceed expectations sometimes!!??

And I usually use the library only for my son. I just don't read fast enough to get books I want done in time but I think I might try this next year for some of the books I want to try but feel uncertain about and don't want to spend the money for.

Melody 9/28/09, 2:21 AM  

Congrats on finishing the challenge, Beth! You've a great list there!

Unknown 9/28/09, 7:50 AM  

A lot of awesome books you got there. It's funny how we had completely different opinions on The Forest of Hands and Teeth but yet, with all the others I pretty much thought the same. Not that I read all that many out of the ones you reviewed, but I really enjoyed Wicked Lovely, so much so that I am on part three now, Fragile Eternity (all three audio) and I am not listening to Willow and liking it very much so far as well.

Melissa 9/28/09, 6:06 PM  

Congrats on finishing! I'm trying to support my library more but most of what I get from them are downloaded audio books.

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