27 October 2009

Beth Fish Reads: One of Top-Ten Book Blogs

This morning, I opened an email from Online Universities, informing me that they posted this list: "101 Book Blogs You Need to Read." I was pleased, flattered, and excited to see that Beth Fish Reads is listed in their Top Ten, which were picked on the following criteria: "These ten book blogs are the most popular, most informative out there, and they contain information about the widest number of genres."

Be sure to check out the entire list of 101 blogs. You will recognize a lot of names (maybe even your own!) and will discover some new blogs too. Thank you so much, Online Universities.


bermudaonion 10/27/09, 8:09 AM  

This is terrific! I'm excited for you, but I'm not surprised.

Julie P. 10/27/09, 8:10 AM  

Wow! That's awesome! I am so happy for you!

JoAnn 10/27/09, 8:15 AM  

Woo hoo...congratulations!

Anonymous,  10/27/09, 8:16 AM  

Congratulations! BTW, I'm mailing your book today - got tied up over the weekend.

Mel (He Followed Me Home) 10/27/09, 8:26 AM  

You must be so excited, how amazing! Congrats :)


Michelle 10/27/09, 8:27 AM  

Congratulations you're weird!!


Only kidding, that is an excellent accomplishment and well deserved. :)

Elizabeth 10/27/09, 8:32 AM  

So cool!! Of course, I completely agree. =)

serendipity_viv 10/27/09, 8:41 AM  

Well done. It makes it all worthwhile.

Meghan 10/27/09, 9:08 AM  

Wow, congratulations! An honor well deserved!

Elena 10/27/09, 9:16 AM  

Congrats, great to see your blog getting recognition it deserves ^_^

Margot 10/27/09, 9:45 AM  

Congratulations! This is a terrific honor that is well deserved. Good for you.

Alea 10/27/09, 10:06 AM  

I saw that this morning too! Congratulations!

Stacy 10/27/09, 10:17 AM  

That is so awesome...congratulations!

Kim 10/27/09, 10:32 AM  

Wow! What an honor, but like others have expressed, not surprising. You have a great blog! Congratulations...

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 10/27/09, 11:08 AM  

What a great way to start your day - congratulations!

Robin M 10/27/09, 12:01 PM  

Woohoo! Wonderful - what we have always known. Congratulations - that is awesome!

Anonymous,  10/27/09, 1:25 PM  

That's awesome. Congratulations!

Louise 10/27/09, 1:58 PM  

Not surprised at all, Beth! Congrats, that is realyl great! Wow :o)

Unknown 10/27/09, 2:24 PM  

Hey, that's very cool! And well deserved. Congratulations.

Whitney 10/27/09, 2:47 PM  

Wow, that's awesome! Congratulations!

The Bumbles 10/27/09, 4:37 PM  

Well now see...that just proves how awesome my taste is to have discovered your blog all on my own! Congrats on being featured on their list and may you gain more deserved attention in the future.

Fiona 10/27/09, 5:59 PM  

Congratulations Beth!

I have bookmarked this so that I can check out some more of the blogs mentioned.

Beth Kephart 10/27/09, 6:12 PM  

oh my goodness, Beth. You have done so much in such a short time with this blog. congratulations!

Unknown 10/27/09, 6:23 PM  

Congratulations, Beth! That is wonderful news!

Keep up the great work. I'm so happy for you to receive this exciting news.

Anonymous,  10/27/09, 7:48 PM  

Very cool...congratulations!

Melody 10/27/09, 8:03 PM  

Congratulations, Beth! That's wonderful!

Jenners 10/27/09, 10:03 PM  

Congratuations! That must make you feel terrific and that all your hard work is worth it!

Lisa 10/27/09, 11:13 PM  

Congrats; very exciting!

Carrie K. 10/28/09, 12:12 AM  

Very well deserved - I am so happy for you!

Rebecca Johnson 10/28/09, 1:12 AM  

Very well deserved - congratulations!

Alice 10/28/09, 5:45 AM  

Congratulations, Beth!

Serena 10/28/09, 10:07 AM  

Congrats! Nope, I'm not on the list, but there are a lot of great blogs I read on that list. I'm content.

Dorte H 10/28/09, 12:58 PM  

Congratulations! Very well-deserved, however.

Anonymous,  10/28/09, 11:14 PM  

Impressive and well-deserved.

Anonymous,  10/29/09, 11:45 AM  

Congrats! I think that this website is a rival for the one my husband works for, so good thing they didn't list me! ;)

J.T. Oldfield 10/29/09, 11:47 AM  

Congrats! Though I think that this website is a rival for the one my husband works for,so it's probably good that I didnt\;t get listed! ;)

Darlene 10/29/09, 1:07 PM  

That's awesome! Congrats!

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