10 October 2009

Challenge: YA Dystopian Challenge

Just let me say this right off the bat: Any wisecracks about challenges and any promises I may have made will earn you a visit from one my vampire pals (and most them aren't as cute as Eric).

Blame it on Bart from Bart's Bookshelf. He's hosting a YA dystopian challenge that I just can't resist. I love YA, I love dystopia. So I have to love this challenge.

Here are the simple rules. Commit to and read 1 to 4 young adult dystopian books between October 15 and December 31. Easy, yes?.

I am committing to just 2 books. I think they'll be Scott Westerfeld's Ugly series. Why? Because I've been in the Westerfeld mini-challenge since January and haven't read the first book yet. This way I can get two challenges done in one fell swoop. Apparently I need more motivation.

Bart listed some of his favorite YA dystopian books in a summary post. Check it out if you're curious.

Late December will tell the tale of whether I can meet all my 2009 challenges in the next 82 days. I'm definitely on the road to ruin.


Ana S. 10/10/09, 9:15 AM  

Good luck with the challenge! If it weren't for my book buying ban I'd be joining this one too for sure.

Veens 10/10/09, 9:52 AM  

Wish I could do this... Now let me see.. I have made next to no progress in so many challenges :()

Louise 10/10/09, 11:46 AM  

Argh, Beth ;o) I love Dystopian!!! But I just cleared my mind and everything else of ALL other challenges except Sookie (because it runs for so long), and now I am sooo tempted by this one. Oh well, I will at least check out Bart's list!

Lenore Appelhans 10/10/09, 11:46 AM  

I certainly can't make fun of you since I am failing my own challenges. This one would not be much of a challenge for me though since I read dystopias whenever I can!

Darlene 10/10/09, 12:47 PM  

Good luck! My challenges really fell by the wayside with everything else going on. I may just start over next year.

Nise' 10/10/09, 1:22 PM  

LOL - I would never say a word! Will check this challenge out.

Sandy Nawrot 10/10/09, 2:12 PM  

I shant throw stones, as I live in a glass house. I am tempted by this one, as I love dystopian fiction. If it weren't focused on the last two months of the year, I'd be in for sure. I just need to hone in on a few goals by year's end. Then in January, I will be a woman gone wild.

Julie P. 10/10/09, 5:58 PM  

Oooh! Sounds fun! I have The Atherton trilogy as well as a few other ones! I should probably join too!

Belle 10/10/09, 11:24 PM  

Mum's the word on this end. I have found myself pretty tempted recently too. Not for this one, though - dystopian fiction isn't really my cup of tea. But I'll be here cheering you along!

Kailana 10/11/09, 5:24 AM  

Westerfeld is really good... I read him for the first time this year and have already read 6 books by him. Once you start you won't want to stop apparently!

Unknown 10/11/09, 1:14 PM  

Great to have you aboard! Westerfeld is an excellent choice. :)

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 10/11/09, 5:06 PM  

Good luck with your challenge(s)!

This isn't a genre I enjoy, so I won't be joining you (cheering, though!)

bermudaonion 10/11/09, 8:33 PM  

I had a wisecrack on the tip of my tongue, but don't want to be visited by a vampire, so I'll keep it to myself. Have fun with the challenge!

Louise 10/12/09, 12:44 PM  

I just had to pop by Amazon and check out the Westerfield series. I decided to buy the Lois Lowry series and the Floodland book instead. Of The Moon Crash Trilogy I already read the two first, I also read the two first Hunger Games and am reading The Knife of Never Letting Go right now. I guess I COULD join this challenge and not fail....

Jen - devourer of books 10/12/09, 1:34 PM  

Yes! The "Uglies" series is FANTASTIC. A perfect read for this challenge. I'm still resist this challenge, although I admit if someone told me about 2 just fantastic books and my library had them, I'd probably give in.

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