20 November 2009

Getting Involved in the Blogging Community

It's getting to feel a lot like the holidays around here, and there are many ways to get involved online. I was updating my blogging calendar yesterday and was excited at all the ways the community is celebrating.

First up we have Buy Books for the Holidays, which is something that most of us would be doing anyway. It's a great way to promote literacy, the love of reading, and perhaps your local indie bookstore. Short on ideas? Go to the event's blog and you'll find suggestions for almost everyone on your list.

After you have your books all in order, you'll need to eat. You might want to consider joining in on the Progressive Dinner Party. Nicole from Linus's Blanket, Amy from My Friend Amy, and Julie from Booking Mama are our hosts and organizers. Everyone is invited, and I bet the food will be fabulous. Don't forget to RSVP.

Kailana from The Written World and Marg from Reading Adventure are hosting their annual Virtual Advent Tour. For the fourth year, in the month of December, we'll be treated to posts about holiday traditions, the love of winter, and whatever else each tour participant wants to write about. Last year we got recipes, great photos, funny stories, and more. Don't let the title throw you off -- you don't have to celebrate Christmas to host a stop on the tour.

What's a holiday without cookies? Kathy of Bermuda Onion and Julie of Booking Mama (notice how she's involved in all the food events!) are hosting the 12 Days of Christmas Cookies. If you haven't been following along, you've missed some great recipes, so check out the posts and start your grocery list. Not only are there books and treats to win, but there will be a huge virtual cookie swap on November 27. Get out your cookbooks and let's get baking.

There are also three upcoming reading events.

First up is the Thankfully Reading Weekend. This is being hosted by Jenn of Jenn's Bookshelves, Jen of Devourer of Books, and me and runs from November 27 to 29. You don't have to be American to participate. The sign up post and description are at the Book Blog Social Club site.

Next is the Can't Do Dewey's Read-A-Thon hosted by Bethany by Dreadlock Girl. This will take place on December 5 and should be a lot of fun. A lot of people have already signed up, don't' miss out.

Finally, get your books in order cause Michelle of Galley Smith is hosting the first ever Seriespalooza during the week of December 14. The idea is catch up on your favorite series, start a new series, or revisit an old one. This is a great way to get some focused reading under your belt before the year ends.

Phew! What a month coming up on the blogs! I bet there is at least one event here that is perfect for you. Which ones are you signing up for?


bermudaonion 11/20/09, 8:09 AM  

Great post! Thanks for gathering the info all in one spot, and for including the Virtual Cookie Swap.

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) 11/20/09, 8:10 AM  

There is so much to do and I am trying to do all of it! Thanks for including the progressive dinner. I can't wait to see all the food.

Unknown 11/20/09, 8:25 AM  

It is great to see all these events in the same place. I haven't decided how many I'm going to join yet, but I will join in some of the fun!

Hazra 11/20/09, 8:39 AM  

Oh, I wish I could participate in all the fun! But I'm probably going to be offline during my December vacations :(

Great post, though!

Sandy Nawrot 11/20/09, 8:51 AM  

So many cool things to do! Unfortunately, right after Thanksgiving my life turns into chaos. Shopping, decorating, baking, and getting ready to travel. Plus my 100 mile Fitness Challenge, plus attempting to read all ten of my Shelf Discovery Challenge books. I may not come up for air until January 1st!

Jenn's Bookshelves 11/20/09, 10:30 AM  

Great post! We need one place to go to to find out what's going on in the blogging world!

Julie P. 11/20/09, 12:43 PM  

Fantastic post. Should I take offense that I'm involved in food stuff?

Dorte H 11/20/09, 1:19 PM  

Several great temptations, but after an extremely busy November, I think I´ll try to spend some time on my own blog in December (and on my family, perhaps).

Serena 11/20/09, 2:50 PM  

The virtual cookie swap has been great. I will have to look for a good recipe to share.

caite 11/20/09, 2:51 PM  

now, the "buying books for the holidays" one...do they have to be for someone else?

The Bumbles 11/20/09, 4:59 PM  

Oh I know you'll be all over that Seriespalooza. Not me though - it is rare that I read a series. I am going to try Outlander though soon - ha! I don't do series yet I pick an uber lengthy one to tackle!

Veens 11/20/09, 8:23 PM  

Well it definitely is going to be busy and buzzing :D

I am in awe of u ladies for all that u do!

Sharla 11/21/09, 12:40 AM  

Thanks for posting this! I didn't know there were so many fun things happening right now. I'll be participating in a few.

Unknown 11/21/09, 9:43 AM  

Awesome post! Thank you so much for putting it all together in one place. Must have been a lot of work and I for one really appreciate it.

Beth Kephart 11/21/09, 11:24 AM  

I am completely and thoroughly amazed by the thoughtfulness of this post (and of all those doing great things by the holidays).

I know I am buying books. And I do plan to eat....

Thank you for this, Beth!

Michelle 11/22/09, 2:45 PM  

Thank you so much for including me in your list of really awesome events and features. There are so many really great things happening around the book blogosphere!

Jenners 11/24/09, 8:30 PM  

So mamy great ideas! Thanks for listing them all in one handy place.

Just Mom 11/27/09, 10:16 PM  

What a great post - it's the most wonderful to-do list of the season. I need to get myself roganized and participate!

Aarti 12/1/09, 6:06 PM  

Thank goodness I just came back and read this post as I completely forgot that I signed up for Seriespalooza! I don't quite remember what book I planned to read, however...

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