28 November 2009

Looking to 2010: Readalong and Challenges

Here are some more events and challenges I am looking forward to in 2010.

1. The Lord of the Rings Readalong has four hosts, one for each book in the series (including The Hobbit). The idea is to read a book a month from January through April. My last re-read of these novels was in 2005, so I'm due. They are among my all-time favorites. I'm pretty sure I'm going to listen to the audios. Visit Teresa's blog at Shelf Love for more information and to sign up.

2. MizB is hosting the Read and Review challenge again. This one is kind of easy: review every book you read. I try to do that anyway, so I'll be joining up. I've managed with little trouble to meet this challenge in 2009.

3. Bart's Bookshelf is hosting the Twenty Ten Reading Challenge. This one looks fun: there are ten categories and the commitment is to read two books in each one. Check it out because I think this challenge could become a favorite.

I have some more 2010 challenges to post about in the coming month. You know me -- Hope springs eternal! I'm not worried about failing, I'm all about having fun and doing my best.


Julie P. 11/28/09, 8:53 AM  

You are definitely an inspiration to us all as far as challenges go (and other things too!)

Molly 11/28/09, 10:13 AM  

I have never read the Lord of the Rings (although I teach the Hobbit). It is one of those series that intimidates me. Perhaps this is a challenge that I should consider to help me get over that hump.

Sandy Nawrot 11/28/09, 10:35 AM  

Read and Review is an easy one, and I'm sure I'll do that one again. But that Twenty Ten Challenge! How much fun is that! It certainly will take a little planning and strategizing, but I may do that one!

Anonymous,  11/28/09, 10:41 AM  

I think the 2010 challenge is going to be an interesting one!

Shona 11/28/09, 11:09 AM  

Good selection of challenges. I have joined the Lord Of The Rings readalong .It's been a long time since I read those books

bermudaonion 11/28/09, 12:08 PM  

I plan to sign up for some 2010 challenges, but I'm trying to weigh all of my options before I do.

Dorte H 11/28/09, 3:06 PM  

That Twenty Ten challenge sounds good.

If you come across some crime-related challenges, give me a shout :D

Martha Eskuchen 11/28/09, 4:06 PM  

Hi Beth! I may check out a couple of those challenges! Thanks.
The picture at the head of your blog looks SO familiar! Like one of the countries my DH and I visited in Europe - maybe Amsterdam?

Louise 11/28/09, 4:18 PM  

I think I am going to join all the challenges I want in 2010 and then don't worry if I fail. So what, its about having fun as you say and I agree :-) And there are so many challenges which look so good!

Carrie K. 11/28/09, 4:37 PM  

I really need to sit down and figure out which challenges I'm going to do - there are so many, and they all look good!

Stephanie 11/28/09, 8:05 PM  

Excellent challenges! By the way, I'm a new follower.

Literary Feline 11/28/09, 8:29 PM  

Those all sound so tempting! I really enjoyed The Lord of the Rings when I first read them (including The Hobbit).

If I wasn't aiming to be challenge free this next year, I'd be tempted to join many of the challenges out there for next year.

Kim 11/28/09, 9:01 PM  

I like your attitude--not worrying about failing, just doing your best and having fun. I am adopting this attitude for 2010 and trying to overcome my drive for perfection! I love your challenges and am hopping over to Barts to check his out.

Alice 11/28/09, 11:58 PM  

Hi Beth, I want to do the LOTR readalong! That's about the same I first read the books. I need to re-read them. :)

Michelle 11/29/09, 7:41 AM  

I'm going to do Bart's 2010 Challenge as well. I might jump on board the Read & Review as well since I pretty much do that anyway. I've got to get cooking with gas here on getting my challenge posts up.

Good luck on yours!

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 11/30/09, 11:10 AM  

So many great challenges - I'm impressed with your ambition! Bart's 20-10 Challenge interests me, but I'm not yet committing, I'm trying to take on fewer challenges this year (but you know I'll cave :) )

Kailana 11/30/09, 12:28 PM  

There is a lot going on in 2010 and there is still a month left of 2009! I am doing the LoTR read-along. I might join Bart's Challenge, too, but I haven't even thought about it yet. oops!

Jenners 12/1/09, 8:03 PM  

I'm trying to control myself with challenges but Barts' seems kind of fun and flexible!

Serena 12/3/09, 10:10 AM  

These are some challenges I haven't heard of yet. Thanks for posting about them.

I hope you'll consider the War Through the Generations 2010 Vietnam War challenge Anna and I are hosting.

here's the info: http://warthroughthegenerations.wordpress.com/current-challenge-and-sign-up-info-2010/

Becca 12/5/09, 1:59 AM  

You and Michelle (Galleysmith) were such help to me on Twitter that day that I have hope springing eternal on the challenges front, too, now! Good luck with all of yours and above all, have a blast!

Teresa 12/5/09, 9:22 AM  

Welcome to the LOTR readalong! I'm really looking forward to reading them again. (My last read was around 2004, and this will be at least my fifth time.)

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