15 December 2009

My So-Called Life

As most of you know, Kailana from The Written World and Marg from Reading Adventure are again hosting their annual Virtual Advent Tour. I am one of the stops for today, but you won't see my post until Thursday.

I was unexpectedly slammed with work last week and have just one more day to go (today) before I can resume my regular life. You may have noticed that I haven't been commenting on your blog and I haven't been chatting much on Twitter. That's why.

I am hoping that my blogging friends haven't given up on me! Over the next few days and into the weekend, I plan to catch up on my blog reading. Soon I will be visiting your blog, reading your reviews, and catching up on your news. So brace yourself for my commenting marathon!

Coming Soon to This Blog

Here's what's planned for the rest of the month: I have five reviews just about ready to post, one final challenge announcement (yeah, well, I just can't resist), and of course my Weekend Cooking posts. I have three Wednesday mini reviews and three photos scheduled as well.

Naturally, I'll have a year-end summary, challenge status report, and list of favorite reads and listens for 2009.

I have been thinking of my blogging and reviewing goals for 2010, and I'll be sharing them with you near the end of the month.

Thanks to all of you for being understanding. I haven't suddenly deleted you from my reader or stopped caring about you or your posts. By Sunday night, I hope to be caught up with my blogging buddies and back to normal.


Sandy Nawrot 12/15/09, 6:06 AM  

I will tell you that if I hadn't pre-posted a ton of stuff for December, you would have thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth. I understand, therefore. Add too much work along with all the other things that come with the season, and you've got some chaos.

Unknown 12/15/09, 6:28 AM  

It will take more than that to scare us away! I think we are all really busy with Christmas preparations - the whole blogging world is very quiet, so it isn't just you.

I hope you get everything sorted out soon and look forward to your upcoming posts.

JoAnn 12/15/09, 6:46 AM  

Good luck getting caught up...it's a busy time of year, for sure.

Unknown 12/15/09, 6:57 AM  

It's good that you do have work but I get how it always has to happen at the least desirable moment :) Anyway, you are one busy bee and I can't believe there's one more challenge coming up. Crazy!!! But good. I like challenges.

Julie P. 12/15/09, 7:18 AM  

Isn't it a shame when life gets in the way of our entertainment? LOL! I can so relate this time of year. I'm hanging in there right now, but company is coming for five days -- don't know if I can keep up with commenting, tweeting and blogging!

Molly 12/15/09, 7:28 AM  

Of course I miss you --- but I will NEVER give up on you. Totally understand that work can sometimes take over our lives, but glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will be back to a more "balanced" life soon.

Serena 12/15/09, 8:06 AM  

I hope balance returns to your work and blogging life soon so we can all bask in your presence and comments. Good luck with work.

Anonymous,  12/15/09, 8:21 AM  

It's so comforting for me to know that other people get bogged down with work and life sometimes. It helps me to not feel so bad about how frequently I'm overwhelmed. Have fun getting all caught up.

Beth 12/15/09, 8:24 AM  

Good luck with getting everything done! We all have those weeks, so we understand!

Julia Phillips Smith 12/15/09, 9:31 AM  

This season is too full of living life to keep up with blogging, I find. But that is definitely how it should be. We can all catch up in January.

Melanie 12/15/09, 9:41 AM  

I'm with Julia. We can all catch up in February. Between finals for school and the holidays, it's tough to keep up!

I'll be looking forward to reading your goals for 2010. I need to write one of those posts myself.

bermudaonion 12/15/09, 10:39 AM  

I know it's tough while you're going through it, but yay for work!

sprite 12/15/09, 11:42 AM  

Good luck finishing your work stuff. I'll be back later in the week!

Michelle 12/15/09, 12:10 PM  

I hear you, sister. Work exploded for me too lately. All the things I want to get done have to wait until I get caught up there. It sucks but don't stress. We still love you!

Anonymous,  12/15/09, 12:41 PM  

I was thinking that I hate it when works get in the way of doing the things I want to be doing, but Kathy's comment reminded me that I should be thankful I have a job. Anyway, we all understand, life happens.

Margot 12/15/09, 1:11 PM  

What are friends for if not to be there whether you are or not? Having all the other things going on in your life is what makes you a good, well-rounded blogger. Don't forget about your unplugged campaign. You can unplug too. We will still be here when you get back.

kayerj 12/15/09, 2:35 PM  

I'll watch for it and I hope things slow down for you.

Dorte H 12/15/09, 4:01 PM  

Actually, I ´like´ hearing that other great bloggers are not always able to accomplish everything they want every day. I love blogging, but some weeks it is just impossible for me to visit more than a few blogs because I am too busy working, blogging and writing.

With regard to challenges, I consider hosting one myself (because it dawned on me that most of my books are European plus a few American). My idea is a global reading challenge (read books from six different continents in 2010). What do you think about the idea?

Virtual Advent 12/15/09, 5:25 PM  

I'm sorry! I just got your email right now! Do you want me to put you on the schedule for Thursday still?

Melody 12/15/09, 6:44 PM  

Hope everything at work will go smoothly. We'll be here when you get back. :)

Belle 12/15/09, 6:54 PM  

I'm stepping into the same boat you've been in :) I'm looking forward to your year-end summary and your blogging goals - what a great idea. And no worries, I'd never take you off my feed reader!

Robin M 12/15/09, 7:47 PM  

Life has a way of calling our attention. Lots going on so perfectly understandable. We'll still be here. None of us are fair weather friends - we are here through thick and thin.

Vasilly 12/15/09, 8:57 PM  

Good luck getting everything done. I'm rooting for you.

nat @book, line, and sinker 12/15/09, 10:41 PM  

relax! get your work done and take care of yourself. don't make yourself sick over blogging! we'll all still be here when you get back and won't think any less of you! i'm looking forward to posting my ginger cookies (with a receipe) this weekend for your challenge. cheers!!

Marg 12/16/09, 6:43 AM  

Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of your life! Looking forward to seeing you back on board soon.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz 12/16/09, 7:22 AM  

Yes, we all have our busy moments...days...weeks...months. December is definitely one of them.

Michelle 12/16/09, 7:36 AM  

You are missed but we would definitely not give up on you! It's the holidays and work/family comes first, your blog and it's readers will be happy when you return!

Literary Feline 12/17/09, 11:40 AM  

It's a busy time of year and I think we all understand. :-)

Jenners 12/17/09, 7:24 PM  

I do the same thing from time to time ... life gets in the way of blogging (and vice versa sometimes). That is why I am reading 5 of your posts at one time! : )

Jen - devourer of books 12/18/09, 12:59 PM  

I definitely have not given up on you! Time for us to unplug, really!

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