03 December 2009

Thursday Tea: Sweeping up Glass by Carolyn Wall

This week I'm listening to Sweeping up Glass by Carolyn Wall. I'm not quite halfway through, but I'm captivated by this novel. The characters have invaded my thoughts.

Olivia Harker Cross has not had an easy life, but not many have in her small Kentucky town. As the Depression hits, she finds herself with little money and much responsibility: a mentally ill mother to take care of, a grandson to raise, and a failing grocery store to run. And now she is hearing gunshots up on Big Foley Mountain, where her grandfather's prized, but wild, Alaska silver wolves live.

The Tea. I'm drinking Adagio's decaf apricot green tea. I often drink decaf tea in the afternoon when I've had just a bit too much coffee in morning. This week's tea is green tea subtly flavored with apricot. I was disappointed to find that I can't really detect a fruity flavor, but perhaps I'm not steeping it long enough. On the other hand, the green tea itself is good. As always, I drink it without milk or sugar.

The Assessment. Olivia does drink tea, but I'm sure that she is drinking a basic black tea from a common manufacturer, like Lipton. I wonder if anyone in Olivia's town has even heard of decaf apricot green tea. I'm sure they'd be shaking their heads at the thought.

What's on your reading list this week? And what's in that mug or glass?

Sweeping up Glass at Powell's
Sweeping up Glass at Amazon
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Thursday Tea is hosted by Anastasia at Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog. Here's how it works: Tell us what tea you are drinking (and if you like it). And then tell us what book are you reading (and if you like it). Finally, tell us if they go together.

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FTC: I buy all teas myself, I am not a tea reviewer.


Whitney 12/3/09, 8:28 AM  

The plot of Sweeping up Glass sounds intense, I can see why the characters would invade your thoughts.

I love drinking green teas, and Adagio's apricot green tea sounds yummy. That's too bad about the extreme subtlety of the apricot though, it would have been an interesting flavor.

WordLily 12/3/09, 8:57 AM  

I'm not a fan of most green teas, but I really enjoyed Sweeping Up Glass.

Julie P. 12/3/09, 8:57 AM  

I really want to read this book! I'd love to have some of your tea too.

TexasRed 12/3/09, 11:37 AM  

It's definitely hot tea drinking weather here! Sounds great!

Susan 12/3/09, 2:57 PM  

I thought this was a great book. I hope more people read it. It would be a great gift from someone who likes more literary historical/women's fiction

bermudaonion 12/3/09, 3:46 PM  

I had a feeling this was a good book! I can't wait to see your final review.

Sandy Nawrot 12/3/09, 4:26 PM  

Even the title of the book makes you think of something intense. Like Kathy, I can't wait to hear the whole scoop.

Beth Kephart 12/4/09, 8:05 AM  

I am so behind, behind, behind that I had never even heard of this book.

Jen - devourer of books 12/4/09, 10:10 AM  

I have Sweeping Up Glass and am dying to read it, I must remember that next time I'm reaching for a book!

Margot 12/4/09, 12:13 PM  

The book sounds super. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. As to the teas, I think I'd like the taste of apricot in my tea.

Anonymous,  12/4/09, 11:08 PM  

Sounds like Olivia might think your tea was a bit fancy schmancy. ;-)

SuziQoregon 12/9/09, 2:30 PM  

I read this book a few months ago and liked it a lot. I completely understand when you say the characters are invading your thoughts.

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