08 January 2010

Don't-Miss Books to Read in January

There are tons and tons of great books coming out in January to start the year off right. Here are seven books that I'll be reading soon. They all look fantastic, and I'm excited that there are so many wonderful choices this winter.

Southern Dreaming

by Leila Meacham has been called a twentieth-century Gone with the Wind. The story follows two east Texas families across three generations as they build their business empires, face loses, and find love. I have heard only wonderful things about this novel, it sounds like a winner.

As far as I can tell, everyone who has read Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman has fallen in love with it. I'm a big fan of a southern setting, and I'm guessing that this book won't let me down. Here's one description: "Steel Magnolias meets The Help in this Southern debut novel sparkling with humor, heart, and feminine wisdom." I just can't resist that. I'm eagerly awaiting a copy to arrive in my mailbox.

A Bit of Mystery, A Bit of Fantasy

The Kingdom of Ohio
by Matthew Flaming is a debut novel that mixes history, time bending, antiques, and fantasy into what looks like a great read. The novel got a starred review from Kirkus. From the publisher's summary: "An incredibly original, intelligent novel--a love story set against New York City at the dawn of the mechanical age, featuring Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and J. P. Morgan." I'm fascinated with the premise.

Shades of Grey is the start of a new series by the fabulous Jasper Fforde. I appreciate Fforde's intelligent writing, and I'm a fan of mysteries. Here's what the publisher had to say: "Stunningly imaginative, very funny, tightly plotted, and with sly satirical digs at our own society, this novel is for those who loved Thursday Next but want to be transported somewhere equally wild, only darker; a world where the black and white of moral standpoints have been reduced to shades of grey." Sounds great, eh?

Young Adult Pixies and Vamps

Need (paperback out in December 2009) and Captivate (out this month) by Carrie Jones are the first two novels in new a fantasy series involving pixies and starring the smart, capable Zara. Action, romance, friendship, and a great female lead--I can't wait to read these books.

Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey is the start of another new series, this one involving vampires and the teenage Solange, who is about to make the change from human to vampire. This one looks like it has good action and and suspense and may be a bit of a different take on the vampire theme.

My biggest problem is going to be deciding what to read first. Hummm. What are looking forward to reading this month?


Suzanne 1/8/10, 9:32 AM  

I'm looking forward to Jasper Fforde's book. I loved the creativity of his Thursday Next series.

S. Krishna 1/8/10, 9:45 AM  

All of these except the last two are already on my list, and I've added those! This was a great post, I hope it becomes a regular thing. :-)

Michelle 1/8/10, 9:58 AM  

Great idea for a post (although not so great for my ever-growing tbr list).

Mary (Bookfan) 1/8/10, 10:02 AM  

The first two are on my "must read soon" list!

Jenn's Bookshelves 1/8/10, 10:03 AM  

Great post! I already have the first four on my reading list!

Molly 1/8/10, 10:22 AM  

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt and Shades of Grey are definitely on my TBR list!

Jenn 1/8/10, 10:25 AM  

I am second on the waiting list at my library for Roses. I am looking forward to it!

Kim 1/8/10, 10:49 AM  

I started Cee Cee Honeycutt last night and was hooked from page one! I made the mistake of starting it at 11:30 while waiting to take my inhaler and had to force myself to put it down and shut off the light at midnight.

I have not read, nor heard of many books regarding pixies! I will have to check those out. I posted my favorite upcoming books here:

*smiles and happy Friday*

Beth 1/8/10, 11:23 AM  

I just ordered Roses from Amazon Vine--I'm excited to read it! I'll have to keep an eye out for these other ones too!

Natasha @ Maw Books 1/8/10, 11:49 AM  

How funny - Roses is one of our Bloggiesta prizes this morning.

Vasilly 1/8/10, 11:54 AM  

I love this feature! I'm noticing a lot of people are starting to do posts similar to this. Happy reading!

Julie P. 1/8/10, 12:12 PM  

I read CEECEE and loved it! Can't wait to read ROSES too!

bermudaonion 1/8/10, 1:37 PM  

You are in for some good reading. I don't plan far enough ahead to know what I'll be reading next, unfortunately.

Nise' 1/8/10, 2:05 PM  

I've got the first two on my be on the look out for list.

I am looking forward to starting the Cat Royal series and The Secret Diary of Charlotte Bronte.

Amy 1/8/10, 3:35 PM  

The Kingdom of Ohio sounds great! I think that one is getting added to the list.

Barbara 1/8/10, 4:43 PM  

Since I love vampires I'd go with the vampire books. There are so many great series out there. They seem to be all I'm reading lately.

Sandy Nawrot 1/8/10, 5:31 PM  

Your first two southern books both appeal to me. I like this new feature!

Beth Kephart 1/8/10, 8:07 PM  

Whew. I love the way these covers work together, how you have made them work together. I want to read Kingsolver's Lacuna this month, though I am very time challenged and worry that I won't be able to read much at all.

I'll live vicariously through you.

Jenners 1/8/10, 9:12 PM  

Why oh why did I institute a book buying ban for 2010?

I've concluded that I'm pretty much going to be obligated to read the Cee Cee Honeycutt book based on everyone's raves about it ... but not for a year, I suppose.

Rebecca Johnson 1/9/10, 7:51 AM  

Ooh a new Jasper Fforde series? Thanks for the heads up

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie 1/9/10, 11:23 AM  

The Kingdom of Ohio looks really great! I've read Need and enjoyed it, so I'm looking forward to Captivate also.

Dana 1/9/10, 11:29 AM  

I was intrigued when I saw Roses at the bookstore last weekend, but was skeptical because I hadn't heard anything about it up till now. Now I definitely want to give it a try!

Robin M 1/9/10, 11:34 AM  

The Kingdom of Ohio looks really interesting, will have to check it out. Good idea - I'm starting to get overwhelmed with all the books on my tbr. Should pick out my top 10. Thanks.

Amused 1/9/10, 4:40 PM  

I too can not wait to read Roses and the CeeCee book!

Michele 1/9/10, 8:52 PM  

Okay, can I just move into your house and you just pass me the book when you've finished it? I'm in love with your reading list! Especially the Roses book....must have it!

Toni 1/10/10, 1:31 AM  

wow..great books. I want to read at least five of them. I just read about Need and Captivate tonight. Enjoy!

Marg 1/10/10, 4:15 AM  

I hadn't heard of Roses before a couple of days ago, and now I am seeing it mentioned quite regularly. It sounds like my cup of tea, so I have requested it from the library, and I am number 1 in the queue! Yay!

I am a big fan of Jasper Fforde, so I am also excited about that one, and I very early on the library list for that one too!

wisteria 1/10/10, 8:58 AM  

Thanks for your list of upcomming attractions. I am intrigued by Roses and The Kingdom of Ohio. I have heard of several of yours, but these two I have wanted to read too. Thanks for the nudge. :)

Darlene 1/10/10, 6:05 PM  

Lots and lots of good books! I'm just reading Roses and it is good. I'd love to read Saving CeeCee Honeycutt. I've heard so many good things about it.

Alice 1/11/10, 9:43 PM  

Wow, all the books look very, very good!

Kari 1/12/10, 10:39 AM  

I'm with you on the Southern Dreaming books! These two are on my list as well.

Jen - devourer of books 1/12/10, 2:53 PM  

I want to read all of the first four! I actually have "Roses' and the others are all on hold at the library, so hopefully I'll get to them!

Michelle 1/13/10, 7:27 AM  

Excellent picks, I have all three of the YA books in my TBR pile. Hoping to get to them soon :)

Evifsight 1/14/10, 11:26 AM  

The Kingdom of Ohio looks just fantastic. The cover works so well for the content. Definitely intriguing and definitely now on my list.

Libby 1/16/10, 6:05 PM  

Thanks for posting this list of books. I just finished "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt" and loved it! Beth Hoffman will be joining me on my blog for a live chat on Feb. 3rd. We will also have a giveaway on this day for a signed copy of her book. Please join us, www.authorexposure.com!

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