23 January 2010

Weekend Cooking: Two Movies, One Script

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Today I want to introduce you to two movies: Eat Drink Man Woman (1994; Ang Lee, director) and Tortilla Soup (2001; Maria Ripoll, director). They are essentially the same story of a widowed man and his three grown daughters. I believe they are based on the same screenplay.

The father is a professional chef and an excellent cook. Every Sunday, he spends hours and hours creating a special meal for his daughters, who are expected to be at the table, no matter what. He is protective of them and wants them to live at home always.

The young women, on the other hand, have secret boyfriends and dreams of being on their own. The eldest is fairly conservative, the middle one is an up and comer, and the youngest is fairly liberal. The sisters get along okay, but they squabble as most siblings do.

The movies are fun and the shots of the food are amazing. Tortilla Soup is in English and takes place in southern California. Eat Drink Man Woman is subtitled and takes place in Taiwan. Light viewing and worth the rental.


Margot 1/23/10, 7:33 AM  

How very interesting. I had no idea. I've seen Tortilla Soup but the other one looks good too. Now you have me going to NetFlix. That's a good thing. I love movies.

bermudaonion 1/23/10, 8:11 AM  

They both look good from the trailers, but I don't do well with sub-titled movies - maybe I'll try to get hold of Tortilla Soup.

Jill 1/23/10, 8:16 AM  

I'm with Kathy...I've heard so much about Eat Drink Man Woman, but I'm not a fan of sub-titles. I'm checking out Tortilla Soup, though. Thanks for hosting!

Beth 1/23/10, 8:52 AM  

I always think it's interesting when english adaptations are made of movies that were a hit in foreign countries. Interesting too that Ang Lee directed!

Deborah 1/23/10, 9:07 AM  

i haven't seen tortilla soup yet, but i am a HUGE fan of Eat Drink Man woman! part of it has to do with also coming from a three sister family. not good to watch the movie also on an empty stomach.

Sheila (Bookjourney) 1/23/10, 9:37 AM  

I havent seen either of these but now I want to! :)

Julie P. 1/23/10, 9:51 AM  

Maybe it's game on, but I'm suddenly hungry and could really go for some tortilla soup. I wasn't familiar with either of these movies!

Jess - A Book Hoarder 1/23/10, 9:53 AM  

I watched Tortilla Soup in high school. My culinary arts teacher played it to give us a break from cooking right before Thanksgiving (or some break) and I loved it. I completely forgot about it until now. Thanks for reminding me, I am going to have to watch it again.

JoAnn 1/23/10, 10:25 AM  

I haven't heard of these... off to Netflix now.

Athira 1/23/10, 10:44 AM  

I loved Tortilla Soup!! Such an enjoyable movie!!

Sherrie 1/23/10, 10:48 AM  

Hi Beth,
I have to admit I have never seen either movie. I'll be watching for them next time I'm at the movie rental place. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Sherrie's Stuff

Sandy Nawrot 1/23/10, 10:56 AM  

I've had Eat Drink Man Woman in my Netflix Q for awhile now, it just hasn't made its way to the top yet! But I've never heard of the other movie. Hey, if it is about food, I'm there!

Andi 1/23/10, 11:23 AM  

I'm always up for foodie movies of any variety, and these sound great. Thanks for the recommendations!

Dana 1/23/10, 12:13 PM  

I've seen Tortilla soup (and love it!), but I'd never heard of Eat Drink Man Woman before. The plots do look basically identical - I'll have to add this one to my netflix queue!

Heather 1/23/10, 1:47 PM  

both are new films to me and they look great, as does the food.

Leslie @ This is the Refrain 1/23/10, 2:06 PM  

That's funny, I've seen both of these movies, but I didn't even realize they were the same story! Now that you point it out though, they are the same. I love both of them. Excellent choices!

Stephanie 1/23/10, 6:28 PM  

These look great! I really enjoy foreign movies.

Amused 1/23/10, 9:44 PM  

Oh now I will have to check out the first one! I've seen Tortilla Flats but didn't know it was remake. Thanks for the tip-off!

Beth Kephart 1/24/10, 6:49 AM  

I adored both of these movies. Just as I adore Top Chef and Julie and Julia (the movie) and ...

Yes, these well-made cooking/food adventures sink in deep with me.

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