10 February 2010

Wordless Wednesday 65

Water Drops on Stainless-Steel Sink

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Beth F 2/10/10, 4:54 AM  

I took about 40 shots trying to get the light sparkling off the water and trying to get an image that was fully in focus. This was the best I could do. I'm going to work on this concept again -- I'm sure I can get a better photo.

Sassy Brit @ Alternative-Read.com 2/10/10, 5:05 AM  

Hi there! I think you did a good job. Very artistic. I love it!

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caite 2/10/10, 5:09 AM  

there is my problem (or one of many) ...I would have given up way before 40 pics...way....

Sandy Nawrot 2/10/10, 5:54 AM  

Only you can take a picture of water drops and make it look good!

Rebecca Johnson 2/10/10, 6:48 AM  

ooh I bet that took some doing.

Dana 2/10/10, 7:38 AM  

Oooh, I love that picture!

Heather 2/10/10, 7:46 AM  

That's a cool shot!

DanaB 2/10/10, 7:51 AM  

I just love close up water droplet shots!! I'm like you, I take dozens.


Secret Mom Thoughts 2/10/10, 7:53 AM  

I think you did quite well. Nice shot.

Indrani 2/10/10, 8:34 AM  

Had you not mentioned it would have been difficult to guess.
Great capture!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening 2/10/10, 9:59 AM  

I think it's beautiful! Can't imagine how you could improve it. Popped over to thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Happy WW!

SuziQoregon 2/10/10, 10:17 AM  

This is very cool! How funny that we both had water drop photos posted today ;-)

Pamela 2/10/10, 10:52 AM  

My sink has dishes in it -- nice to know someone has a clean sink!

My daughter has a table cloth that causes the water to bead like jewels when spilled on it. You've given me a photo op idea !

Beth 2/10/10, 11:04 AM  

I never would have guessed this was a sink if you hadn't said so!

Are you all getting any snow up there?

Jenners 2/10/10, 12:02 PM  

I love how you took an ordinary thing and turned it extraordinary. And it reminds me of one of those puzzles ... "What are you looking at?" ... where there is a close-up of an everyday thing but you don't recognize it right away.

Stan 2/10/10, 12:20 PM  

Nice job catching the detail in a common scene. It pays to look close.

Margot 2/10/10, 12:57 PM  

Absolutely amazing! You are modest when you say it's the best you can do. I have no idea how you did it but I can sure appreciate the beauty of it.

Dorte H 2/10/10, 2:14 PM  

Oh, I thought it was melted chocolate :D

TexasRed 2/10/10, 4:51 PM  

I wouldn't have known this was a sink, either. Love the textures!

Anonymous,  2/10/10, 8:06 PM  

I think it's a really cool shot.

Veens 2/10/10, 8:51 PM  

wowwwww... how did u do tat!!!! I think it is fantastic!

Robin 2/11/10, 4:57 PM  

Very cool shot! You really did well with both the light and the focus.

Alice 2/12/10, 4:51 AM  

Very good shot, Beth!

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