01 April 2010

Monthly Wrap Up: March 2010

Total Books and Current Status

Since January 1, I've finished 29 books, and abandoned 2. In March, I posted 8 full reviews and 1 mini-review. I also posted 1 movie review and 3 recipes. I behind on only 1 review. I am currently reading The Postmistress by Sarah Blake and will be starting Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen and Return of the King by J. R. R. Tolkien.

What Did I Read and Review?

Here's what I reviewed in March. Click on the link to see my review; the letter in parentheses is my rating.

Full Reviews / Readalongs

Mini Review
Spotlights / TeasersMovie Review
I thought I had pretty good month considering that I am working seven days a week. I even managed to read three A books! My new favorite series is Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce books.

Literary Road Trip, Author Interviews, Guest Posts
  • I was pleased to host a charming guest post by Jen Nadol as part of the Literary Road Trip series. Did you give the stamp of approval to her PA credentials?
  • I was privileged to publish a guest post by Jonathon Sturak, also as part of the Literary Road Trip series, who wrote about some of the meanings of home.
  • I was so excited that Scott Selby, co-author of Flawless, wrote his first-ever guest post for me, on giving and attending a reading.
  • I hope you caught Susan Higginbotham's wonderful guest post on traveling.
Did I Complete Any Challenges? Join Any New Ones?

I joined one more challenge: the Cozy Mystery Challenge hosted by Kris from Not Enough Books. This is a favorite of min.

It is never to late to join The Amy Einhorn Books challenge, which I am hosting. There are 36 participants in this perpetual challenge, and 21 reviews.

I am also hosting What's in a Name? 3, which started January 1. We have 235 participants and 163 reviews. Visit the challenge blog for more information, to sign up, and to find links to the reviews. I'm thrilled with the progress challenge participants are making.

I hope you finishing up the Sookie Stackhouse Challenge. I have decided to do away with the two small prizes and just offer one larger prize for the finishers. We have 171 reviews and 158 participants.

A Few More Activities

I had great fun defending Team Gale for the Scholastic website.

I am still participating in the Lord of the Rings Readalong. The book for March was the The Two Towers and the discussion was hosted by Teresa from Shelf Love.

What's New and What's Coming in April

  • I changed my commenting system back to Blogger. See my post for why I deleted Intense Debate.
  • I added a Social Media Policy to my blog after hearing chatter on Twitter that it might be a good idea.
  • I regret that I have decided to step down from the SheKnows book club. for now. My time is so stretched as it is, I am having trouble keeping up. Fortunately the host of the club has assured me that I can rejoin later if I find I have more time.
Coming up
  • Don't forget the Readathon is coming on April 10 -- whether you read or cheerlead or unofficially watch everyone's progress, I hope you join in the fun. Check out the blog for more information.
  • I am excited to playing the ROOB Game, which encourages participants to Read Our Own Books! Read my post for the rules and to see if you want to start your own game.
  • I have one more month of the Lord of the Rings Readalong. This month it's The Return of the King.
  • I have an author interview and a couple of blog tours with some special treats planned.
  • I have a YA book review set up for Earth Day.
  • I am also participating in the Detectives around the World project.
One more busy week for me and I'll be back to reading blogs, commenting away, and having fun on Twitter. Thank goodness I'll be free for my cheerleading duties for the Readathon!

And Now for You
  • How was your March?
  • Did you meet your reading goals?
  • Are you caught up on your reviews?
  • Are you making changes?
  • Any exciting events that I don't know about?


bermudaonion 4/1/10, 8:32 AM  

Wow! You've been busy. Blogging's almost like having a second full time job!

Nise' 4/1/10, 8:39 AM  

Great March! I am looking forward to the Read-a-Thon too! I had a good reading March.

Unknown 4/1/10, 8:56 AM  

I'm hoping to read The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie soon. I hope that I enjoy it as much as you did. I hope you have a wonderful April!

Julie P. 4/1/10, 9:16 AM  

Great month! Congrats!

Jan von Harz 4/1/10, 9:34 AM  

You had a terrific month. March was my best on this year. Here's hoping April is even better.

The Bumbles 4/1/10, 12:35 PM  

You read more books this month than I do in an entire year Candace! So I am led to assume that you do not watch TV. And you read really fast.

I'm glad to see you do what many do not when they are spread too thin - cut out something instead of continuing with added pressure. I'm glad to hear SheKnows will welcome you back whenever you are able.

Margot 4/1/10, 1:22 PM  

I like your monthly wrap-ups. They are so complete. They also make me admire your stamina.

Tribute Books 4/1/10, 2:37 PM  

Wow! a very busy month for you.

Robin M 4/1/10, 5:17 PM  

You have been busy. Blogging does seem like a part time job sometimes. I added a couple books to my wish list. Don't know how I missed them the first time. I did read 9 sookie stackhouse books but never had the time to review them. May do one major review and link it. We'll see. I'm dropping out of a lot of challenges because I just don't have the time. Unfortunately what's in a name was one. Maybe next year. I'll be limited myself severely with challenge next year. My eyes were bigger than my stomach so to speak.

Beth F 4/1/10, 5:33 PM  

Robin: you shouldn't feel bad about backing out of What's in a Name? I back out of challenges too when I realize I just can't finish.

caite 4/1/10, 7:00 PM  

you monthly round-ups make me feel like a slacker...lol
not least of which because I do do a monthly round-up.

I do like your Social Media thingie and may shameless steal the idea. ;-)
Especially now that I finally have tabs...

Anonymous,  4/1/10, 8:17 PM  

Whew, I'm exhausted just reading about everything you've been doing!

Amused 4/2/10, 1:15 AM  

What a great month! I love these progress updates!

Amused 4/2/10, 1:16 AM  

What a great month! I love these progress updates!

Liz 4/2/10, 11:46 AM  

What a month! I feel like an absolute piker. I vowed this year I would keep track of what I've read and I have ... not. Oh well. I guess I have to be satisfied that I read books, some of which I like and some of which I discard, and get enjoyment from them. Current read: a work of historical fiction by Francine Rivers, who also wrote "Redeeming Love." This is "Her Mother's Hope," which is the first of a two-part saga crossing generations and continents. It explores the relationships (complicated, let's face it!) between mothers and daughters over four generations.

That's my fun read. I also went to Barnes & Noble and got some books on social media and the Internet. But those are job-related and don't take me away to other places and other times, sadly.

Dorte H 4/2/10, 12:00 PM  

The funny thing is that since I decided to down-size my blogging two weeks ago, it has been much easier for me to write a post every day. I just don´t post about my weekly memes if I don´t want to, and that seems to make a perceptible difference.

Darlene 4/2/10, 2:19 PM  

What a great month Beth! You always do such an impressive job of these posts!

Alice 4/3/10, 6:25 AM  

I wish I could do the same for my blog because you're doing such a great job with yours!

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