11 April 2010

Read-a-Thon: Poetry Month Style

The spring Readathon is nearly over. It'll be six months until I can cheer again (sob!). I'm packing up my pompoms and folding up my uniform for another day.

Although I spent some time on the blogs assigned to the Keats Cheerleading Squad, I really mostly hung out on Twitter. One of the best parts of Read-a-thon is getting to meet new bloggers.

This year, inspired by Dawn from She Is Too Fond of Books, I went crazy cheering in haiku. In honor of the readers and of poetry month, I present some of my silly creations:

Take twenty-four hours
And read and read all that day
Savor the moments

Enjoy your book now.
Don’t forget to rest your eyes.
Look to next novel.

Keep with the reading
You will go far on this day
Take time to enjoy

What are you reading?
Quiet hours pass on by
Lovely Saturday

Spring Readathon go
Great way to spend the minutes
Lost in your novel

Is it dark or light?
Reading through all the hours
Be sure to have fun

How do your eyes feel?
Scanning words on the pages
Close them to get rest.

Around the world, yes!
International event
Everyone go read

Reading takes a toll
Stand and stretch and eat
Settle back with book

Are you still awake?
We are cheering you today
Hope you love your book

Sun or rain or snow
Both sides of the equator
All are lost in books

What's there to read?
Piles of books are everywhere
Can't chose the next one.

And a couple of cheers:

Books, books
They're everywhere
How you read them
We don't care!

Eyes are tired
Eyes are itching
Time to switch to audio edition

Good night to all the participants and great job to everyone: cheerleaders and readers alike.


Care 4/11/10, 6:39 AM  

WONDERFUL! I'm so glad you kept track of your words - all SO good. Happy Readathonning!

Unknown 4/11/10, 7:28 AM  

I enjoyed spotting your Haikus as I did my cheering. :)

And it goes without saying that Team Keats rocks! :D

Julie P. 4/11/10, 7:45 AM  

You and Dawn are too much! Love the poem!

Molly 4/11/10, 8:09 AM  

I so enjoyed all your cheering last fall. I am sorry that I was too sick to enjoy again this spring. It sounds like you had another wonderful read-athon experience!

bermudaonion 4/11/10, 8:39 AM  

I think Dawn inspired a lot of people yesterday! I love all of your haikus!

LibraryGirl 4/11/10, 8:46 AM  

What a fun way to do the cheer leading! I love it :-)

I really hope to participate more officially in the next readathon.

Anonymous,  4/11/10, 10:59 AM  

You are the haiku master.

Robin M 4/11/10, 12:56 PM  

I agree - bowing to the haiku master. Glad you had so much fun!

Amused 4/11/10, 1:27 PM  

That is very impressive! Nice cheering!

Charlie 4/11/10, 4:04 PM  

Thank you for your poems Beth! Finding a poem as a comment was a lovely surprise!

Cass 4/11/10, 5:42 PM  

My favorite is definitely the "eyes are tired" cheer. Thank you for all your hard work!

Amanda 4/11/10, 5:44 PM  

Hi! I just want to say thanks for cheering for me during the readathon!

Heather 4/11/10, 6:08 PM  

Thank you for cheering for me too! You were all amazing and I loved your haikus! Can't wait for the next one!

Beth Kephart 4/11/10, 7:01 PM  

somehow I never pictured you with pompoms...


Jenners 4/11/10, 8:18 PM  

These are great! I missed this read-athon but I hope to try again for the fall and maybe I'll be a cheerleader this time around.

Kim 4/12/10, 12:57 AM  

You bring a smile to my face. Great poems!

Anil P 4/12/10, 2:24 AM  

What a concept - cheering in Haiku :-)

Loved the constructs, am sure they must've brought many a smile around.

My weak attempt below:

Look at the cover
What do you see there
A call to read.


Jenn's Bookshelves 4/12/10, 8:35 AM  

Once again, you did an outstanding job cheering everyone along! I loved the haikus and poems! Very creative!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) 4/12/10, 5:36 PM  

Those are great, thanks for cheering!

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 4/12/10, 9:23 PM  

zen cheering, what a concept!

Glad you had fun cheering on all the readers - your poems and cheers are clever :)

Serena 4/14/10, 8:59 AM  

Those were fantastic! I loved this one:

Eyes are tired
Eyes are itching
Time to switch to audio edition

Alice 4/25/10, 6:33 AM  

I was going to make comment just like Serena's. LOL. You're a great cheerleader!

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