14 June 2010

Review: The Brain Full of Holes by Martin Chatterton

Martin Chatterton's The Brain Full of Holes is the second in a mystery series for middle school readers. This review does not contain spoilers for the new novel, but assumes you've read the first (The Brain Finds a Leg: Review).

Theopilus Nero Hercule Sherlock Wimsey Father Brown Marlowe Spade Christie Edgar Allen Brain (a.k.a. The Brain) and his sidekick Sheldon McGlone have a lot to adjust to. Not only are they now step-brothers but they have moved to Switzerland with Sheldon's mom and her new husband, Captain Schnurrbart. Besides regular classroom subjects, The Brain and Sheldon are also taking classes in self-defense.

Life seems to be going along as normal, until the day their Swiss cheese suddenly lost its holes. The Brain is instantly on the case, but Sheldon, as usual, is more interested in eating his sandwich than in thinking about it. That is, until the night Helga Poom of the Zurich Pooms walks into their house:

She removed her hat, shivered, and shook out her long blonde hair.

Sheldon goggled. He could have sworn her hair tumbled out in slow motion and was accompanied by a chorus of heavenly harp players twanging away fit to bust. (p. 24)
Needless to say, Sheldon is smitten. The Brain seems somewhat immune to Helga's charms and takes the time to learn that her father has gone missing. Can the three young teens find Mr. Poom? And what does he have to do with altered cheese?

I highly recommend The Brain series to young teens (both boys and girls) who like a fun and zany mystery, good humor, and fast action. I was pleased to see the introduction of a smart, independent girl to the books. The developing love story between Sheldon and Helga is very well done--Sheldon's awkwardness is endearing, especially contrasted with Helga's self-assurance. I'm looking forward to the next in the series.

The Brain Full of Holes at Powell's
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Published by Peachtree Publishers, 2010
ISBN-13: 9781561455270
Challenges: cozy mystery, 100+
YTD: 50
Source: Review copy (see review policy)Rating: B+


caite 6/14/10, 7:59 AM  

A Brain Full of Holes ..that sounds like my autobiography!
The book sounds cute.

Julie P. 6/14/10, 8:24 AM  

Booking Daughter loves mystery series. Will be checking this one out!

Jenn's Bookshelves 6/14/10, 8:30 AM  

My boys LOVED these books. We're anxiously awaiting the next one! They're a riot...both adults and kids will get a kick out of them. It makes our bedtime reading so much more fun and lively!

Andi 6/14/10, 11:32 AM  

I think my stepson would really like these. The titles make me giggle.

Michelle 6/16/10, 12:40 PM  

I'm in the midst of reading this one so I don't want to spoil myself but I wanted to say that I'm enjoying it so far. Martin Chatterton is definitely a fun and witty writer.

bermudaonion 6/18/10, 9:26 PM  

I imagine I would have loved this series when I was a kid!

Sherrie 6/19/10, 12:59 PM  

Hi Beth,
This sounds like a great series of books for kids as well as for adults. I'll have to check this author out. Have a great day!

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