24 July 2010

Weekend Cooking: Review: Chocolat (Film)

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I am going to assume that you've all seen Chocolat, a wonderfully sweet (yes, I said that) movie staring Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp, and Dame Judi Dench and directed by Lasse Hallström. It is one of my favorite movies: chocolate, romance, and Johnny Depp, what could be bad?

Just in case you've missed the film, here's what's it's about. In the late 1950s Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk move to a small French village to open a chocolate shop. Unfortunately, the devout local mayor is appalled that the store will open during Lent and does every thing he can to turn the villagers against Vianne. Meanwhile, the chocolatier seems to be able to match the perfect treat to each customer. When the gypsies come to town, the clash between the townsfolk and the outsiders reaches a climax. Will Vianne decide to pack up and be on her way or will everyone find a way to get along?

It's hard to explain the magic and fun you'll find in this Academy Award-winning film. And for those who like more than boy meets girl, don't worry, the movie has some depth. If you haven't seen Chocolat, rush right out to rent it; if you have seen it, why not give it another look?

Here's the trailer:

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Kaye 7/24/10, 6:11 AM  

Chocolat- I loved that movie! This is the first time I have participated in Weekend Cooking and my recipe is for chocolate sauce. What a coincidence!

Beth 7/24/10, 6:23 AM  

Oh I love this movie too...and it's been too long since I've seen it! Thanks for reminding me!

I've got a nice summer pasta salad today to share!

Marg 7/24/10, 7:38 AM  

My post has a decidedly French feel to it again this week too!

Michelle 7/24/10, 8:05 AM  

This was a great movie! I enjyed it a good deal. Glad you did too :)

Rikki 7/24/10, 8:16 AM  

Chocolat is delightful. Loved it! But, of course, every film with Johnny Depp is a treat.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 7/24/10, 8:26 AM  

I have to agree, Johnny Depp IS a treat!

I didn't roll my eyes at your comment that Chocolat is a SWEET movie, but was working on only my first cup of coffee, and read, Juliette BRIOCHE!

thanks for the reminder about this film ... it's been years since we watched it.

Margot 7/24/10, 8:46 AM  

I love the film too. But I find myself wanting to eat chocolate instead of the usual popcorn. I'll have to rent the movie and try Kaye's chocolate sauce at the same time.

Word Lily 7/24/10, 8:49 AM  

Such a great movie!

bermudaonion 7/24/10, 9:14 AM  

I've never seen the movie, but I do agree with Dawn that Johnny Depp is a treat! I'll have to watch it just to see him.

Chrisbookarama 7/24/10, 9:35 AM  

I remember that movie. Johnny is so good in it! I read the book too. I think I liked the movie better.

Melissa 7/24/10, 10:40 AM  

I am definitely in the minority, having never read the book nor seen the movie. I think I'll have to remedy that soon.

Julie P. 7/24/10, 12:04 PM  

I rarely watch movies, but I did see this one. So fun!

Anonymous,  7/24/10, 12:20 PM  

Yes, of course I've seen Chocolat! And... (uh-oh, how am I ging to put this) I hated it!

Maybe Mr Gnoe and I expected too much... I love Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche was Mr Gnoe's favourite actress at the time. Okay, it wasn't as much as a disillusionment as Damages, in which Binoche teams up with *my* fav actor, Jeremy Irons -- man, THAT was a bad movie! Brrrrrr.

Anyway, maybe you're right. I'm in the mood for more relaxed and romantic movies lately. Let's rent Chocolat and give it another try! :)

Vasilly 7/24/10, 12:51 PM  

I love Chocolat almost as much as I love chocolate! I haven't watched the movie but I have read the book.

Beth F 7/24/10, 1:00 PM  

Gnoegnoe: Oh well, each to his or her own!

Meghan 7/24/10, 1:18 PM  

I really enjoyed both the book and the movie Chocolat! I think I liked the book better, but that's not unusual for me. :p

Heidenkind 7/24/10, 2:38 PM  

I pet-sit for a woman whom I'm pretty sure watches this movie every night. Every time I go over there, it's in her DVD player.

Sandy Nawrot 7/24/10, 2:53 PM  

Believe it or not, but I have not seen this movie. I should be flogged, being a movie lover and a food lover. Juliet Binoche is also wonderful. We are on our way to rent some movies for the weekend, so I may try to slip this one in under the kids' nose.

Anonymous,  7/25/10, 5:29 AM  

No chocolate in my post, no movie, no Johnny Depp...nothing fattening,nothing wicked.
Gee is it worth you going to look?

I used my real camera this week, not the iphone one.
Yes, I was better organised.

talk about weekend cooking: Australia's Masterchef final is about to happen.

Anonymous,  7/25/10, 9:20 AM  

Chocolate, the food, the book and the movie.... hmmm! I must say, liked the book better than the movie.

auntie-c 7/25/10, 10:36 AM  

I've read the book, but not seen the movie. Will have to rent it.

wisteria 7/25/10, 1:28 PM  

My cardiologist recommends chocolate. :)


Amused 7/25/10, 2:11 PM  

I think Chocolat is probably one of my favorite romantic films of all time...now I want to watch it again!

Arch 7/25/10, 10:57 PM  

I have not watched this movie yet... :( I shall add this to my looong list of to-be-watched movies.. :)

This week I have been craaazy busy with work and havent gotten around to posting any book reviews...But then I wanted to badly post my recipe for the weekend cooking and so I have linked my last minute entry... :)

Unknown 7/26/10, 3:22 PM  

After watching the trailer I do have the urge to watch the movie..again. lol!

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