30 August 2010

Mockingjay Tour: What's Up with District 13?

It's hard to believe that the wait is over and Mockingjay is finally here. Just in case you've been vacationing on another planet, I'll let you in on a little secret: Mockingjay was released last week--on August 24.

Today is the final stop on the month-long 13-District tour. The posts on this tour have been fabulous, and if you've missed any, you should go back and take a look. Information can be found on the official Hunger Games Facebook page.

For those of you who have not yet read Mockingjay this post is spoiler free for the third book, but not necessarily so for the first two.

The Mysterious District 13

When I was asked to be the District 13 representative, I was wondering what I could reveal about my district. As you know, we got tired of being controlled by the Capitol and openly rebelled. Yay for us for being brave, but perhaps we weren't so smart.

We were known for our nuclear power technology, graphite mining, and well . . . um, you see, after our rebellion, the Capitol destroyed our entire district. Really. If you don't believe that, just take a look at that footage of the barren wasteland that they're always showing on the screens. (Just ignore that mockingjay that flies by in the corner. Nothing for you to be concerned with.)

The real question is whether any of us still exist. Okay, so maybe that's not a huge question because, after all, I'm here, aren't I? Of course, I'm hiding in an undisclosed location, so maybe I'm not in District 13 at all.

Gale and Katniss are always trying to get around the Capitol's rules, although Peeta is more obedient and perhaps even a bit of a goody-goody. When Katniss meets Bonnie and Twill in the woods by the lake in District 12, she and Gale begin to think the unthinkable. If Bonnie and Twill are correct, then District 13 survived the bombing seventy-five years ago, and it is now harboring rebels from around the country.

Twill insists that we in District 13 were clever enough to hide underground. And the mere thought that people can escape the Capitol and live free intrigues Katniss and Gale. Unfortunately, when Katniss finds herself in the arena again, she must put aside her dreams of District 13 and concentrate on surviving.

Katniss, however, is always a step ahead of the Capitol--the living embodiment of the mockingjay. When she, wearing her famous gold pin, finds a way to breach the arena's outer defenses, a hovercraft, with Gale and Haymitch onboard, plucks her out of danger. And just who owns that hovercraft? District 13!

So now what do you think about the situation in my district?

For all you anti-establishment folks out there, show your defiance and your love of freedom and independence by wearing your very own gold metallic mockingjay button. Yes! Like Katniss, you can let others know just where you stand. Are you with the Capitol or against it? The gold-colored mockingjay pin will make your allegiance shine forth.

The particulars: There will be 50 lucky winners of these exclusive gold metallic mockingjay buttons. All you have to do to be entered in the giveaway is to fill out the following form.

This giveaway is available to U.S. mailing addresses only (P.O. boxes are just fine). Multiple entries will be discarded. Winners will be contacted via email on Wednesday, September 8. Because there will be 50 winners, I will not post the names.


Beth Kephart 8/30/10, 7:00 AM  

You are a very clever lady.

Jen Forbus 8/30/10, 8:00 AM  

Cute post! This isn't a series I've had a chance to read, and sadly probably won't for some time, but it's been interesting to see all the hoopla and excitement surrounding it. If it's getting young folks reading and thinking then I'm all for it!

Sandy Nawrot 8/30/10, 9:29 AM  

The kids and I just started the audiobook! I know I am about thirty miles behind most of you. We loved the idea of District 13 and are intrigued with their determination to survive and rebel!

caite 8/30/10, 9:53 AM  

my copy is sitting untouched...

"When I was asked to be the District 13 representative.."
do you get like a uniform with that, a fancy hat?

Beth F 8/30/10, 9:58 AM  

Caite: LOL!!!! Too funny.

janflora 8/30/10, 10:02 AM  

I knew District 13 was alive! I felt it in my heart that the rebellion was still strong. I am ready to join you :)
I cannot wait to read MOCKINGJAY though I should let my son go 1st since he introduced me to the series. We are still waiting for our pre-ordered copy to arrive :(
Loved this blog tour. Everyone should go back to District 1 and do the whole tour!

Lenore Appelhans 8/30/10, 11:05 AM  

At least district 13 never had to send any children to the Hunger Games...

Beth F 8/30/10, 11:11 AM  

Excellent point, Lenore.

Christine 8/30/10, 11:11 AM  

Great post, Beth!
I love this series and cannot believe I have not yet picked up MOCKINGJAY! Will remedy that this week and then enjoy reading it in the quiet that is ahead of me when the kids go back to school next week! Ha! ;-)

Anonymous,  8/30/10, 12:06 PM  

Wow that was so true good for you beth and that was a great post excelent just excellent

Anonymous,  8/30/10, 12:07 PM  

i forgot to out my name

Stacy at The Novel Life 8/30/10, 12:34 PM  

love, love,love this post...and i have this awesome team peeta or team gale tshirt and we all know which one is the correct one, right??? but i've got to have me my own mockingjay pin!!!

lady reader 8/30/10, 12:47 PM  

Thanks for the giveaway! Very cool! Hope to hear from you! This has been a really fantastic tour! ;-)

lady reader 8/30/10, 12:50 PM  

Oh! I forgot, I posted a link on my blog. Here it is...


Unknown 8/30/10, 1:13 PM  

Ok... love the love for district 13 ...hope reading the book has not ruined it for you

Okie 8/30/10, 1:17 PM  

Fabulous post/contest. I haven't yet finished reading Mockingjay but I must say that thus far (first ~100 pages) my 'love' for District 13 is only there with a bit of apprehension.

Unknown 8/30/10, 3:39 PM  

I am afraid anything I post shall be stuck in the mire that is spoilers. We (my family and I) have enjoyed touring the districts. Thank you for outing yourselves 13 and allowing us to visit.

Belle 8/30/10, 4:21 PM  

Fun post! I have the Hunger Games in my TBR - I AM going to read it. It's just that I don't tend to reach for a dystopian novel when I'm in a bookish mood. But yes, I'm definitely going to be reading it!

bermudaonion 8/30/10, 5:06 PM  

I haven't even started this series and boy, have I felt out of it this last week. Carl said the second half of Mockingjay blew him away.

Unknown 8/30/10, 7:03 PM  

Let me just start off by saying, thank you for representing District 13! Awesome giveaway!

Secondly, for all of you who haven't read Mockingjay, or are in the process of completing it, let me just say that it oozes awesomeness. I could not put it down, and many teachers gave me dirty looks after my classes the Wednesday and Thursday after it came out because I was reading the book instead of my school work.

Jenners 8/30/10, 8:20 PM  

I just finished Mockingjay tonight ... well done on your vague but accurate description.

Heather 8/30/10, 9:04 PM  

My entire series experience was impactful, moving, and emotional. I finished Mockingjay on Friday and I'm still weepy!

baby cribs 8/31/10, 2:19 AM  

This just one reason why I really love visiting this blog. I always find a very interesting and informative post. This blog is just so great.

Michelle 8/31/10, 5:54 AM  

Greetings from District 1! Keep strong 13, we are with you on the rebellion! ;)

Unknown 8/31/10, 9:43 AM  

will i have to pay for mailing and district 13 is noone to mess with y would any district appose them

especially The Captial

vvb32 reads 8/31/10, 10:57 AM  

thanks for hosting this and revealing the 13th district!

Alice 8/31/10, 7:27 PM  

You know what? I have a feeling I'm like Peeta who is more obedient. I want to participate in the giveaway. I will give you an address in the US if I win. :D

Glambert that loves to read,  9/3/10, 7:23 PM  

=D District 13 does exist!! i knew it! i need to go to it

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