13 September 2010

BBAW: Discovering Bloggers around the Globe and Giveaway

Today is the first day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2010! This yearly event of giveaways, blog hopping, blogging, and awards is all about you! And you and you and you and me. It is the brainchild of Amy from My Friend Amy.

Each day this week I'm hosting an international giveaway (winners announced on Monday), so I hope you come back to see what I have in store.

I'm taking today's blogging theme and putting my own twist on it. One of the best things about book blogging is getting to know readers from around the world. Daily, I read blogs from across the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Pacific.

I want to introduce you to to three bloggers who write fabulous in-depth, heart-felt reviews. Each one makes me think, sparks great conversations, and adds to my reading list. I was going to list some of my favorite posts from each blogger and realized that I had just spent over an hour rereading their blogs, I was so lost in their reviews, their thoughts about reading and blogging, their Library Loot posts, the things going on in their lives, and so on that I've decided to let you discover them on your own.

  • United States: Eva: A Striped Armchair: One recent post combines a discussion of a middle reader book, a decorating book, and a book on women's issues. Yep, Eva is not only an eclectic reader but is able to move from one genre to the next without missing a beat.
  • Europe: Ana: Things Mean a Lot: In a recent post that has more than 50 comments, Ana talks about her book blogging pet peeves.
  • Australia: Marg: The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader: In a couple of recent posts, Marg shares discussions she had with fellow book bloggers about a particular title. I like that approach to book reviewing.
I particularly wanted to mention Ana and Eva because they are in the process of moving and will not be blogging much in the next few weeks; add them to your readers and wait until October. Go explore these blogs and enjoy your trip around the globe in your search for great books and great readers.


If you're new to my blog, you might not know that I'm an imprint follower. That is, I tend to read not only by genre and favorite authors but also by the editor and imprint who are behind the books that make it to publication.

One of my favorite editors/imprints is Amy Einhorn Books. In fact, I'm such a fan that I started a perpetual challenge to encourage other readers to discover these fabulous titles. Early this year, I featured each title in the imprint and can say with confidence that every one is worthy of a place in your wish list.

The wonderful people at Amy Einhorn Books / Putnam / Penguin are the sponsor this BBAW giveaway. Be the first on your block to read the three latest releases from the imprint. Actually, only one of these books is currently available to buyers. The other two will not be out until 2011, so you really will be among the very first readers to get a peek inside the covers.

To learn more about the books and the authors visit their facebook pages and/or their websites: Mark Mustian (facebook / website), Eleanor Brown (facebook / website), and Siobhan Fallon (facebook / website). I am so excited about these titles that I can't wait to share them with you. Gendarme explores the power of memory and the Armenian genocide, Weird Sisters involves a family and its love of Shakespeare, and You Know When the Men Are Gone is made up of interconnected short stories focusing on the affects of war on the home front.

This giveaway is open worldwide and will run until I turn on my computer on Monday morning (September 20). To enter, you must fill out the form. A winner will be picked via random number generator, and I will delete all data after the winner is contacted.

Good luck and be sure sure to visit the BBAW blog to discover other participating bloggers in the week's events.


Anonymous,  9/13/10, 6:15 AM  

All three of them excellent choices! And the international character of blogging is what I love about it as well :)

Zee 9/13/10, 6:41 AM  

Those are three of my favourite bloggers too! Also I am super excited about the giveaway as I really want to read Gendarme!

Eva 9/13/10, 6:54 AM  

You're way too sweet!!! And I'm in such great company. :D Thanks!

Meghan 9/13/10, 7:04 AM  

You've chosen such fantastic bloggers, Candace! They are three of my favorites as well. Your twist is excellent. =)

Marg 9/13/10, 7:06 AM  

Thank you so much for including me in such good company!

And yay to international giveaways!

Anonymous,  9/13/10, 7:19 AM  

Wonderful choices of bloggers to profile, and great books to give away :)

Michelle 9/13/10, 7:21 AM  

Those are great choices in bloggers! Thanks for highlighting them!

Zoe @ Playing by the book 9/13/10, 7:34 AM  

How great to select bloggers from different parts of the world. I'm always interested in how reading habits and interests vary (or not) around the world

Chrisbookarama 9/13/10, 7:55 AM  

They're 3 of my favorites too. :)

Unknown 9/13/10, 8:21 AM  

Pah! Caught the return key when filling out the form. Think I only messed up my URL.

Anonymous,  9/13/10, 8:27 AM  

Wonderful choices! Great minds...;)

Andi 9/13/10, 8:50 AM  

Excellent choices! I love all of these blogs, and couldn't have promoted them better myself.

Thanks for the giveaway! Looks exciting!

Buried In Print 9/13/10, 9:58 AM  

What terrific combos: of bookish blogs and of new books from your favourite imprint. Many thanks for the suggestions!

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) 9/13/10, 10:22 AM  

Nice selection of books... and blogger recommendations.

Jen Forbus 9/13/10, 10:28 AM  

Very lovely start to the Book Blogger Appreciation Week, Candace! I hope your week is full of fun and well deserved recognition.

Brimful Curiosities 9/13/10, 10:47 AM  

Isn't it amazing how many international book blogs there are to read? I agree it's fun to meet readers from around the globe.

bermudaonion 9/13/10, 11:03 AM  

I love all of those blogs! Thanks for the great giveaway - I've entered even though I have The Gendarme. I will pass it on to someone else if I win.

Sandy Nawrot 9/13/10, 11:26 AM  

Eva's reputation precedes her, and I love that you highlighted her. And what can you say about Ana? I interviewed her last BBAW which was my introduction to her, and I felt like I won the lottery. I will check out your third blogger. Great picks!

Charlie 9/13/10, 11:31 AM  

First time today I can say I follow all three already! Seeing a post from Eva often makes me pause what I may have been going on to do so that I can read it straight away, miss her in her absences.

Caitie F 9/13/10, 11:44 AM  

Awesome choices! I love all of those blogs.

That is great that you follow an imprint. I want to start doing that with 12 at Hachette Book Group

Robin M 9/13/10, 12:32 PM  

three excellent choices, thanks for sharing.

Amused 9/13/10, 12:55 PM  

Great choices - a couple of them are new to me so I am excited to go check them out and thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway too!

Pam Pho 9/13/10, 1:12 PM  

oh new to me checking them out.

Anonymous,  9/13/10, 1:43 PM  

Great choices! and I like your international twist.

Marie Cloutier 9/13/10, 1:57 PM  

those are fabulous blogs to highlight. Worthy selections all!

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 9/13/10, 2:43 PM  

I like that you encouraged us to "Go Global" when reading blogs!

serendipity_viv 9/13/10, 2:57 PM  

Great competition. Glad to see Eva and Ana highlighted as they are both fab.

Booksnyc 9/13/10, 4:02 PM  

Thanks for highlighting these ex -US bloggers. Other than Eva, they are new to me. I appreciate the opportunity to diversify my blogging experience!

Meredith 9/13/10, 4:44 PM  

Wonderful blogs - I don't read a lot of international blogs, but I know I'm going to start now!

Michelle (my books. my life.) 9/13/10, 4:54 PM  

You picked some great blogs here. I love all three of them.

Great idea featuring them by region.

Stephanie 9/13/10, 5:12 PM  

I love all three bloggers you mentioned!

Jennifer 9/13/10, 5:26 PM  

Excellent choices and fun giveaway.

Melody 9/13/10, 8:31 PM  

Great choice! I too enjoy reading the three blogs you mentioned! :)

Chachic 9/13/10, 8:59 PM  

One of the great things about blogging is how we can interact with people from all over the world. Look at me, I'm from the Philippines. :) I think it's awesome that you listed bloggers from different countries.

Megan 9/13/10, 10:01 PM  

All three are excellent choices and favorites of mine too! =)

Pink Panther 9/14/10, 7:21 AM  

Thanks for making this international! :)

S. Krishna 9/14/10, 10:02 AM  

Thanks for the excellent blog recs! I read both Ana and Eva's blogs, but not Marg's.

Linda 9/14/10, 8:33 PM  

Three of my favorite bloogers!

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