03 November 2010

Wordless Wednesday 102

Milking Room (Round Barn), October 2010

For more Wordless Wednesday, click here. (For more information about the round barn, see first comment here.)


SuziQoregon 11/3/10, 12:05 AM  

Love this - it's got a real sense of movement with the curve of the rail and the lighting is very cool.

Alice 11/3/10, 12:13 AM  

I really like your barn series!

Michelle 11/3/10, 6:23 AM  

Like Alice I'm really enjoying all the round barn pics. It's so interesting to get all of the different perspectives.

New Leaf 11/3/10, 6:31 AM  

beautiful pic, love the lighting.

Must go look around your site now :)

Happy WW!

caite 11/3/10, 7:10 AM  

yep, love the light.
I imagine there had to be a lot of custom made things in a round barn.

4 Lettre Words 11/3/10, 7:41 AM  

Cool! Love the rays coming through.

Peppermint Ph.D. 11/3/10, 8:00 AM  

funny how photographs can bring back memories...a good friend of mine lived on a dairy farm...we spent countless hours finishing chores around the barn...especially taking care of the calves. We weren't allowed in the milking room much because it had to stay so very clean...thanks for the memory :)

bermudaonion 11/3/10, 8:05 AM  

Great photo! I'm wondering what that is on the floor.

Anonymous,  11/3/10, 8:11 AM  

wow, very cool!

Beth F 11/3/10, 8:13 AM  

Kathy (bermudaonion): The floor of the milking room was made of stucco or some kind of not very strong concrete -- there were chips out of it and those round things. I don't know what they were.

Robin 11/3/10, 8:23 AM  

Great lines, they really draw the eye.

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colleen 11/3/10, 9:26 AM  

Another story waiting to be told!

Anonymous,  11/3/10, 10:01 AM  

What a beautiful shot. Thank you for sharing your wonderful perspective. I can't tell you how much I've been enjoying you barn photos.

Hannah 11/3/10, 10:32 AM  

What a great photo. I love the lighting and subject is compelling too. I'll have to check out the rest in this series.

heavenisabookstore 11/3/10, 11:16 AM  

It would definitely make a great black and white charcoal drawing.

Leslie @ Under My Apple Tree 11/3/10, 12:03 PM  

Nice, interesting perspective around the rails. I like those kinds of shots.

Beth 11/3/10, 12:44 PM  

lovely perspective!

Stan 11/3/10, 1:05 PM  

Nice use of lighting. Now all it needs is the cows.

Meg @ write meg! 11/3/10, 1:13 PM  

Love the natural light!

Andi 11/3/10, 1:58 PM  

Beautiful in all its starkness!

Ana S. 11/3/10, 5:02 PM  

I love the light!

Snowcatcher 11/3/10, 7:53 PM  

Wonderful creamy hues and lighting. The round lines make for interesting eye travel, too. Well done!

SandyCarlson 11/3/10, 9:57 PM  

Beautiful atmosphere! Must be another atmosphere at milking time, though!

nat @book, line, and sinker 11/3/10, 11:18 PM  

here's me thinking this was an artful stairway banister in your home. duh. i'm not too familiar with barns and the like and really can't remember ever being in one! i'll have to remedy that. :)

Veens 11/4/10, 1:15 AM  

The angle of this photo is very cool, LOVE it.

Molly 11/4/10, 7:18 AM  

I learn so much about composition from looking at your photographs! The lighting as well as the lines of the curved railing make this an absolutely stunning picture.

easygardener 11/4/10, 4:01 PM  

There is always something fascinating yet odd about round buildings. I often wonder what it would be like to live in one.

Anonymous,  11/4/10, 10:43 PM  

You inspired me to google our local round barn. And I discovered it's not round, it's an octagon. I can't wait for it to open, so I can get up close and personal with it. :-D

Karen Harrington 11/10/10, 9:00 AM  

Love the thoughtful perspective. Happy WW!

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