17 November 2010

Wordless Wednesday 104

Spent Sunflowers (click image for full effect)

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SuziQoregon 11/17/10, 12:40 AM  

Oh my - this is so dynamic. I love it!

Violet 11/17/10, 12:48 AM  

Oh no poor flowers, nice shot

Indrani 11/17/10, 1:18 AM  

The bitter truth of life.

PippaD 11/17/10, 2:36 AM  

It is so odd seeing such a lovely day and the dying flowers. Such a juxtaposition!

Margaret @ BooksPlease 11/17/10, 5:12 AM  

Ah, once so beautiful, now so ugly - dramatic photo.

Alice 11/17/10, 5:51 AM  

All beautiful things will come to an end...

Veens 11/17/10, 5:52 AM  

Wow you make the dried up flowers look quite good in this one :)
It is like a painting.

4 Lettre Words 11/17/10, 6:13 AM  

They are still lovely!

Michelle 11/17/10, 6:29 AM  

Tis the season and all that, but it still makes me sad that it's getting cold :(

bermudaonion 11/17/10, 7:57 AM  

That makes me sad because it means the end of summer.

Rebecca Rasmussen 11/17/10, 10:13 AM  

This reminds me of the last red rose on our rosebush, which finally browned and died just a few days ago...Ah fall... :)

Anonymous,  11/17/10, 10:55 AM  

What a beautiful picture. I love when art can take something you might think is ugly and make it beautiful. Thank you for a lovely photo.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) 11/17/10, 11:24 AM  

A delightful site for the goldfinches which should be devouring those seed heads at any moment. For me, it just means cold is on the way.

Beth 11/17/10, 12:09 PM  

everything in nature has beauty, even when it's dying.

Dorte H 11/17/10, 3:06 PM  

Oh dear, they look almost human! (Or at least a bit Martian)

Anonymous,  11/17/10, 3:41 PM  

Wonderful photos, but seems so sad to me.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews 11/17/10, 4:24 PM  

Hi Beth,

Such a dramatic photo of death and sadness, set against the lush green grass and clear blue sky.

Great shot.


Marie Cloutier 11/17/10, 7:44 PM  

neat! it does look like an alien landscape!

S. Krishna 11/17/10, 7:59 PM  

Oh, glad you told me to click! It's even better at full size. Great, great shot.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 11/18/10, 9:06 PM  

so many times I look at your Wordless Wednesday posts and think "that would make a great jigsaw puzzle!" This is one of those ...

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