08 January 2011

Weekend Cooking: A Book and a Movie

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Last week, I reviewed a fun cookbook that prompted a couple of you to recommend the movie The Waitress starring Keri Russell. You talk, I listen. I did indeed rent the movie, and I'm so glad I did.

Jenna (Keri Russell) is a waitress in a roadside diner that serves only pies: savory pies, sweet pies, breakfast pies and dinner pies. Every day she creates a special pie with a special name, which reflects her mood. Take a look at the trailer for some examples and for the basic premise of the film.

This is a great foodie movie, which rises above the predictable to be appealing to a wide audience. Treat yourself to a fun evening and watch The Waitress.

Of course, by the time The Waitress was over, I had a major hankering to bake pies. A number of years ago I found James McNair's Pie Cookbook at the bookstore and brought it home with me. I've made several of the recipes, which were easy to follow and very yummy. Oh, and the photographs are absolutely stunning, as you can tell from the cover.

The first section of the cookbook is all about the basics: ingredients, how to make a crust, and tips and tricks. McNair also includes a section on different types of crusts and another on different types of toppings.

The heart of the cookbook is divided into two sections. The first is titled "Seasonal Pies" and consists of fruit, vegetable, and nut pies of all kinds (all for dessert). Here's where you'll find blueberry, rhubarb, key lime, and pecan pie recipes. The second section is called "Staple Pies" and includes everything from Ginger Creme Brulee Pie to Hot Chocolate Pie to Canadian Maple Sugar Pie.

I'll be sure to share a recipe from the cookbook later in the year. In the meantime, I hope you have a book and a movie night in your future.

I'm not sure it will be easy to find a new copy of Pie, but your library may have a copy.

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Marg 1/8/11, 6:15 AM  

I don't remember seeing anything about that movie until it was mentioned last week, and now after watching the trailer I really want to see it.

We do apple pie and that's about it. I find it to be very interesting that pie seems to be such a big part of the culture.

caite 1/8/11, 6:43 AM  

My mother used to make a very fine lamb pie...and I can make one too.
Start with a leg of lamb.....

JoAnn 1/8/11, 9:03 AM  

Just requested this from my library. The only pies I make would be considered 'seasonal', but the 'staple' pies you listed have me curious!

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 1/8/11, 9:04 AM  

Yes, wonderful movie!

And anything that inspires pie baking is a hit ... fun swirled topping on that cover photo!

bermudaonion 1/8/11, 9:10 AM  

How in the world did I miss Waitress? It looks adorable!

Anonymous,  1/8/11, 9:48 AM  

Hot chocolate pie?? That sounds yummy.

And I've never baked a pie in my life.

Anonymous,  1/8/11, 10:11 AM  

Oh my gosh, I LOVE Waitress! I always want to invent pies after watching it.
I do feel a little sad when I finish watching it,though. It was Adrienne Shelly's last movie.She was murdered before filming was complete. Her young daughter plays Lulu as a toddler at the very end of the movie

Molly 1/8/11, 10:13 AM  

I am unfamiliar with this movie, but will definitely check it out.

As far as pie....I LOVE pie --- all kinds. But I have yet to master the art of making pie crust from scratch :( I think I need to take a class and one I have the technique developed, I will probably go in search of this cookbook to add to my own shelves.

Vasilly 1/8/11, 10:14 AM  

I love Waitress! It's such a good movie! The Pie book looks amazing. I don't eat pies (have no idea why), but the cover looks so good I need to check this one out.

Esme 1/8/11, 10:15 AM  

This was an awesome movie-I loved all the pies she came up with.

Happy New Year.

Julie P. 1/8/11, 11:13 AM  

Cute post. I think fruit pies top my overall favorite desserts!

Sandy Nawrot 1/8/11, 11:29 AM  

Oh, I am so glad you watched it! Such a clever, feel-good movie. I still remember the "bad baby pie". However, I suck at making pies, unlike my grandmother, who could have started her own enterprise.

Margot 1/8/11, 11:39 AM  

I'm unfamiliar with the movie and the book but now I have two new treats to look forward to. I still bake pies for holidays and when fruit is in season. I use my old Farm Journal Pie Book for most of them but I like to try new recipes too.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) 1/8/11, 11:56 AM  

I had heard this was a cute movie. I can't start eating pies until I get rid of extra few pounds from all the Christmas cookies I ate.

Joy Weese Moll 1/8/11, 1:28 PM  

The Waitress is a delightful movie!

I'm participating in my first ever Weekend Cooking and I'm so excited! Thanks for hosting it.

Peaceful Reader 1/8/11, 1:45 PM  

I love this movie. Keri Russell is fantastic in it. Have a great weekend.

Allie ~ Hist-Fic Chick 1/8/11, 2:16 PM  

I saw this movie a while ago back when it first came out on DVD. Have to say, I found it a bit too bleak for my tender heart to handle! But, it *DEFINITELY* made me want to bake some PIES!

Speaking of, Hot Chocolate Pie??!! Are you trying to give me a heart attack right now? That sounds like 15 kinds of YUM!

Nan 1/8/11, 2:21 PM  

I so loved the movie that I bought the dvd. The pie song is especially wonderful. For this weekend's cooking, I posted baklava!

Heather 1/8/11, 5:38 PM  

what a terrific post. My daughter loves pie, in fact, when she introduces herself to people, she tells them she loves pie. We just have to see that movie.

Belle Wong 1/8/11, 5:57 PM  

I think Ward will love this movie! He's always looking for food-related movies. Now I'm thinking I'd like some pie ...

Alice 1/9/11, 1:04 AM  

I didn't know about this movie but I do now. I love pies and I still haven't got a chance to try pumpkin pie. I heard it is good...

Chinoiseries 1/9/11, 4:31 AM  

I've not heard of this movie before, but hey, it looks like a fun foodie movie and you're recommending it, so I will go and watch it soon :) (The guy totally reminds me of Castle and Firefly whenever I see him though, so hm, not sure if it works). Now I feel like baking a pie as well xD

Andi 1/9/11, 8:39 AM  

LOVE this movie! Did you happen to watch any DVD extras? Very sad story about the director (a woman who was actually in the movie) who was murdered before it came out. Very sad, but poignant nonetheless.

Michelle 1/9/11, 9:00 AM  

Such a quirky movie! And Nathan Fillion, how can a person go wrong? LOL Oh, and there is always time for pie!

Elisabeth 1/9/11, 9:52 AM  

Waitress is one of my favorite movies! It is a must see!

Michelle (my books. my life.) 1/9/11, 11:32 AM  


I love The Waitress. :)

Rebecca Rasmussen 1/9/11, 12:36 PM  

I love this movie -- just put it on my netflix list again. Thank you for reminding me! :)

Darlene 1/9/11, 1:30 PM  

I've heard of this movie but never watched it. I really like Keri Russell so I'll have to check it out.

You've got me craving a piece of pie now though. lol.

nat @book, line, and sinker 1/9/11, 4:02 PM  

i remember seeing a few people recommend this movie and am adding it to my netflix. as for pies, SIGN ME UP!i make a killer key lime pie, but have never attempted anything with a dough crust. maybe i should try something new!

Gnoe (@Graasland) 1/9/11, 4:30 PM  

Are you listing all your cookbook posts in the Foodie's Reading Challenge? You'll be a super glutter then! :)

Kellylou 1/9/11, 4:30 PM  

I remember when this came out! I wanted to see it, but have since forgotten all about it. Now I want to see the movie AND eat pie! :)

Lenore Appelhans 1/9/11, 6:16 PM  

I still want to see this movie!

Zibilee 1/9/11, 9:57 PM  

I NEED this book! I have been lamenting the fact that I have no idea how to make a pie crust for such a long time, it's ridiculous. It sounds like this is the perfect books for me. Thank you so much for posting this! I also think I have seen this movie, and remember liking it a lot. You are right when you mention the fact that it wasn't very predictable. All the pie business reminds me of Pushing Daisies and the Pie Hole. Great post!

Sheila (Bookjourney) 1/9/11, 11:06 PM  

I have never seen this movie but it sounds cute and now I do want to watch it!

Violet 1/10/11, 1:40 AM  

I've never heard of this movie but it's definitely something I would enjoy. Thanks for bringing the movie and the book to my attention.

Veens 1/11/11, 6:00 AM  

I ENJOYED The Waitress and saw it when I was in the US. It was a good one.

Sue Jackson 1/11/11, 9:47 AM  

What a fun meme! I love to cook. I post about movies we watched every Monday on my chronic illness blog.

We also enjoyed Waitress - saw it two years ago on an anniversary weekend. Lots of fun!

I look forward to next week's post.


Heather 1/30/11, 8:36 PM  

i was at my library last weekend picking up a book I requested and as a last moment thought, I checked the movie shelf. There it was, Waitress I was so pleased as I hadn't found it when I checked online. Daughter and I watched it the next afternoon and loved every minute. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

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