23 March 2011

Wordless Wednesday 122

Super Moon, March 2011

(click for better view)

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Beth F 3/23/11, 12:07 AM  

I don't have a tripod and I don't know very much about night photography, so I'm please I was able to get anything. These are both right from my camera. The orange moon was just as it was coming up; the dark shot (a bit easier to see when enlarged) was taken about 45 minutes later.

PippaD 3/23/11, 5:57 AM  

They are both stunning!

Ed T. 3/23/11, 6:05 AM  

Beautiful shots! Clouds kept me from even seeing the SuperMoon, so I have to live vicariously through others :-)

Happy WW!


Indrani 3/23/11, 7:19 AM  

You got good captures Beth. Be proud!

Jessie Weaver 3/23/11, 7:30 AM  

So gorgeous! We could barely see it through our trees.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea 3/23/11, 8:21 AM  

oh yes, this was a beauty, and how great that you captured it.

caite 3/23/11, 8:24 AM  

love the color on that first one!
I was going to photograph the moon but I could not find the little do-hicky to attach my tripod.

Jen - Devourer of Books 3/23/11, 8:38 AM  

Gorgeous! We were totally overcast and couldn't see the moon.

Sandy Nawrot 3/23/11, 8:40 AM  

Wasn't that something!?

Jenn's Bookshelves 3/23/11, 8:41 AM  

Gorgeous! I took a few pictures but they didn't come out nearly as clear as yours!

bermudaonion 3/23/11, 8:50 AM  

It was too cloudy here to see the supermoon, so I'm glad you captured a few shots for us.

Secret Mom Thoughts 3/23/11, 8:55 AM  

beautiful super moon shots.

Beth 3/23/11, 9:02 AM  

Beautiful! And unlike me, you managed to remember your tripod!

Eleanor 3/23/11, 9:04 AM  

I wanted to capture the supermoon, but was just standing there slack-jawed over the awesomeness of it. Thanks for sharing YOUR amazing shot!

Beth Hoffman 3/23/11, 9:06 AM  

The shot of the moon through the tree branches is one of my all-time favorites! Just gorgeous.

Meg @ write meg! 3/23/11, 9:10 AM  

Oh, I have such similar shots! The moon was awesome to see last weekend. My mom and boyfriend are both "serious" photographers and set up tripods, etc., but I just winged it. :)

Unknown 3/23/11, 9:14 AM  

Awesome pictures, especially the second one. It was too cloudy to see the moon here, which was disappointing!

Swapna 3/23/11, 9:46 AM  

For not having a tripod, those are great shots!

Barbara 3/23/11, 10:07 AM  

We saw it in the morning just as it was setting; it looked like it was balanced on the top of our mountain. Huge and bright, it was awesome.

Zibilee 3/23/11, 10:22 AM  

I haven't gotten to see it yet :(

Robin 3/23/11, 10:25 AM  

Great job despite the lack of a tripod. I'm so bummed, I didn't hear about the supermoon until the next morning. I did notice it looked large that night, but didn't think to grab a shot.

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Heather 3/23/11, 10:39 AM  

Every time I hear Super Moon, I want to crow it like it's a super hero. Super Moon!! lol

Wonderful shot. It was so beautiful here. It was just a little hazy here, which gave it a beautiful glow. I should have taken a picture of it!

SuziQoregon 3/23/11, 10:39 AM  

Well done (even without a tripod). Good to finally see it since all we had here was clouds. I knew you'd get some good shots if you had clear skies.

Beautifully done.

Anonymous,  3/23/11, 11:24 AM  

Gorgeous, especially the second one.

Martha@Hey, I want to read that 3/23/11, 12:12 PM  

Holy cow, what great shots.This is you not knowing much. I'll take your not knowing any day. We missed the Super Moon due to cloud cover so thanks for sharing.

Calico Crazy 3/23/11, 12:30 PM  

Gorgeous moon captures, happy WW! ~ Calico Contemplations

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) 3/23/11, 12:47 PM  

Nice that you got to see the super moon! It's beautiful.

I was all set with the tripod and big lens... and then it rained. :( So, no moon shots for me.

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) 3/23/11, 12:57 PM  

Wow stunning photo I didn't realize until the next day about the Super Moon.

My Photo:

Stan 3/23/11, 1:24 PM  

Love those moon pictures, but the do make me feel cold. That's OK right now since it's still snowing in my neighborhood, with more on the way. Spring is gonna be a tad late.

Anonymous,  3/23/11, 3:16 PM  

It was raining here and we couldn't see the supermoon. :-( So thanks for sharing!

Kit Aerie-el 3/23/11, 3:35 PM  

Very nice moon shots!
Happy WW!

Bloomin'Chick Jo 3/23/11, 4:22 PM  

Beautiful!!! I didn't have a tripod either. My camera gets moody when it comes to night pics or when there's too much light but patience enabled me to get more than a few good shots of this incredible moon! But I was so happy to experience it (didn't think we would since we had thick clouds until 2 hours before sunset) so the photo's are a bonus to something I feel blessed to have seen!

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews 3/23/11, 4:32 PM  

Hi Beth,

Some amazing shots, it was just too cloudy in our part of the UK, to get anything as good, although we did get a brief glimpse or two of this fantastic spectacle.


catsynth 3/23/11, 6:45 PM  

Nice shots of the super moon! It's always a challenge to photograph.

And thanks for the kind words and support for the show.

TexasRed 3/23/11, 7:12 PM  

Lovely! especially the orange moon!

Peppermint Ph.D. 3/23/11, 8:40 PM  

I completely missed the Super Moon but when my mother-in-law asked me today if we had seen it, I could honestly say yes (because I saw your pics first thing this morning :) Whew!

colleen 3/23/11, 11:19 PM  

These look very similar to the ones I got. The one I took the night before came out best. It was less dark and cloudy. I posted another one today, just a blip of orange.

Stratoz 3/24/11, 10:11 AM  

most wonderful tribute to a big moon

Marie 3/24/11, 4:59 PM  

Lucky you! It was cloudy here and we saw nothing. Nice job.

Jenners 3/24/11, 7:46 PM  

I think moon shots are hard to get. Love that first one. What a neat color.

Belle Wong 3/24/11, 11:43 PM  

I'm so glad you were able to capture these shots! Very nice!

Louis la Vache 3/25/11, 2:37 AM  

«Louis» missed the supermoon because it was pouring rain over the San Francisco Bay Area.

He thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story 3/25/11, 8:58 PM  

Those photos are both beautiful! And you took them yourself? They're lovely, esp. number two!

Michelle 3/26/11, 5:34 PM  

Super moon!! Such a beautiful picture.

tracy 3/28/11, 12:57 PM  

i honestly didn't know anything about the supermoon until i started going through the WW posts from last week. i'm sorry i missed it. at least i have your lovely photos to show me what i missed! :)

Alice 4/2/11, 12:27 PM  

I completely missed this and so happy to catch the moon here!

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