06 April 2011

Changing Things Up

Every once in a while I feel the need to step back and reevaluate what I'm doing. This crazy busy editing season has helped me see the importance of simplification.

Saying Good-Bye to Some Projects

Audiobook Jukebox Since August 2010, I have been the co-owner of Audiobook Jukebox with Susan (@AudiobookDJ). I love the great response the site has gotten, and I am there every day, not just to do administration work but also to discover new narrators, authors, titles, and reviewers.

As of April 1, Susan is the sole owner of the blog. I couldn't have had a better working relationship, and I wish her and the site all the best of success. I plan to continue to contribute my own review links to the site and to use it to help me find my next great listen.

Literary Road Trip I have decided to bow out of the Literary Road Trip project. If someone else would like to take over the great state of Pennsylvania and all its fabulous authors, please head on over to the LRT's home and sign up.

I feel blessed to have met some absolutely terrific authors and to have had the opportunity to introduce them to you through their guest posts. I love the project, but I just don't seem to have the time to devote to it anymore.

Devoting More Energy to Others

Book Reviews Of course, the core of Beth Fish Reads consists of my book reviews, teasers, must read lists, and other bookish content. Once the spring editing season is over, I'll be able to up my personal reading time. Be on the look-out for lots of new reviews.

Imprint Awareness My first big love is my Imprint Awareness Campaign, which I began in late 2009. Since then, it has been my joy to feature, highlight, and spotlight some of my favorite imprints and the fabulous titles and they publish. I love telling readers about the importance of following and being aware of imprints. I am already planning posts into the fall and will be introducing you to at least one more awesome imprint. I remain now and forever dedicated to this project.

Weekend Cooking Another great love in my life is cooking, food, foodie movies, cookbooks, foodie books, and recipes. Through my weekly Weekend Cooking feature--now almost 80 weeks old--I have gotten to know my book blogging friends a bit better and have met a whole new group of foodie bloggers. Each week, I am exposed to new recipes, new books, new gadgets, and new techniques. One of my favorite posts of the week is Weekend Cooking, and I love reading the posts that you all have been so gracious to share.

Audiobooks As you know, I am an auidobook fanatic. I will continue to review and spotlight audiobooks on Beth Fish Reads. I could not live without my audios. In fact, I own four mp3 players all filled with great books just begging to be listened to. If you like audiobooks, you've come to the right place. I have almost 200 posts that bear the audiobook label.

Photography For the last 125 weeks or so, I have posted a weekly photograph. I love looking at the world through a lens, and I spend a lot of time stewing over which photograph I want to share with fellow enthusiasts every Wednesday. I haven't had much time in the past couple months to go photo hunting, but that will soon change; I plan to take my camera for many walks this summer.

Blog Reading and Reading Challenges Yes! In about twenty days I will be past my busy editing season. Because I have dropped two blogging projects, I am thrilled that I'll soon be free to visit my blogging friends on a regular basis. And I'll even have time to update my review indexes and link to reading challenge pages. I am looking forward rejoining the book blogging world.

Let me know if there is something I've forgotten. I am already feeling the benefits of unburdening myself a little; less stress means I can devote more time to my favorite kinds of posts.


Michelle 4/6/11, 7:08 AM  

Kudos to you! It's always a good thing to step back and look at what you're doing. I'm sure you'll find this shift a good one!

Marie Cloutier 4/6/11, 7:17 AM  

We all need to make adjustments now and then. Sounds like you have some great plans!

Marg 4/6/11, 7:31 AM  

Good luck with the changes you are making. Some times it is good to step back and reevaluate.

Jen Forbus 4/6/11, 7:53 AM  

I'm having to do something very similar right now. There's so much wonderfulness out there sometimes it's hard to make the choices, but sanity needs to win out over everything!

Good luck!

Chrisbookarama 4/6/11, 8:14 AM  

Very smart to review your blogging every once in awhile. Glad to see you're keeping Weekend Cooking though!

Jenn's Bookshelves 4/6/11, 8:24 AM  

Good for you! It's good to occasionally reflect on our focus & make changes accordingly! I'm glad to see you are devoting your time & energy to projects that excite & inspire!

Swapna 4/6/11, 8:57 AM  

It's always great to review priorities and see what's working and what's not. I did something similar earlier this year and discovered I like flexibility more than anything else!

Zibilee 4/6/11, 9:27 AM  

I am glad to hear that you are doing some things that will help you to feel less stressed and allow you more time to do the kinds of things that make you happy. It's important that we all do that type of thing every once in awhile. Good luck with it!

Megan (Best of Fates) 4/6/11, 10:01 AM  

I love cleaning out all the activities of a life and narrowing in on what brings the most joy. Good luck!

Barbara 4/6/11, 10:09 AM  

I need to do something similar. I'm in a rut lately and not getting things accomplished that I really want to do. I took a few days off, and then we went away so that was a bust, but I'm planning spring cleaning (if it ever warms up in NE PA) and simplifying my life. I'm happy you're excited about your decisions.

Word Lily 4/6/11, 10:39 AM  

We all have to step back, evaluate, and simplify and/or refocus sometimes. Thanks for sharing where you're headed!

Carrie K. 4/6/11, 10:43 AM  

Good plan! I agree with everyone else - we each need to take a step back and re-evaluate every once in a while.

caite 4/6/11, 10:47 AM  

gosh, I was scared there for a minute you might have decided to drop Weekend Cooking! That would have upset me, because like you, I enjoy it a great deal...as I do Wordless Wednesday. Finally a place to show some of those thousand of photos on my computer..lol

Martha@Hey, I want to read that 4/6/11, 11:02 AM  

Isn't saying no, or admitting you don't have time for something hard? Good for you and I love where you're focusing your attention. Your imprint awareness has brought so many great books into my life.

Eva 4/6/11, 11:34 AM  

Woohoo for figuring out top priorities! :)

Sandy Nawrot 4/6/11, 11:35 AM  

Sometimes you just have to say "enough is enough" or "WTF" or whatever. No sense killing yourself. I'm a tad bit ashamed I don't participate more in your weekend cooking but awhile ago I decided to give myself Saturday off. These things happen. I love you no matter what you do.

SuziQoregon 4/6/11, 1:08 PM  

Good for you - maintaining balance requires constant re-evaluation and adjustment. I do this on an ongoing basis with my blog and other projects. I'm pleased to see my favorite stuff is still going to be here - I couldn't live without your Wordless Wednesday (and any others you choose to post by the way) photos!!

Making the necessary choices to keep the fun and enjoyment in your blog is exactly what you need to do. Focus on the things that add joy to your life.

Uniflame 4/6/11, 1:38 PM  

Looking forward to your new posts :) What are imprints? Maybe this sounds strange, but I never heard of the term before.

Beth F 4/6/11, 2:02 PM  

Here are two posts that discuss imprints: Imprints, Imprints, Imprints and Featuring Great Imprints.

They are small division within a larger publishing house that focuses on the tastes of a particular editor, a particular genre, or some other specific editorial/publishing vision.

bermudaonion 4/6/11, 2:58 PM  

I think we all need to step back and re-evaluate things from time to time - otherwise we get stuck in a rut.

Meghan 4/6/11, 3:01 PM  

It's a great idea to step back and decide what you can and can't do for the year ahead. Rather selfishly, I'm glad you're not cutting any of my favorite features! :)

kayerj 4/6/11, 3:16 PM  

It's always good to simplify--I just weeded out some reading challenges I knew I would never get to this year. It made me feel better :)

Dorte H 4/6/11, 3:44 PM  

Great idea to stop and think through your projects once in a while. And I know how good it feels once you have made a decision and abandoned one or two of all those balls you were juggling :D

Belle Wong 4/6/11, 5:34 PM  

I am so glad you're keeping all the features I really love! I adore Weekend Cooking, and every time we stumble on a great new cookbook or food book, I say to Ward, yay! I can write a Weekend Cooking post now! :)

Nan 4/6/11, 6:21 PM  

This is a great posting, and I enjoyed reading it. I don't know how you do it! I simply write my blog, and still don't have the time to go visit other blogs as often as I'd like. And I don't have kids at home or an outside job. :<)

JoAnn 4/6/11, 6:51 PM  

Whew... for a minute I was afraid Weekend Cooking was going to be cut! Enjoyed reading this post and think we all need to re-access every now and then.

Rebecca Rasmussen 4/6/11, 8:10 PM  

Well you already know this: I think you're fabulous no matter what you do here :)

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 4/6/11, 9:46 PM  

A smart woman - evaluate and adapt ...

I'll look forward to your new photos (and imagine you're looking forward to the end of the busy season and the beginning of 'walk in the woods' season)

Alyce 4/6/11, 9:47 PM  

Wow - you've got a lot going on! Sometimes it is just a relief to let old projects go, isn't it? :) Good luck with all of the new plans!

Amused 4/6/11, 11:39 PM  

Reevaluating commitments is sometimes necessary. Sounds like you made some great choices. Best of luck to you!

Margot 4/7/11, 1:51 AM  

Good for you. I hope your changes will give you a few more quality hours in your life. I'm so glad Weekend Cooking survived. (I was nervous for a minute as I started reading your post.) Weekend Cooking is one of my favorite posts to both write and read. I didn't realize it was 80 posts. It never feels old and I've made many new friends from it. Thanks for your leadership in this area as well as all you do in the book blogging world.

Beth Hoffman 4/7/11, 9:01 AM  

Brava to you! I think it's so important to periodically reassess where our energies go and how we can refocus. And speaking of "refocus" I'm sooooooo glad you're going to continue with your photography, I enjoy your works so much!

Unknown 4/7/11, 4:21 PM  

I think sometimes we all have to take a step back and re-evaluate our blogs. Good luck getting through the busy editing season.

Anonymous,  4/7/11, 11:24 PM  

I'm a big fan of simplifying...hopefully it brings a bit of calm to your life.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz 4/8/11, 7:13 AM  

Oddly, I was just thinking of the same thing. I feel like I'm doing too many memes. Sometimes (like today) I want to just wander around blogs and stop in when I feel like it.

Sorilla 4/8/11, 12:31 PM  

Wow, what a focus! Good spring cleaning decision ;)
Reading your post I was at first sad that you decided to abandon the Audiobooks; but then I got great relieve when you mention your love to the media and plans to continue reviewing audio books here on your site. Yay!!!

Laura at Library of Clean Reads 4/9/11, 4:10 PM  

Foe me, spring has a way of making us see things in a new light. Good for you for following through! Our time is so precious and limited, it's important to do what we feel we want to do. And letting go of some projects opens up new doors for others.

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