10 May 2011

Imprint Extra & Giveaway: The Book of (Even More) Awesome by Neil Pasricha

Remember last year when I oohed and aahed over Neil Pasricha's The Book of Awesome and his entertaining blog 1000 Awesome Things? I'm happy to tell you that so many people felt the same way that his second book, The Book of (Even More) Awesome, was recently released.

As Neil says in the introduction to the new collection, many of us get overwhelmed with the stresses and strains of balancing work and family, some of us are dealing with personal losses, and others are simply feeling down in the dumps. By taking time each day to notice the awesome moments--no matter how small--we can find bits of happiness even under the gloomiest conditions.

Here are a few of my own awesome moments from the last few days:

  • Lazing on the deck on a sunny afternoon pretending to read. Awesome!
  • Finally putting the snow shovels away for the season. Awesome!
  • Spotting a pileated woodpecker in my apple tree. Awesome!
  • Getting a note from Neil to share with my readers. Even More Awesome!
Beth Fish Readers!

Hello! Whew! What a year it's been since we last chatted!

Congrats to those of you still doing the Amy Einhorn Perpetual Challenge! I had lunch with Amy in New York this week and I can personally verify that she is an absolute gem. She is shiny and sparkly and extremely valuable. And the books she keeps releasing are awesome to say the least.

Thank you all so much sincerely for your support last year when The Book of Awesome came out! I can't honestly believe it's still number one on bestseller lists a year later.

This past week I had the Nerve Attack of a lifetime when I went on The Today Show for The Book of (Even More) Awesome. You can't see the sweat stains in the clip but I assure you they were there. A sprightly and confident Dick Van Dyke sitting next to me only added to the worries. It was a fun day and reminded me how lucky it's been to talk to everyone about awesome things.

More than anything, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you for the support. You guys are great. You guys are terrific. And you guys are very truly . . . AWESOME!

Lots of love from Canada,
Thanks so much Neil. I'm thrilled that you have seen such success; because of your blog and books, many people find a spark of joy every day.

The Book of (Even More) Awesome is the kind of book you browse through when you need a pick-me-up. Some of you might consider reading a passage every morning so you can start your day with a smile. Share some awesomeness with your friends and family and encourage others to talk about their own magical moments.

What were your awesome moments from the last few days?

Now what could be more awesome than than getting a note from Neil or bringing a smile to someone's face? The chance to win a signed copy of The Book of (Even More) Awesome. Because this giveaway is being sponsored by the publisher, it's open only to people with a U.S. or Canada mailing address.

To enter, just fill out this form. I'll pick a winner (using a random number generator) on May 20. Good luck!

Amy Einhorn Books is a featured imprint on Beth Fish Reads. For more information about the imprint, please read Amy Einhorn's open letter posted here on January 25, 2010, or click the Amy Einhorn tab below my banner photo. To join the Amy Einhorn Books Reading Challenge, click the link.

The Book of (Even More) Awesome at Powell's
The Book of (Even More) Awesome at Book Depository
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poofbooks 5/10/11, 8:50 AM  


Saw you on The Today show and you held your own as well as pulled me in. Nice job.


Thanks for this post, fun to learn of Neil's nerves and more about the new book.

bermudaonion 5/10/11, 9:16 AM  

I love his note and am proud to be a "Beth Fish Reader!"

Martha@Hey, I want to read that 5/10/11, 10:23 AM  

I love the idea of this. Here are my awesome moments:

Waking up naturally (no alarm clock). Awesome.

Being told "I love you so much" by the three year old I watch. Awesome.

Being a Beth Fish Readers reader. Awesome.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 5/10/11, 10:39 AM  

Having breakfast for dinner. Awesome.

Meeting a deadline ahead of schedule. Awesome.

Recognizing that my children's "awesomes" may be different than mine, and embracing them (the awesomes AND the children!). Awesome.

Anonymous,  5/10/11, 10:46 AM  

First sip of coffee.

Watching my baby son smile.

Split second after sneezing.

Zibilee 5/10/11, 10:51 AM  

Here is my list of awesome from this weekend:

Chocolate muffins for breakfast

Getting the chance to read a book that I have wanted to read for over a year.

Great Mother's Day presents from my kids.

Jaymie 5/10/11, 10:51 AM  

Sleeping in - awesome

The energy of 30+ young writers working on a project - Awesome

Staying up all night to finish a fantastic book - AWESOME!

Beth Hoffman 5/10/11, 3:09 PM  

What a terrific note from Neil!

Col (Col Reads) 5/10/11, 3:20 PM  

This sounds like a totally fun read.

As for me? Convincing my daughter to try mushrooms and having her admit she liked them. Awesome!

Heather 5/10/11, 6:21 PM  

Having watermelon for dessert on mother's day. Awesome.

Dorte H 5/11/11, 12:20 PM  

Publishing my second volume of flash fiction. Awesome.

Winning a cosy mystery. Awesome.

Amy 5/13/11, 1:04 PM  

That is such a great note. What a nice guy!

Waking up to find my furry kitty on my lap.

Warm sun on my face

Leslie 5/13/11, 1:07 PM  

You saw a pileated woodpecker in your apple tree? I'm soooo jealous. I have yet to see one, ever. I did get a rose-breasted grosbeak at my feeder this weekend... which for me is awesome.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway, no pun intended!

Jenners 5/13/11, 9:50 PM  

Some awesome moments from today:

Finally cleaning my car ... and having the neighborhood kids join in to help me clean it.

Seeing my son play with his friends in a good old-fashioned way ... with lots of running and yelling and laughter.

An impromptu get together with our neighbors ... who are rapidly becoming our closest friends.

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