17 June 2011

Imprint Friday: Stiltsville by Susanna Daniel

Welcome to Imprint Friday and today's featured imprint: Harper Perennial. Stop by each week to be introduced to a must-read title from one of my favorite imprints. I know you'll be adding many of these books to your wish list.

The hook that looped itself around my mind and drew me into Susanna Daniel's Stiltsville was learning that such a community--built over the water--really exists, and that Daniel's own family owned one of those houses when she was a girl. What kept me interested was the intimate examination of a marriage and family. This month Harper Perennial is releasing the novel in paperback, complete with the P.S. section that fans of the imprint love.

Here's the publisher's summary:

One sunny morning in 1969, Frances Ellerby finds herself in a place called Stiltsville, a community of houses built on pilings in the middle of Biscayne Bay. It's the first time the Atlanta native has been out on the open water, and she's captivated. On the dock of a stilt house, with the dazzling Miami skyline in the distance, she meets the house's owner, Dennis DuVal—and a new future reveals itself.

Turning away from her quiet, predictable life back home, Frances moves to Miami to be with Dennis. Over time, she earns the confidence of his wild-at-heart sister and the approval of his oldest friend. Frances and Dennis marry and have a child—but rather than growing complacent about their good fortune, they continue to face the challenges of intimacy in the complicated city they call home.

With Stiltsville, Susanna Daniel weaves the beauty, violence, and humanity of Miami's coming-of-age with an enduring story of a marriage's beginning, maturity, and heartbreaking demise.
Author Daniel described her novel as a fictional memoir, and it is that style that helps make the book seem so personal. It is in simple terms the story of a long-term marriage. But the deeper truth is that Frances and Dennis are not perfect, and their life is not always filled with rainbows. Daniel's characters are more real than that; they are people you come to know and care about so deeply you may forget you're reading a novel. The sense of truth is supported by the background of historic events and the very real setting of Miami.

I was particularly struck by something Daniel said in an interview with Laura Valeri at Fiction Writers Review:
Stiltsville is a perfect setting for fiction, and it’s shocking to me that no one has ever placed a women’s novel there. For one thing, when you put your characters together on an island, they speak more plainly to each other than anywhere else. Things come to the surface. Also, family life is all about living together on an island, navigating choppy waters, and standing together when everything crumbles around you.
Most reviewers have commented on Daniel's beautiful writing and on the emotional connections they were able to make with the characters. Here are some examples:
  • Nomad Reader said: "It's the most emotionally engaging novel I've read in quite some time. I often struggle writing reviews for books I adore, and I found nothing to criticize in Stiltsville."
  • Ellen Kanner, writing for the Miami Herald, concluded: "Daniel renders Frances and her family so authentically, their dynamics and quirks come to feel utterly familiar and endearing. Deceptively placid Stiltsville reminds us, like Frances, to appreciate the small but potent magic in everyday life."
  • Kathy at Bermuda Onion's Weblog wrote: "The writing is magnificent in this story of love--between friends, parents and children, and spouses. . . . I found myself lost in Daniel’s words and became emotionally involved."
Book clubs will appreciate the Reading Group Guide's insightful questions. To learn more about the real Stiltsville (and so see some photos), the novel, and the author, visit Susanna Daniel's website.

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Stiltsville at an Indie
Stiltsville at Powell's
Stiltsville at Book Depository
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Published by HarperCollins / Harper Perennial edition, June 2011
ISBN-13: 9780061963087


nomadreader 6/17/11, 7:31 AM  

I'm so glad Harper Perennial put this out in paperback at this time of year. It's such a wonderful novel, and I hope it finds more readers in paperback. Thanks for linking to my review!

bermudaonion 6/17/11, 8:14 AM  

Thanks for linking to my review - I just loved that book and cried at the end.

Meg @ write meg! 6/17/11, 9:11 AM  

I remember seeing buzz about Stiltsville last year -- thanks for reminding me to keep it on my radar!

Beth Hoffman 6/17/11, 10:01 AM  

I've had this book on my list for some time. I must read it soon!

Barbara 6/17/11, 10:05 AM  

This sounds like a great summer read. Must keep it in mind.

Zibilee 6/17/11, 10:22 AM  

I read this book last year, and for some reason I just didn't really connect with the characters or their plights. I know that I am totally in the minority though, as just about every other blogger seemed to love it.

Anonymous,  6/17/11, 12:26 PM  

I read and reviewed this one last year and was one of the people who found a lot of emotional connections with the whole concept. I still think about it and think it's great to have the paperback out here at the beginning of the summer. The author has a real gift for immersing the reader in the sensory aspects of the narrative. :-)

Audra 6/17/11, 12:43 PM  

Oooh, I trust Carrie and Kathy's thoughts on a book -- I'll have to give this a try. HP books can be so hit or miss for me for some reason!

Beth(bookaholicmom) 6/17/11, 3:12 PM  

I'm glad to see this is coming out in paperback as I am hoping to read it. The reviews for it have been quite good. Houses on stilts have always fascinated me and I think they would make a fantastic setting for a book.

Anonymous,  6/17/11, 3:28 PM  

I agree that this setting sounds unusual and intriguing.

Unknown 6/17/11, 4:43 PM  

I've read such positive reviews regarding this book, I hope to get to it later this year or next.

natalie @book, line, and sinker 6/17/11, 5:32 PM  

i actually remember reading about stiltsville in a carl hiaasen novel. i researched it and was surprised to learn it was a real place! this book sounds like a great read--i love novels (and memoirs) that center on relationships. have a great weekend!

Jenners 6/17/11, 8:51 PM  

I think it is so interesting that there really is a Stiltsville.

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) 6/19/11, 10:22 AM  

Wow what a neat concept! I had no idea that this or the actual place existed. This is going on my list right now. Very cool. Love the cover, too...

Jennifer 6/19/11, 3:19 PM  

Hadn't really heard of this one before so thanks for pointing it out. It sounds right up my alley.

Darlene 6/20/11, 3:02 PM  

Wonderful review. I've seen some really good reviews for this one. It's been on my wishlist for a while.

Serena 6/20/11, 3:16 PM  

I read this book as well, but I had issues with the characters...I really couldn't connect deeply with them and found the read to be less than I wanted it to be...but I still liked it.

Meaning 6/21/11, 9:45 AM  

Hey, thanks for this review, the story sounds lovely. I love Miami. but I didn't even know that stiltsville exists...
There's something magical about islands and I've always been drawn to stories set on them. One of my favourite places in the world is the Azores (see more here) which I recommend to anybody for an island getaway...

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