13 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday 138

Night Sky, July 2011

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SuziQoregon 7/13/11, 12:33 AM  

Beautiful! Now you need a good ghost story to put with it.

Indrani 7/13/11, 1:12 AM  

Slightly eerie. Clear night shot.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) 7/13/11, 2:09 AM  

Very ominous looking sky... I expect to see a werewolf creeping around the corner.

Veens 7/13/11, 3:30 AM  

I well would think the vamps and the wolves are out there :)

PippaD 7/13/11, 5:13 AM  

What a great shot.

Heather 7/13/11, 5:32 AM  

Beautiful! I love that you got the entire halo around the moon. Spooky!

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) 7/13/11, 7:26 AM  

Oh, wow!!! This is so beautiful. I love actually happening upon something like this when I'm walking, at night. Perfect!

Sandy Nawrot 7/13/11, 8:22 AM  

Where is the crumbling castle and the deranged woman stumbling about? Very cool picture. I've tried to take moon pictures and they always turn out blurry and unremarkable.

caite 7/13/11, 8:45 AM  

I never get good moon pics like that.
I know 'cause I tried last night.

Beth Hoffman 7/13/11, 8:56 AM  

Another one that could so easily be a book cover! Great shot.

bermudaonion 7/13/11, 8:57 AM  

Very spooky. I agree with Beth H - it could be a book cover.

Zibilee 7/13/11, 9:00 AM  

Looks like the moon was full behind those clouds. Great picture. Like Sandy, I have tried taking pictures of the moon before, but they never seem to come out the right way.

Barbara 7/13/11, 9:24 AM  

I can just see kids camping out in the back yard and being scared silly by such a sight. Perfect for telling ghost stories.

Martha@Hey, I want to read that 7/13/11, 11:19 AM  

Very cool, it makes me want to lay out at night and look at the sky.

catsynth 7/13/11, 11:21 AM  

Very moody and detailed picture of the moon.
(I always find it a challenge to photograph.)

Anonymous,  7/13/11, 1:06 PM  

Nice photo, in a spooky kind of way. I picture hearing a wolf howl with it.

colleen 7/13/11, 1:20 PM  

I took a shot almost identical to this one. Cool that we all share the same sky and moon no matter where we are.

Dorte H 7/13/11, 3:27 PM  

Leslie stole my comment! ;)

Susie Kline 7/13/11, 4:48 PM  

I'm looking for werewolves! Perfect!

xo Susie

Marie 7/13/11, 5:21 PM  

Very nice. I love trying to pick out shapes and things I can see in the clouds.

Yvonne 7/13/11, 8:10 PM  

What a great photo!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea 7/13/11, 10:08 PM  

Now my black cat would be howling at that...very eerie indeed.

Michelle 7/16/11, 8:26 AM  

Great picture! Totally creepy. Would fit in really great on a post about horror fiction or a Halloween theme.

Tif Sweeney 7/25/11, 2:34 PM  

LOVE this picture!!!

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