12 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday 151

Church Door Knob (Ribe, Denmark)

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Dianne - Bunny Trails 10/12/11, 12:12 AM  

Wow. That is beautiful!! I've never seen such a doorknob. Great capture.

SuziQoregon 10/12/11, 12:27 AM  

Very cool!! I love your door related photos.

Indrani 10/12/11, 1:11 AM  

I got to see a variety of them during my Europe tour.
This one is a good one. :)

Ed T. 10/12/11, 6:19 AM  

Nice shot. I don't recall seeing any of those in my travels through Europe, but I didn't get to Denmark. Also, that was a long time ago.

Happy WW!


Sandy Nawrot 10/12/11, 6:56 AM  

You just don't see door handles like this! How totally cool. I'd pay big money for that.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea 10/12/11, 6:59 AM  

Is that awesome or what?? love it. I'd expect to see it on the entrance to one of the big mansions in Newport, RI.

Anonymous,  10/12/11, 7:04 AM  

I wonder how old that is. Very, very interesting.

Sivangj 10/12/11, 7:25 AM  

Beaufiful !!!
Can find the most amazing thing if you just use your eyes that for sure :)
Wish you a great day
Hugs from Siv

Carol 10/12/11, 8:31 AM  

Fabulous door handle. I love old details.

Karen Harrington 10/12/11, 8:42 AM  

That is an incredible doorknob! I've never seen anything like it.

Beth Hoffman 10/12/11, 8:53 AM  

Totally, madly, adoringly in love with it!

Tricia 10/12/11, 9:14 AM  

Such a beautiful detail!

Serena 10/12/11, 10:15 AM  

These kinds of door knockers always make me leery for some reason...like I will squeeze too hard and they will come to life and say "ouch!"

Meg @ write meg! 10/12/11, 10:30 AM  

A very cool and ornate door knob, that's for sure! Love it!

Jen 10/12/11, 10:42 AM  

Ok -- this is really cool. :)

I took lots of door photos on my last trip to Italy - it's amazing how ornate and detailed some of them are.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) 10/12/11, 11:02 AM  

Nice! You have a good eye for the macro shots. I wouldn't expect that much detail in a doorknocker, but there it is.

Anonymous,  10/12/11, 11:13 AM  

Wow, great photo. I don't think I've ever seen such a detailed door knob.

Zibilee 10/12/11, 11:44 AM  

Oh, I love that doorknob, and I wonder what the inside of the church must look like if even the doorknobs are so ornate!

Heather 10/12/11, 12:52 PM  

What a coll and interesting door knob!

Melissa {AllSewnUp} 10/12/11, 1:01 PM  

amazing, what a rare sight to see :)

Barbara 10/12/11, 1:43 PM  

That has to be the prettiest doorknob ever. Too bad no one builds churches and/or homes with beautiful details anymore. Everything is straight and plain.

Marie 10/12/11, 2:14 PM  

Great shot! They certainly don't make them like that anymore. I love it.

Cathy 10/12/11, 2:56 PM  

What a beautiful thing! And it will only get more beautiful with time as more people touch it....

caite 10/12/11, 3:43 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
caite 10/12/11, 3:46 PM  

ooops...screwed that last comment up. lol

it is a lovely door knob, but they might be a little out of place on my house.

JoAnn 10/12/11, 5:08 PM  

Oh, just love that! Wonder how old it is...

Lynn Gardner 10/12/11, 9:31 PM  

Thanks to you, I just spent too many minutes on flickr staring at other people's photoes of this door knob, trying to figure out what the heck the human figure is clutching (or wrestling?). Still don't know :( but Ribe Domkirke looks like it's full of all sorts of interesting objects.

Hard to believe the door is only from 1904!

Beth F 10/13/11, 6:53 AM  

I didn't realize the door was so new! The church itself is hundreds of years older.

Darlene 10/14/11, 1:15 PM  

Wow, that is just beautiful. I've never seen such a unique door knob anywhere.

Dorte H 10/15/11, 7:42 AM  

This one is just too funny!

We visited Ribe domkirke some years ago (must have been after 1904 though), but we probably went through another door because I am sure we would have noticed this.

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) 10/16/11, 3:04 PM  

Oooh, I really love this. It's beautiful and sweet and just really neat.

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