12 May 2012

Weekend Cooking: Dinner with Friends (Movie)

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One of my favorite foodie films was produced for HBO in 2001 and stars Dennis Quaid, Andie McDowell, Toni Collette, and Greg Kinnear. Dinner with Friends is a character-driven movie that focuses on shared meals.

The movie starts soon after Gabe (Quaid) and Karen (McDowell) are married when they've each invited their best friend to the beach house for the weekend. Tom (Kinnear) and Beth (Collette) barely remember each other from the wedding but soon hit it off and eventually marry. The couples remain friends, vacationing together, eating together, and raising their children together, until the day Tom tells Beth he wants a divorce. As their friends' marriage begins to crumble, Gabe and Karen question their own relationship, the meaning of friendship, and the nature of marriage.

What makes this a foodie movie (though you wouldn't know it from the trailer) is that Gabe and Karen work for Gourmet magazine and every meal is a feast for the eyes and imagination. From a flourless Italian cake to lobsters on the Vineyard and fancy lunches in New York, almost every scene centers around a meal.

Watch Dinner with Friends for the good script, great acting, and awesome food.


Libby 5/12/12, 6:06 AM  

Oh - thanks for telling me about this! I know I would like it. Funny, we were just talking about Gourmet magazine last weekend...

Thanks for hosting!

Rikki 5/12/12, 6:30 AM  

This sounds like a great film, I will have a look whether my DVD rental service has it. I love films that feature food as a main theme.

caite 5/12/12, 6:44 AM  

I never saw that one...and I do love Dennis Quaid...

jama 5/12/12, 7:07 AM  

What haven't I heard of or seen this movie? Must remedy that right away! Dennis Quaid = yum. :)

Lisa@ButteryBooks 5/12/12, 7:34 AM  

This sounds like a great Saturday night movie.

Sandy Nawrot 5/12/12, 8:23 AM  

I've never heard of this one! I love foodie movies...of course then I get hungry and want to go out in the kitchen and whip up something yummy.

Uniflame 5/12/12, 8:31 AM  

I never heard of this one. I need to check it out :)

Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook 5/12/12, 8:45 AM  

I had no clue about this movie, now I want to see it! I miss Gourmet magazine.

Esme 5/12/12, 9:03 AM  

Thanks for this, this sounds like my type of movie. I loved reading gourmet magazine.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity 5/12/12, 9:57 AM  

I remember seeing previews for this one but completely forgot about it. I love the actors featured (Toni Collette is fantastic). Wonder if I can find on Netflix...

Julie P. 5/12/12, 10:00 AM  

I so want to see this! What a great cast!

bermudaonion 5/12/12, 10:24 AM  

This sounds fantastic! I bet you were hungry after you watched it! lol

Beth S. 5/12/12, 10:46 AM  

I'd not heard of this movie before but I definitely want to check it out now!

Heather 5/12/12, 10:51 AM  

Like many of the other commenters, I haven't heard of this movie. Thanks for the heads up.

Little Nell 5/12/12, 11:09 AM  

I love Dennis Quaid, must look out for this. I’ve linked to my post called 'Kitchen Range' - you’ll see why. There’s certainly mentions of food and drink in it as here in Lanzarote we produce that famous Malvaisia wine - or as Shakespeare called it - Malmsey!

Julie 5/12/12, 11:21 AM  

Have you ever watched the movie The Last Supper? I love that movie, it is deliciously dark.

Fay 5/12/12, 11:48 AM  

Trying to think of other films centered around food, I keep coming back to Babette's Feast.

Joy Weese Moll 5/12/12, 11:52 AM  

That sounds really good -- added it to my movie queue!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog 5/12/12, 11:56 AM  

i hadn't heard of this film before, it sounds like a great movie for food lovers!!

rhapsodyinbooks 5/12/12, 1:33 PM  

There used to be a Saturday night show on tv, "Dinner and a Movie," and they would cook between movie segments, and the meal would be related to the movie. It was so fun, but I guess it isn't on the air anymore. But that's what I thought this post would be about!

Heather S-G 5/12/12, 3:33 PM  

I've never heard of this film before! I'm adding it to the Food 'n Flix list right this minute. Can't wait to see it!

Carole 5/12/12, 3:39 PM  

Hi Beth. I have linked in corned beef hash cakes. This week my food on Friday is bacon - which won't suit everyone so I won't link it in with Mr Linky. If anybody wanted to have a look at it the link is Food on Friday: Bacon

Carole 5/12/12, 4:11 PM  

Thanks, Beth for suggesting I put the link in.

Nan 5/12/12, 9:41 PM  

Thanks. I hadn't ever heard of it, but it is now in my Netflix queue.

Peggy Ann 5/12/12, 10:40 PM  

Will check it out on Netflix! Sounds good.

Kaye 5/13/12, 8:47 AM  

Finally home from “the big trek north” and wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. Hope it's great!

Gilion at Rose City Reader 5/13/12, 12:33 PM  

I don't think I've ever seen this movie. I'll have to watch it. My post is about the Ruth Reichl book I'm reading, so I like the Gourmet magazine connection.

Karen White 5/13/12, 2:28 PM  

I remember this movie coming out - will have to look for it. I linked to a review of that book I asked you about THE GARDENER AND THE GRILL. I bought it and we're loving it so far!

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