29 September 2012

Weekend Cooking: I Love Cinnamon Rolls by Judith Fertig

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When confronted by a dessert buffet, most of my friends head immediately for the chocolate. I, on the other hand, go first for something with fruit and second for something spicy. So when Judith Fertig's I Love Cinnamon Rolls! showed up in my mailbox, I was thrilled.

I've baked a lot of cinnamon rolls in my life, and I'm always open to new ideas and innovative combinations. Judith Fertig's 50 recipes have me thinking about taking up running, so I can make them all.

But before I get to the recipes, let me step back a minute to tell you what else you'll find in I Love Cinnamon Rolls! Fertig starts off with a short description of cinnamon rolls around the world, a glossary of different types of cinnamon, and the items you'll need to have on hand before you turn on the oven.

Now here's where things get a little different. You might be thinking about how you're not all that great when it comes to baking. Or perhaps you're worried that cinnamon rolls are too fussy. You may even be scared to death of working with yeast. And what about your special diet? No worries, Fertig has it all covered.
  • Unsure of your skills? Read the outline of techniques: from measuring the flour to storing and freezing your cinnamony treats
  • Feeling lazy? Make pullaparts instead of rolling up the dough.
  • Refuse to work with yeast? Start with a package of hot roll mix.
  • Concerned about what you eat? Try a vegan, whole wheat, or gluten-free recipe.
Fertig has provided enough choices, so everyone can enjoy a warm, spicy homemade dessert.

The first recipe chapter takes us through eight different types of dough, each with variations and requiring different sets of techniques. After that we get into the heart of I Love Cinnamon Rolls--how to make all sorts of wonderful treats.

As you can imagine, the cookbook provides recipes for traditional cinnamon rolls, bear claws, and the like. But Fertig quickly moves far beyond your grandmother's kitchen. For example:
  • Bacon-Brown Sugar Cinnamon Rolls
  • Coffee Lover's Cinnamon Monkey Bread Rolls
  • Mexican Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls
  • No-Knead Pumpkin-Cinnamon Pullaparts
  • Slavic Cinnamon-Walnut Twists
There are also a number of vegan desserts, featuring bananas, coconut, lime, sweet potatoes, and even bourbon. The gluten-free recipes pair cinnamon with apple, blueberry, and walnut. Don't the recipes sound fantastic?

The range of flavors, easy directions, and special-diet versions in Judith Fertig's I Love Cinnamon Rolls! mean everyone is guaranteed to find several desserts to warm up a Sunday morning or brighten up an after-school homework session.

When it came time to bake, I picked a more familiar treat to start with so I could combine my love of citrus with my love of spice: Orange Cinnamon Rolls with Sweet Orange Drizzle. The dough was a traditional white flour yeast dough and the filling was butter, orange zest, and cinnamon-sugar. Once baked, the rolls were topped with a glaze made from confectioner's sugar, orange zest, and freshly squeezed orange juice.It was all we could do not to eat half a pan in one sitting.

Buy I Love Cinnamon Rolls! at an Indie, at Powell's, at Book Depository, or at bookstore near you. These links lead to affiliate programs.
Published by Andrews McMeel, 2012
ISBN-13: 9781449420697
Rating: B+
Source: Review (see review policy)
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caite 9/29/12, 6:09 AM  

those orange rolls...orange glaze...my mouth is watering...

Marg 9/29/12, 6:10 AM  

I don't think that I have had a cinnamon scroll in years and I think even before that I have only had them a few times.

These do sound delicious though!

Uniflame 9/29/12, 6:15 AM  

Wow a book completely about cinnamon rolls! I never actually made any myself, but I know I would love this book!

bermudaonion 9/29/12, 6:44 AM  

I loved this cookbook too and will be posting about it tomorrow. The recipe you tried looks/sounds delicious. Too bad we aren't close so we could each make a recipe and then share half of it with the other.

Cecelia 9/29/12, 6:53 AM  

I'm a cinnamon roll fan, but I've never thought it was worth the effort to make them myself. Perhaps there's a recipe in the book that will change my mind? I'm not a morning person, at all. I like to taste the fruits of morning peoples' labor, though!

Tina 9/29/12, 7:33 AM  

Sign me up for this book! You are correct, when I think of dessert I tend to think chocolate...but
I am inclined toward lemon too.
This looks like a fun book to work through with something for everyone.

Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook 9/29/12, 7:48 AM  

You pretty much summed me up, afraid of baking and yeast. But nice to now there are options because this book looks fantastic and now you have me craving cinnamon rolls!

Chinoiseries 9/29/12, 7:50 AM  

A whole cookbook dedicated to cinnamon rolls :D I need this badly...

rhapsodyinbooks 9/29/12, 8:38 AM  

They all sound so good! I probably would have picked exactly the same one to test! I also like the ones (I have a number on pinterest) that are filled or frosted with cream cheese!

Julie P. 9/29/12, 9:14 AM  

I'm probably going to try out a recipe next week from this cookbook. I am reluctant because it seems like a lot of work!

Lisa 9/29/12, 9:14 AM  

Oh man, now I want to make cinnamon rolls. I have my grandmother's recipe. I wonder if I have all the stuff for it.

(Diane) bookchickdi 9/29/12, 9:31 AM  

I just made cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning, but I cheated and they were from a can (Trader Joe's). The Bacon Brown Sugar and orange ones sound divine.

Peggy Ann 9/29/12, 10:11 AM  

Wow a whole cookbook of cinnamon rolls! One of my favorite things in life!

SuziQoregon 9/29/12, 10:14 AM  

Oh my - I think I need this book.

Fay 9/29/12, 10:38 AM  

Makes my breakfast this morning look pretty boring. Pumpkin cinnamon sounds so good. Sorry I went all fumble fingers and hit enter for Mr. Linky before completing the entry the first time.

Patty 9/29/12, 11:22 AM  

I've already pinned this! Great fall recipe! (btw, I ve included my contribution twice, the first link is wrong - my apologies!)

Rikki 9/29/12, 11:36 AM  

I love cinnamon rolls and WANT THAT BOOK! Will track it down NOW! Thanks for featuring it.

Joanna Hennon 9/29/12, 12:01 PM  

Omg, I LOVE cinnamon rolls, a whole book of them? This will so be on my shelf by the time Christmas is over!

Heather S-G 9/29/12, 3:11 PM  

These orange rolls are on my short list. I have this book, but have yet to make anything from it. That said, I pretty much want to make everything, so when I'm ready, it'll be a matter of opening and pointing ;).

Linda 9/29/12, 3:19 PM  

Yum. This sounds like a book I need. I love orange cinnamon rolls.

Vasilly 9/29/12, 9:08 PM  

I've tried making cinnamon rolls before and the results were a disaster! Now I know it's time to give it another try. Your cinnamon rolls look so good!

chrisa511 9/29/12, 9:51 PM  

Drooling!!! This book sounds so good!!!

Peaceful Reader 9/29/12, 11:30 PM  

I DO love cinnamon rolls! No weekend cooking for me this weekend but so glad I rolled over to see your post-YUM.

Charlie 9/30/12, 5:31 AM  

A whole book about cinnamon rolls! (And that's a good thing). Interesting, and good, that there are vegan recipes too, you don't get that much in standard cook books. I like the sound of the ones you made.

Les 9/30/12, 9:52 AM  

I've never attempted cinnamon rolls, but this cookbook has me drooling. I think I may have to get a copy and work my way through the recipes this winter. Thank you!!

Gilion at Rose City Reader 9/30/12, 12:08 PM  

Once cold weather comes around, I really hanker after a good gooey cinnamon roll -- and definitely NOT the kind you get at the mall.

The only time I am in the mood for a cinnamon roll in the summer is when some of our local bakeries here in Oregon make them with marionberries. Yum!

Thanks for the reminder! I am going to explore this book further.

Peaceful Reader 9/30/12, 3:14 PM  

I guess I was inspired after reading your recipe and found another sweet roll recipe to try!

Heidenkind 9/30/12, 10:50 PM  

BACON cinnamon rolls? *dies*

Beth(bookaholicmom) 10/1/12, 12:08 AM  

I have never been brave enough to tackle making cinnamon rolls but this cookbook has me thinking I should just try to make them. Your rolls look delicious!

Daryl 10/1/12, 8:09 AM  

glad i didn't see the before now ... i love sticky buns

Anonymous,  10/1/12, 10:07 PM  

You and Kathy are torturing me with the cinnamon roll posts!

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