01 December 2012

Weekend Cooking: Pull-Apart Butter Rolls

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This is a special edition of Weekend Cooking. My friend and frequent WC participant Trish is hosting a very cool challenge. The idea is to get us to use all those recipes and projects we've pinned to our Pinterest boards. (Click on the button to read all about it.)

The day before Thanksgiving, I was all set to make challah until the latest newsletter from King Arthur Flour appeared in my inbox. It had a photo for the most mouth-watering butter rolls, and I knew I had to make them. They were delicious and easy to make and were a huge hit. I retrospectively pinned the recipe, which makes me a big-time cheater for Trish's challenge, but there you have it.

In case you are unfamiliar with King Arthur Flour, you might want to check out a vintage Weekend Cooking post titled "Say Hello to King Arthur." Oh, and for those of you who were intrigued by the Vanilla cookbook I reviewed a few weeks ago, I had an email yesterday alerting me to a vanilla sale at King Arthur Flour. (I have no affiliation, just a happy customer and willing to share news of a sale.)

Without further ado, here's the butter roll recipe. If you compare my photos with the ones on the KAF website, I think you'll agree that I did a pretty good job.

Note that KAF suggests brushing the finished buns with melted butter, but because I made these the night before, I skipped that step. They were still wonderful. Oh and if you check out the KAF blog, you'll find photos and videos associated with this recipe.

Golden Pull-Apart Butter Buns
Makes 16
  • 3½ cups King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour
  • 2 teaspoons instant yeast
  • 2 tablespoons potato flour or 1/4 cup instant potato flakes
  • 3 tablespoons Baker's Special Dry Milk or nonfat dry milk
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1½ teaspoons salt
  • 4 tablespoons soft butter
  • ⅔ cup lukewarm water
  • ½ cup lukewarm milk
Combine all of the dough ingredients in a large bowl, and mix and knead—using your hands, a stand mixer, or a bread machine set on the dough cycle—to make a soft, smooth dough.

Place the dough in a lightly greased container—an 8-cup measure works well here. Cover the container, and allow the dough to rise for 60 to 90 minutes, until it's just about doubled in bulk.

Gently deflate the dough, and transfer it to a lightly greased work surface.

Divide the dough into 16 equal pieces, by dividing in half, then in halves again, etc. Round each piece into a smooth ball.

Lightly grease two 8" round cake pans. Space 8 buns in each pan. Can you use 9" round cake pans, or a 9" × 13" pan? Sure; the buns just won't nestle together as closely, so their sides will be a bit more baked.

Cover the pans, and allow the buns to rise till they're crowded against one another and quite puffy, about 60 to 90 minutes. Towards the end of the rising time, preheat the oven to 350°F.

Uncover the buns, and bake them for 22 to 24 minutes, until they're golden brown on top and the edges of the center bun spring back lightly when you touch it. An instant-read thermometer inserted into the middle of the center bun should register at least 190°F.

Remove the buns from the oven. After a couple of minutes, turn them out of the pan onto a cooling rack.

Serve warm. Store leftovers well-wrapped, at room temperature.

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Marg 12/1/12, 6:09 AM  

Oh, they look amazing! Amazing!

Tanya Patrice 12/1/12, 6:21 AM  

These look mouth watering. Adding it to my list to make with Christmas dinner.

Uniflame 12/1/12, 6:40 AM  

These looks so great! You are totally making me hungry!

Tina 12/1/12, 6:56 AM  

I love King Arthur flour. They didn't always have it where I shopped here in Florida but once they carried it, had to try it. The flour quality is better. Your pull apart look so good, very moist.

caite 12/1/12, 7:21 AM  

Oh no..I feel the yeast fear!!

Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate 12/1/12, 7:32 AM  

Yum! The pull-apart buns look delicious and look to be baked to perfection!
Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

jama 12/1/12, 7:54 AM  

You have such beautiful buns!! (But I suspect people tell you that all the time.)
Seriously -- what a great job you did. Mmmmmmmmm!

Amanda 12/1/12, 8:13 AM  

These look so delicious! I'm sad though, because I can't stand the smell of rising bread dough or baking bread. I used to love it, until one of my pregnancies, and ever since then, I can't smell rising or baking bread without getting really sick. Especially anything made in a breadmaker (actually, I can't smell bread from a breadmaker after it's fully cooked without getting sick either...). It's sad. :( Still, these might be worth having Jason make for us sometime when I'm not home! :D Then I can come home once all the smells are gone and have yummy rolls!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity 12/1/12, 8:27 AM  

First of all--there aren't too many rules for Pin it Do it so I call this legit. ;)

Second of all YUM!!! You know that rolls from scratch are on my bucket list right? I was all set to try some for Thanksgiving but I cut the travel time too short and didn't have enough time for rises. I think I'll pin these and then do them too!

bermudaonion 12/1/12, 8:50 AM  

I usually say I'm afraid of yeast but I've had more luck with it here lately. Your rolls look delicious and well worth trying!!

Janel Gradowski 12/1/12, 8:59 AM  

Yum! Butter in the rolls, then more butter slathered on top. Sounds like heaven to me.

Heather S-G 12/1/12, 9:20 AM  

I made these for Thanksgiving - and the whole family LOVED them! Now I want some again ;)

(Diane) bookchickdi 12/1/12, 9:21 AM  

Wow, those rolls look scrumptious. So many people I know love King Arthur Flour and go there to take the tour. I need to get on board here.

Anonymous,  12/1/12, 9:22 AM  

We need to have a book blogger retreat and you can teach us all how to bake yummy yeasty things! :-D

rhapsodyinbooks 12/1/12, 9:22 AM  

I also subscribe to the King Arthur Flour newsletter, and it has been my downfall as well many times! :--)

SprungAtLast 12/1/12, 9:27 AM  

Someone brought the most amazing bread to my Thanksgiving dinner and when I asked about the recipe, I was told "The King Arthur website." I bet these rolls are awesome, too.

Patty 12/1/12, 9:50 AM  

and I now know the secret of how to place them - recipe pinned!

JoAnn 12/1/12, 10:14 AM  

Mmmm, I'm repinning this one, too!

Beth Hoffman 12/1/12, 10:15 AM  

Oh my! These look divine. I wonder if they'd taste as good if I made them with gluten-free flour? I might have to give it a go and see what happens.

Margot 12/1/12, 12:02 PM  

I'm a King Arthur fan too. I haven't tried these butter rolls but they look yummy. For a change at our place this Thanksgiving, we did challah instead of our usual yeast rolls. ;)

Carole 12/1/12, 12:49 PM  

You are so clever making your own bread. Have a great week and thank you for hosting yet again.

Julie P. 12/1/12, 5:51 PM  

So pretty. Reminds me of the rolls my mom used to make. Mine would look horrible!

Christine 12/1/12, 6:49 PM  

Oh man. I love making homemade bread. I'd have to double this recipe--my family would devour those in no time!

Olduvai 12/1/12, 11:49 PM  

Those look yummy! I've never made buns before and this sounds like a good recipe to try!

Unknown 12/2/12, 12:09 AM  

These look delicious!! I need my moms recipe for yeast rolls. I admit now I've only made bread in a bread machine and it's never been great. Great pizza dough though. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous,  12/2/12, 2:21 AM  

They look perfect!

Margaret @ BooksPlease 12/2/12, 7:14 AM  

Those buns look great! I make my bread in a bread maker as I've never mastered making it by hand!

Gnoe (@graasland) 12/2/12, 12:48 PM  

My, these rolls look good! Erm, I just "pinned" them... ;)

Sue Jackson 12/2/12, 12:55 PM  

Yum! The rolls look delicious! And a gorgeous golden color!

Book By Book

Unknown 12/2/12, 1:30 PM  

Oh, I do love homemade dinner rolls.

Belle Wong 12/2/12, 1:52 PM  

This looks delicious! I've always liked freshly made buns - there's just something about buns straight from the oven, slathered with butter.

Heather 12/2/12, 3:44 PM  

Those rolls look lovely. i used to fear yeast until I bought a thermometre, now I can be sure that the water temperture is not too hot and never a problem with yeast since.

In my post I show breakfast for 1000 Santas

Peaceful Reader 12/2/12, 10:30 PM  

I finished my post barely making the weekend but happy to see this roll recipe. I will pin it as I love to make bread of all kinds. Yum.

Heidenkind 12/2/12, 11:50 PM  

ZOMG my great-great-aunt used to make these and they were AWESOME. I might have to try this for our Christmas dinner.

Laurie C 12/3/12, 7:22 AM  

I am seriously addicted to the King Arthur Flour catalog and blog. I'm even a fan on Facebook! I finally ordered the dry milk from them because it seemed so many bread/roll recipes called for it, but I should have gotten the potato flour, too, to try this recipe. I think the other roll recipe I've been using the last few years is from KAF too.

Daryl 12/3/12, 10:42 AM  

too lazy to do this but it sounds so good

Julie Goucher 12/8/12, 4:00 AM  

Just catching up from last week. These look delicious!

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