01 January 2013

What's in a Name 6: Kitchen

Here's the place to link up your reviews of books with something you'd find in your kitchen in the title.

If you don't have a blog or don't write reviews, please mark your progress in the comments.

If Mr. Linky ever disappears, just leave a comment or come back and link up later. Or email me (see contact icons in the sidebar) and I'll add your link when Mr. Linky is fixed.


Howard Sherman 1/1/13, 9:38 AM  

I posted a link to my review of The 4 Hour Chef. The title sounds like fiction but it isn't. I tried one of the recipes last night and made a delicious soffritto in exactly 20 minutes.

Hutt-Write Voice 1/5/13, 4:41 PM  

I just posted my second review: At Home in the Kitchen, by Judy Walter. Hope it was OK to do a cook book.

Anonymous,  1/12/13, 12:06 PM  

Posted my review :)

readwatchrelax 1/13/13, 3:47 PM  

posted my first review for this reading challenge. on to find the next "name" book!

hannah 1/22/13, 4:37 PM  

My first book for the challenge! Life on the Refrigerator Door, by Alice Kuipers.

hannah 1/22/13, 4:37 PM  

I just finished my first book for this challenge- Life on the Refrigerator Door, by Alice Kuipers.

Anonymous,  1/24/13, 10:22 PM  

Just posted my second review for Jam by Yahtzee Croshaw...

Scayley 2/4/13, 3:38 AM  

I have chosen Life of Pi by Yann Martel for this category, can I count this? I wasn't sure given that it is Pi not Pie.

Beth F 2/4/13, 6:44 AM  

"Pi" for "pie" is perfect -- that's what I mean by "creativity is encouraged." Love it.

Carine 2/4/13, 8:19 PM  

First book read for this challenge, and a great one too!

Unknown 2/5/13, 11:45 AM  

I've posted my review for this challenge, the second book to complete in this overall challenge. :)

Unknown 2/6/13, 5:33 PM  

I posted a link to my review of The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta.

This is my first book towards the challenge :) Turns out the next book I'm reading, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder could go towards the same one!

Rachelle21 2/8/13, 6:38 PM  

Buttons and Bones is not about anything happening in a kitchen but you certainly would find bones in a kitchen though probably not human ones unless a murder took place there.

Rachelle21 2/8/13, 6:42 PM  

Bones are found in a kitchen though usually not human bones so I am using Buttons and Bones for this. Please feel free to remove the duplicate posting.

Unknown 2/15/13, 12:12 PM  

I'm wrapping up The Shape of Water (by Andrea Camillieri; narrated by Grover Gardner) today. I haven't decided whether or not to write a review of this individual title or the series as a whole yet; but the first-in-series definitely qualifies for the "kitchen" category! The Inspector Montalbano series also has the added bonus off featuring descriptions of Sicilian cuisine. In fact, because of this series, I got DH the massive cookbook, La Cuncina which is a collection of authentic regional Italian recipes. LOL, When he isn't using it to cook from, he uses into prop up his microphone while recording, aomndt other things, Camillieri's books! #ubermeta :-)


beastmomma 2/22/13, 9:16 PM  

Excited to have finished my first book for this challenge.

Jane 3/3/13, 11:51 AM  

For the Kitchen category, I read Devil's Food by Kerry Greenwood (book #3 in the Corinna Chapman mystery series).

AlleluiaLu 4/18/13, 12:37 PM  

I read "The School of Essential Ingredients" by Erica Bauermeister for the Kitchen category. Finally, I have completed one section!

Gypsi 6/13/13, 1:34 AM  

I read A Pocketful of Rye by Agatha Christie. :)

Anonymous,  6/17/13, 8:01 AM  

Yes I "Mr.Linky"'d twice - I forgot the book title darn it!

Hope that 's ok.

Yuska 6/24/13, 11:55 AM  

Serving Crazy with Curry is about someone who finds solace in cooking. Such a heartwarming read.

Unknown 7/5/13, 1:49 PM  

I listened to The Shape of Water (by Andrea Camilleri; narrated by Grover Gardner) and read Lamb (by Bonnie Nazdam,) both of which qualify for this category; but I only wrote a review (and a "quick and dirty" one at that!) for Lamb.

So far, four categories down, two to go :-)

dog eared copy/Tanya

Tina 7/6/13, 7:13 AM  

I linked up the book French Toast because you always find toast in my kitchen. Huge toast fan!

Buried In Print 10/3/13, 9:23 PM  

For some reason, I got a giggle out of seeing Grapes of Wrath appear in this category. Mine was Saleema Nawaz's oh-so-satisfying novel, Bone and Bread.

Marj 10/27/13, 7:37 PM  

Just added my review of "Tin Foil" by Jerusha Jones, a cozy mystery by a relatively new author.

Marj 10/27/13, 9:06 PM  

I read "Tin Foil" by Jerusha Jones. I posted the link, but can't remember if I posted a comment yet or not. So, just in case, here it is.

Katy McCoy 11/23/13, 8:29 PM  

I read
Stolen Honey by Nancy Means Wright 4/5;
Recipe for Trouble by Jackie Griffey 4/5; and
Coroner's Lunch by Cotterill 5/5.

Captain Nick Sparrow 12/30/13, 7:51 PM  

I read Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris but I guess I could have counted The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath too. Thanks for hosting!

Beth 12/31/13, 9:02 PM  

The books that matched this category were:

Lies, Knives, and Girls in Red Dresses
Dark Currents (x2 -- two books with the same title)
Cold Cereal
An Apple for the Creature
Bread and Roses Too
Fleas, Flies, and Friars

Although I think I've defeated the fruit fly problem so with luck that last one doesn't apply anymore. :-)

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