25 February 2013

Review: Only One You & You Be You by Linda Kranz

Only One You by LInda KranzI don't review many picture books, but when I saw these  fun and colorful board books at BookExpo America last year, I couldn't resist them. Linda Kranz's bright and engaging illustrations are sure to delight your youngsters.

In Only One You, Adri learns some words of wisdom from his parents. It's a big ocean, and Ardi is getting old enough to be on his own sometimes, so his mom and dad give him some advice. For example, to be ready to make new friends and to find a way to swim around problems.

Each page shows Ardi out in the ocean surrounded by other fish, each one unique and colorful. Children too young to fully grasp the advice will love to look at the fish and pick out their favorites. Those who go to preschool or have play dates away from home will absorb the down-to-earth lessons on how to get along with others and to find joy every day, such as by wishing on stars.

By the end of Only One You, Ardi is ready to swim off and play with his friends. He tells his parents that he will remember what they've told him, and his mom kisses him and says, "There's only one you in this great big world."

You Be You by Linda KranzIn the follow-up book, You Be You, Ardi has been off playing and exploring all day. He's swimming home to his parents, and he can't wait to tell them what he's learned and discovered.On his journey, he reminds himself of what he's seen. For example, he noticed that some fish swim left and others swim right, that some are loud and some are quiet, and some fish are smooth but others are spiny.

When he gets home, he tells his parents about the different kinds of fish he saw and how each type was special. His father tells him the great variety of fish helps make "the world colorful and beautiful."

All the different fish in You Be You reminds young ones that not everyone will look like them or act like them, but that's okay. Kids learn that the fish that swim up are just as pretty and are having just as much fun as the fish that swim down. Just because some fish like to swim together doesn't mean that it's wrong to want to swim alone.

I love the simple messages in Linda Kranz's books, and both children and their parents will love the hundreds of individual fish that swim in Ardi's world. Each fish has its own shape and markings, and it's fun to go through the books just looking for a favorite one on each page.

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Rowman & Littlefield / Taylor Trade, 2013
ISBN-13: 9781589797482 and 9781589797475
Rating: B+

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Daryl 2/25/13, 7:52 AM  

these are wonderful, i wish i had someone to give them to .. thanks!

rhapsodyinbooks 2/25/13, 8:14 AM  

I love books with bright pictures. I used to pour over them for hours. Wait. I still do.

Beth Hoffman 2/25/13, 10:14 AM  

Love the illustrations and bold, happy colors.

Gina 2/25/13, 11:41 AM  

Adorable! The simple yet colorful illustrations are definitely striking... ^_^

Zibilee 2/25/13, 11:58 AM  

I think that these books have a really important message to teach, and I am glad that the books are so inviting to youngsters who may be exploring the same types of things that little Ardi is. I would love to get these for my littlest nephew.

bermudaonion 2/25/13, 3:20 PM  

Those colorful illustrations are sure to catch the eyes of little ones. I'm glad to see the book has a good message too.

Jenners 2/26/13, 8:33 PM  

I just love the colors and vibrant illustrations!

Julie P. 2/27/13, 7:09 PM  

The illustrations are so beautiful and interesting enough to attract kids of all ages.

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