16 February 2013

Weekend Cooking: Love's Kitchen (Film)

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Sometimes I'm in the mood to watch something light and fun. And if I can find a movie with a foodie theme, then I'm sure to love it. Love's Kitchen, starring Dougray Scott and Claire Florani and featuring real-life chef Gordon Ramsay, hit the spot. The movie came out in 2011, but I just discovered it.

Rob Haley is interested in cooking "real food with real heart." He doesn't want to become a celebrity chef, but the critics and magazines hound him because his restaurant is such a success. That is until a family tragedy causes him to lose his cooking mojo.

Three years later, after he's run his restaurant into the ground, he decides to start over by buying a country pub. He gathers up his old crew and they set about bringing the building up to their exacting standards. Of course, there is a pretty young woman, moments of miscommunication, and a new town to win over. Rob, his daughter, and the staff have a lot of work ahead of them.

Yes, I know, the movie is predictable, but Dougray Scott couldn't be cuter, and the kitchen scenes will make you sigh. Oh, and you'll be craving trifle long before the movie is over. Love's Kitchen is the perfect pick for a stay-at-home evening. But, really, don't forget the trifle.


Unknown 2/16/13, 6:16 AM  

I haven't heard of this film before, but it sounds like the sort of thing I'd love. Gordon Ramsey is very entertaining so that encourages me to watch it even more. I've added it to my film subscription queue.

Maria @ A bookworm's life 2/16/13, 6:34 AM  

This movie kept me entertained on a flight last summer. It's definitely predictable but so sweet and fun. And you're right, it did make me crave trifle!

P.S. This is my first time participating in Weekend Cooking, thank you for creating such a great event :)

Rikki 2/16/13, 6:36 AM  

I haven't come across many cute cooks in real life (and I have met a lot), so this movie seems to be a must-see for me to make up for that. :)

jama 2/16/13, 6:43 AM  

A foodie film with a cute cook? Hello! I'm SO there. Thanks for tipping us off about this one. I'm in the mood for a little trifle :).

Uniflame 2/16/13, 7:13 AM  

Sometimes a predictable movie isn't all that bad :)

caite 2/16/13, 7:36 AM  

Never heard of this one...sometimes ya need a little fluff, happy fluff.

Lisa (Southern Girl Reads) 2/16/13, 7:53 AM  

That looks like a film I would enjoy! Thanks for sharing it.

bermudaonion 2/16/13, 9:10 AM  

Sometimes a predictable movie like that is just what I need. This sounds fun!

rhapsodyinbooks 2/16/13, 9:46 AM  

This does sound perfect! I'm definitely looking for it - wish I could get it for tonight - who knows, maybe yes!

(Diane) bookchickdi 2/16/13, 10:12 AM  

This sounds like the perfect romantic foodie movie for Valentine's Day. I'm heading over to Netflix now.

Joanna Hennon 2/16/13, 10:28 AM  

I love foodie movies - though I can't help snacking my way through them, they make me hungry!

Shannon (Giraffe Days) 2/16/13, 10:44 AM  

I came back to comment on your post, Beth, and realised that the link I'd left earlier this morning wasn't there any more! How weird.

Anyway wanted to say I'd never even heard of this movie before but it sounds like fun and something I'd enjoy.

Joy Weese Moll,  2/16/13, 12:18 PM  

This went straight into my Netflix queue at number 1. Thanks!

Beth S. 2/16/13, 12:22 PM  

I hadn't heard of this movie either but it looks awesome. I definitely need to see if my library has it.

Your review inspired me to write my own food-related movie review today. Thanks! :)

Jackie McGuinness 2/16/13, 12:53 PM  

I haven't eard of this movie but I am certainly going to be looking for it! Anything with Ramsay!!!

Carole 2/16/13, 2:31 PM  

thanks for letting me know about this movie!

Chinoiseries 2/16/13, 3:40 PM  

Gordon Ramsay does a cameo appearance? I'm not really a fan of his (and the American MasterChef is not as enjoyable as the Australian version...), but movies about food (and a cute male lead) are always welcome. A good thing about watching a foodie movie at home is that you can always pause... and make trifle :)

Heather 2/16/13, 5:20 PM  

You had me all interested, but my library doesn't have a copy. will have to add it to my shopping list instead.

trifle. oh yummy. my nephew's girl friend made us gluten and dairy free trifle at the last family celebration . It was lovely and very welcomed.

Peggy Ann 2/16/13, 6:27 PM  

It does sound good, Beth. Have a great weekend.

Peaceful Reader 2/16/13, 6:28 PM  

I'll have to add this to my chick-flick movie list! Perfect for a casual night.

Julie P. 2/16/13, 8:29 PM  

Looks cute and totally new to me!

Anonymous,  2/16/13, 11:25 PM  

I've never heard of this movie. I'm off to see if netflix has it, because that sounds like something I'd enjoy.

Sheila (Bookjourney) 2/17/13, 9:57 AM  

Sounds like a fun movie - I am going to look for it. I like foodie movies too :)

Larissa 2/18/13, 3:34 AM  

Never heard of that movie, but it sound like a winner for a rainy evening at home.

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