23 April 2013

Today's Read (& Giveaway): Dark Secrets by Michael Hjorth and Hans Rosenfeldt

What if the police decided a missing person's report is nothing to worry about, figuring it is just a sixteen-year-old boy up to normal teenage antics? But what if the boy is still missing days later? The local police finally send out a search team to comb the woods and waters. The report is sent to one of Sweden's most senior police chiefs:

Torkel knew that this was exactly the kind of case the tabloids loved to get a hold of. It didn't help that the preliminary cause of death—established where the body was found—indicated an extremely violent assault, with countless stab wounds to the heart and lungs. But that wasn't what bothered Torkel the most. It was the short final sentence in the report, a statement made by the pathologist at the scene.

A preliminary examination indicates that most of the heart is missing.
Dark Secrets by Michael Hjorth and Hans Rosenfeldt (Hachette Book Group / Grand Central Publishing, 2013, pp. 27-28)

Quick Facts
  • Setting: Vasteras, Sweden, and surrounding areas
  • Circumstances: a young boy is brutally murdered; the police and criminal profiler must catch the killer before he strikes again
  • Characters: Roger Eriksson (the victim) and his mother and girlfriend; Torkel Hoglund (police chief); Sebastian Bergman (psychologist and profiler); various townsfolk and police officers; the killer
  • Genre: thriller; mystery
  • Themes: besides the twisted mind of the killer, Bergman is going through some personal issues concerning his family
  • Miscellaneous: originally published in Swedish; has been made into a TV series in Europe
The Giveaway

To celebrate today's release of Dark Secrets, Grand Central Publishing has offered to send a copy of the novel to two of my readers. To enter for a chance to win, just fill out the following form. Because the publishing company will be mailing the books, only people with U.S. or Canadian mailing addresses are eligible for this giveaway. I'll pick the winners via a random number generator on April 30. Once the winners have been confirmed, I'll delete all personal information from my computer. Good luck!

Buy Dark Secrets at an indie or at a bookstore near you. (Link leads to an affiliate program.)
ISBN-13: 9781455520756

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Shelley Munro 4/23/13, 6:19 AM  

There's obviously something very amiss. How gruesome is this one? I don't mind a thriller, but too much blood and guts puts me off.

rhapsodyinbooks 4/23/13, 8:25 AM  

Not sure how it sounds, but if it has been made into a tv series, that says something!

Laurel-Rain Snow 4/23/13, 8:54 AM  

Ooh, this one sounds so good! Thanks for sharing...and here's MY TUESDAY MEMES POST

bermudaonion 4/23/13, 9:25 AM  

This sounds like a page turner! Thanks for the giveaway.

The Relentless Reader 4/23/13, 9:35 AM  

Ohhh my! This sounds dark and twisty ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

Belle Wong 4/23/13, 10:01 AM  

This one sounds interesting - the excerpt's definitely a teaser!

SuziQoregon 4/23/13, 10:05 AM  

Oh this sounds good!!

Paulita 4/23/13, 10:25 AM  

Isn't there another gory murder series set in Sweden too? Probably not for me, but hope you love it. Here's Mine

Daryl 4/23/13, 10:41 AM  

i love swedish crime novels, the investigator(s) are always dealing with their own angst as well as that of the case they're working .. love it ...

Sandra Nachlinger 4/23/13, 11:04 AM  

I think I'd enjoy this one -- if there isn't too much blood and gore. The setting sounds intriguing.
My Teaser is from BLUEBONNET BRIDE.

Nise' 4/23/13, 11:07 AM  

Will keep my eye for this one! Thanks for the giveaway.

Alice Audrey 4/23/13, 11:24 AM  

The poor kid. Killed so brutally, and not even looked for until so much time had passed.

Heather 4/23/13, 12:22 PM  

Only part of the heart? *blinking* That's creepier than if the entire organ were missing. Thanks for the chance to win a copy! My teaser: Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost

Zibilee 4/23/13, 12:49 PM  

This does sound like a very disturbing but intriguing book, and I am glad that you posted that quote. I am off to search for this one and see if I can find it!

Melissa O. 4/23/13, 9:21 PM  

Oooh, this one sounds really good! Thanks for stopping by my teaser today, too!

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