16 July 2013

Today's Read: This Is W.A.R. by Lisa Roecker and Laura Roecker

This Is W.A.R. by Lisa Roecker & Laura RoecherWhat if one of your friends were killed by the son of the richest, most powerful family in your community? Would you seek revenge? Justice? When Willa Ames-Rowan was found floating in the lake after an evening sail with James Gregory, her friends Madge, Lina, Sloane, and Rose vow to expose the murderer. Will they survive to reveal what they've uncovered?

Willa Ames-Rowan never thought she would die. She firmly believed white should be worn before Labor Day, champagne was best enjoyed on an empty stomach, and sleep was for the weak. If it weren't for the inky black water tugging at her limbs, clawing its way into her mouth, she might have welcomed the dark solitude of Hawthorne Lake. She might have floated on her back, counting stars, dreaming about what it would be like to wake up next to her future husband. What it might be like to marry James Gregory.
This Is W.A.R. by Lisa Roecker and Laura Roecher (Soho Press / Soho Teen, 2013, p. 1)

Quick Facts
  • Setting: Hawthorne Lake Country Club—summer hangout for the fabulously wealthy
  • Circumstances: Willa Ames-Rowan was murdered, probably by one of the Gregory boys; the Gregorys' money keeps the authorities quiet
  • Characters: James Gregory and his family; Madge, Lina, Sloane, and Rose, teens with deep bank accounts who vow to seek revenge
  • Genre: contemporary fiction; thriller mystery
  • Themes: friendship; teen life; what money can and cannot buy
  • Miscellaneous: told from the perspective of each of the girls; has been compared to the television show Revenge; the authors are sisters
ISBN-13: 9781616952617
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Stephanie @ Bookfever 7/16/13, 6:26 AM  

Nice teaser! This book sounds really great!

Here's my teaser!

~Stephanie @ Bookfever

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea 7/16/13, 6:38 AM  

Yes, I think I would keep reading - enjoy!

Linseypop 7/16/13, 6:54 AM  

Great teaser. Sounds like an interesting read.
Mine is from The Witches Dream by Victoria Danann.

Linsey @ mybooksnthings.com

TBM 7/16/13, 7:01 AM  

Very interesting and the premise of the book is intriguing

Unknown 7/16/13, 7:12 AM  

Seems like a kind of dark opening, but it does grab your attention. Enjoy!

JoAnn 7/16/13, 8:16 AM  

I haven't heard of this book, but am curious now!

bermudaonion 7/16/13, 8:57 AM  

Sounds interesting and rather true to life.

Book Blather 7/16/13, 9:16 AM  

I like the fact that the give Willa a p.o.v.! :-) I never expected that. Cool teaser!

Laurel-Rain Snow 7/16/13, 9:18 AM  

Oh, yes, I would keep reading! Sounds like a book you can't put down.


Anonymous,  7/16/13, 9:47 AM  

sounds like a very gripping book! mine is up: http://bookskeepmesane.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/teaser-tuesday-july-16-2013/

starryeyedjen 7/16/13, 10:17 AM  

Great teaser! I've got this one for review but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Hope you're enjoying it! Thanks for sharing & stopping by!

Kathy Martin 7/16/13, 11:36 AM  

Great teaser. I'll have to add this to my wishlist. My teasers this week are from Shelter by Harlan Coben and Dick Francis's Bloodline by Felix Francis. Happy reading!

Beth Hoffman 7/16/13, 11:38 AM  

I met Lisa and Laura Roecker in 2010 while I was on book tour. They are two dynamos and terrific YA writers.

Alice Audrey 7/16/13, 12:30 PM  

We actually see Willa's death from the inside? That surprised me.

grammajudyb 7/16/13, 1:24 PM  

I would never have picked this one up, but your intro has piqued my interest. I would check it out of the library. Will be interested in your review.

Heather 7/16/13, 3:45 PM  

It's interesting that the book has been compared to "Revenge," while the first thing that came to my mind was that it sounds like it was indspired by the Michael Shakel murder case. Sounds like a good read! My teaser: Arabella by Georgette Heyer

Margot 7/16/13, 5:20 PM  

The idea of revenge is an interesting one. I'd keep reading to see how it plays out in this novel.

Unknown 7/17/13, 5:15 AM  

not a fan of thriller usually. but i would like to try this one! thanks for the review!


Anonymous,  7/17/13, 6:07 AM  

Not normally a genre I would pick but this one sounds intriguing... perhaps it's the country club setting?! Keep reading!

Daryl 7/17/13, 10:25 AM  

sounds like a good one ... thanks!

Julie P. 7/20/13, 6:19 PM  

Sounds like one I would have loved as a teen... and maybe now too!

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