21 September 2013

Weekend Cooking: Jiro Dreams of Sushi (Film)

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Jiro Dreams of SushiAbout a month ago one of my blogging, tweeting, photographing, cooking buddies, Christine from The Happily Ever After, shared the foodie aspects of her recent trip to the Philippines and Asia. You may have seen that post because she linked it up to Weekend Cooking.

In that post, she shows a photo of the famous Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant in a subway stop below the streets of Tokyo. I knew about Jiro because he is the only sushi chef to have earned three stars from Michelin. Christine's post reminded me that I've meaning to watch the 2011 documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi (directed by David Gelb), which introduces us to the chef, his sons, and his staff. I watched it this week and just loved it.

Once you see this film, you'll have a crush on Jiro, whose personality is a wonderful mix of kind and exacting and humble yet proud. He has spent his life with a single focus, which is making the best sushi in the world. Although he's eighty-five, he still works every day. Although he's won the highest of honors, he still strives to better himself and to learn and invent new techniques.

Despite his narrow passion, Jiro has much to say about life outside the kitchen. In Jiro Dreams of Sushi, he talks about parenting, the work ethic, respect for the people he works with, his childhood, environmental issues, and his hopes for his sons. After watching the documentary, you'll agree that Jiro embodies the essence of shokunin (roughly translated as master craftsman or artisan), and you'll be inspired to reach for the same.

This movie won't teach you how to make sushi, but you'll see Jiro and his staff fashion the beautiful, creative items served in his little restaurant. If you want to taste sushi made my Jiro, make your reservation now; he's booked months in advance. It will cost you about $300 for his set sushi menu, which, according to Jiro Dreams of Sushi, will take you less than a half hour to eat.

This is a don't-miss film for everyone, not just those who have an interest in food. Take a look at the trailer and add this documentary to your watch list.


Louise 9/21/13, 7:19 AM  

I've either seen part of this, or a feature on him somewhere else- such an astonishing passion. I must make sure that I watch the whole movie one time. I'd certainly love to get to his restaurant.

Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice 9/21/13, 7:47 AM  

Interesting. I suppose sushi chefs are craftsmen--I just wish I enjoyed their finished work of art more.

Julie P. 9/21/13, 8:36 AM  

I bet that was an interesting documentary. I'm not very daring on sushi but I think it's beautiful.

jama 9/21/13, 8:36 AM  

I've been meaning to watch this film -- thanks for the reminder to put it in my Netflix queue!

bermudaonion 9/21/13, 9:38 AM  

I've actually seen parts of this movie because Carl and Vance watched it. They both loved it too.

Joy 9/21/13, 9:54 AM  

Added to my queue! Thanks!

Joy's Book Blog

Tina 9/21/13, 11:23 AM  

I don't have a link up this week but I wanted to say how much I like your new photo. It is beautiful.

Dana Tanaro Britt 9/21/13, 11:50 AM  

Sushi *shudder*! ;) However, the movie does sound interesting--putting it on my list! I'm thrilled to be linking up either for the first time or the first time in eons, I'm not sure which!


JoAnn 9/21/13, 12:00 PM  

Looks great - adding to my queue!

(Diane) bookchickdi 9/21/13, 1:53 PM  

I have been hearing a lot about Jiro lately, he sounds so interesting.

Nikki - Notes of Life 9/21/13, 2:41 PM  

I've never even tried sushi... Can you believe that?! It does seem like quite an art though :)

Heather Webb 9/21/13, 3:06 PM  

I loved this documentary! Sushi really is an art form in itself.

Carole 9/21/13, 3:09 PM  

Brought you an egg salad today. Cheers

PS Did I mention how much I like the photo in your header - did you take it yourself? If so, great work

MJ 9/21/13, 6:36 PM  

I was just in NYC visiting friends this weekend. We went out for sushi, and one of my friends was talking about this movie, which I still haven't seen. It sounds really good, though!

Dana Tanaro Britt 9/21/13, 7:01 PM  

I meant to mention in my earlier comment how much I love your header! So inviting :)

Marg 9/21/13, 7:13 PM  

I heard something about this guy on a tram once. Some people were talking about going to his restaurant and how much it costs.

I can't imagine having that much money to spend on a meal, but he does sound like a fascinating character.

BTW, love the new header!

Esme 9/21/13, 7:45 PM  

I never heard of him-but I want to check this out=we are going to sushi tonight.

Couscous & Consciousness 9/21/13, 9:58 PM  

I've been wanting to see this movie for ages, Beth - now I think I have to stop on the way home and pick up the video today!!

Thanks for hosting again - I've linked up another Ottolenghi dish - Caramelised Fennel with Goat Cheese.

Anonymous,  9/22/13, 5:40 AM  

Great post and because I love your blog I have nominated you for a Shine On Award see the link here: http://cleopatralovesbooks.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/the-shine-on-award/

Anonymous,  9/22/13, 12:14 PM  

I enjoyed that movie a lot :)

Daryl 9/22/13, 4:16 PM  

i am a sushi addict, i admit it and i dont ever want to be cured

Liviania 9/22/13, 6:06 PM  

I kind of want to see this documentary even though I'm not a huge documentary fan.

Christine 9/23/13, 4:31 PM  

Oh yay!!! So happy to see this! I'm glad you finally got around to watching the documentary. We were ridiculously excited when we tracked down the restaurant in Japan this summer and actually sneaked a peek at Jiro himself. I admit it, we were total (harmless!( stalkers for about ten minutes. ;)

Unknown 9/24/13, 8:33 AM  

Love sushi! I'll have to check this out!

Anonymous,  9/24/13, 3:57 PM  

Hi, thanks for sharing Jiro's dream with us. What a story. Age knows no boundaries and the sky is the limit!

BTW, I've just linked to the Weekend Cooking Event - hope I qualified... the dish was done over the weekend, but the post was last :-)

Anonymous,  9/24/13, 3:57 PM  

I meant... "the post was late" :-D

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