15 October 2013

Today's Read: Red by Alison Cherry

What if you were the one of the most popular girls in high school, thanks to your beautiful coppery tresses. Now suppose someone found out that you've been a lifelong fake and is threatening to reveal you're a natural strawberry blond. For Felicity St. John, such exposure would destroy her life and dreams, seeing that her home town gives preferential treatment to redheads.

Every town has a dirty little secret. Some have underground drug rings. Others look away while prostitution flourishes. A select few shelter branches of the Mob.

Scarletville's secret was Rouge-o-Rama.

There was rampant speculation among the town's residents over where the underground hair salon was located and what it looked like.
Red by Alison Cherry (Random House Children's Books / Delacorte Press, 2013, p. 20; uncorrected proof)

Quick Facts
  • Setting: Scarletville, Iowa, the National Redhead Sanctuary
  • Circumstances: Redheads have all the advantages in Scarletville; Felicity is pretty, kind, and popular but has a secret: she's not a natural redhead; if her secret is revealed, she will lose the Miss Scarlet beauty pageant and with it the money she needs to attend art school; a blackmailer makes her rethink the town's priorities
  • Characters: Felicity St. John; Ginger St. John, her mom; Haylie and Ivy, her BFFs; Brent, her football-playing boyfriend; various classmates and their parents; other townsfolk
  • Genre: contemporary young adult; satire; humor
  • Major themes: the superficiality of prejudices; friendship; mother-daughter relationships; staying true to oneself; secrets; navigating the high school social scene; peer pressure
  • Miscellaneous: although the premise seems silly, substitute hair color with weight or religion (for example) and you'll see that the novel makes some serious points
  • Thoughts so far: fun quick read that will appeal to younger teens and their parents; good mother-daughter book club pick
ISBN-13: 9780385742931
Copyright © cbl for Beth Fish Reads, all rights reserved (see review policy).


Natalie @ Book Lovers Life 10/15/13, 7:29 AM  

Sounds different! Love the colour of the girls hair on the cover!! :)

Karen and Gerard 10/15/13, 8:21 AM  

Funny teaser, what a thing to worry about! Thanks for stopping by earlier.

Karen White 10/15/13, 8:52 AM  

This looks like fun. Makes me wonder if the author's last name is a pseudonym, or if it inspired the subject matter?

Love Africa Book Club 10/15/13, 9:30 AM  

LOL. An underground hair salon. Love the humor in this teaser.

Here's mine

Chanzie 10/15/13, 10:00 AM  

This sounds different. Wonder why Red heads get special treatments...
Great teaser!

Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are


Sandra Nachlinger 10/15/13, 10:27 AM  

This sounds like a fun story--but with a moral to it! I can see how it would be a good read to share with a daughter or granddaughter.
My Teaser today is from KEEPSAKE.

Laurel-Rain Snow 10/15/13, 10:31 AM  

Your comments put a whole new perspective on this one for me...now I'm intrigued. Thanks for sharing.


bermudaonion 10/15/13, 10:39 AM  

I love the themes of this and can see how it would make a good mother daughter book club choice.

Alice Audrey 10/15/13, 11:08 AM  

Ooo, I like this one. Great teaser.

Unknown 10/15/13, 11:18 AM  

Usually I wouldn't be interested in something like that, (since it does seem silly) but you brought up some great points. It seems interesting though, and different, definitely has that going for it.

Heres mine

Kirsty @ StudioReads

Anonymous,  10/15/13, 4:28 PM  

Sounds good, enjoy!


Nise' 10/15/13, 4:39 PM  

I love it and will keep an eye out for this book.

Yvonne 10/15/13, 7:03 PM  

This sounds good.

Shelley Munro 10/15/13, 7:17 PM  

What a great concept. Sounds like a great tongue-in-cheek read.

Margot 10/15/13, 7:23 PM  

i like the sound of this one.

Anonymous,  10/15/13, 7:50 PM  

I like the premise and feel like it might use sarcastic wit and dry humor to get its point across. By the way, my youngest daughter has that color hair (true auburn). She never liked being different but now she only gets compliments so she enjoys being different. :)

Naomi Hop 10/15/13, 8:37 PM  

Nice tease. Sounds like a great read!

Thanx for visiting my TT
Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

Julie P. 10/15/13, 8:49 PM  

My interest is piqued!

Diana 10/16/13, 12:46 AM  

Red is on my to read list as well. It sounds really good.
Thanks for visiting our teaser.

Diana @ BookVenturers

Jany 10/16/13, 1:07 AM  

That's a great teaser! I've been wanting to read this book for a while now.. I think I might actually get it!
Here's mine: http://janysbookblog.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/teaser-tuesday-1/

Daryl 10/21/13, 2:28 PM  

this sounds fun ...

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